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  1. I have HP 6000 Pro SFF, Core 2 Quad SATA, no IDE. I was able to install Windows 98 SE and its running very smoothly. Except, 1- Couldnt find the onboard intel high definition audio driver, and 2- intel Gigabit ethernet (onbard). Successfully installed: All system Devices intel ICH10 Family 2 (and $) port Serial ATA Controller (I modified mshdc.inf), All Hard disks (needs updated unofficial esdi_506.pdr) Monitor Ports USB DVD RAM mouse Keyboard. But you have to be patient. Only IDE controllers took 4 days out of my life to install and work properly. This system has only 1 PCI slot (rest PCI Express), so I installed intel 100 pro old NIC card and disabled the onboard driver. But Sound issue needs to be fixed, and I hope. If I find some tie I will gathers all of my work and make a sequence and post it here. For now, I must say you can install, depending on the knowledge and information, you may also succeed. I do not need network and sound on this windows 98 setup, its only to run some old programs and for Norton Utility 2002, to defragment folders (move first option) of Windows XP and 7. Its a triple boot system, and I am happy that I finally installed Windows 98 on this system. So don't be disappointed. P.S. This topic is years old, but I am posting it in case someone get informed
  2. I will change my avatar ASAP because it looks like WAREZ omg
  3. Hello and thanks jaclaz, first i need to say THANKS YOU, I have read a numbers of your informative posts and am impressed with your knowledge. I admit I am not a man of pen as I still on my way of learning english language, and could not put my question in proper words and details, so here I try to put some details. I also say sorry to Kelsenellenelvian that my dipersed words made him not to understand my question and I also sorry to use the word "HI**N". I am not a programmer nor an IT specialist, but simply a hobbyist. Hit-n-try is my first and last resort. I made many bootable cds ,mainly DOS-Tool CD, multi-iso-boot DC's using ISOLINUX and BCDWizard etc. Recently I tried Bart PE and Win builder with success only for WinXP. Win98 failed me. WinBuilder Details: ------------------- - WinBuilder Version: (77.101) (obtained by right clicking > properties > version) Windows 98 SE Live Project details: ----------------------------------- - downloaded from: http://reboot.pro/topic/10373-winbuilder-running-on-windows-98/ - Posted by BeatZero My Working Environment: ----------------------- Active system: Windows XP Professional SP2 (i.e., I run WinBuidler Projest on it). System: Multi-boot: 1- Windows 98 SE on C (1st partition of 1st HDD). (Memory capped to 1GB - Kernelx installed) 2- Windows XP Professional SP2 on D (1st partition od 2nd HDD). 3- Windows XP Professional for Gaming on F (3rd partition od 1st HDD). Project Details: ---------------- Downloaded, extracted, I did not do any changes to the project setting except to set path to w98 CD as source. Started winbuilder, just looked at each tree, and started the project. The ISO created, tested in VirtualBox, it ran smoothly with no error. Burnt the ISO on a CD-RW, rebooted, system booted, saw Windows 98 SE logo, the files extracting from Y (CD Drive) to the RamDrive (X), then it asked things like that: when I pressed any key, Windows complaints for another driver, and third time it asked for LMOUHID.VXD, this time windows does not like pressing any key and shut downs. When I analyzed the files, ini's and the registry , this LMOUHID.VXD file is not present there, nor it is referenced in registry or system.ini, it is specifically present on my C partition already installed Windows 98 and it is for my Logitech mouse from setpoint. I again started analyzing the files in ISO...for all paths references, eg, checked these files for any reference to C Partition: MSDOS.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI Nothing found wrong. Then I deleted the line in autoexec.bat which invokes a copy command for a file "START.BAT" because this files was not found in the iso, rebuild the iso, reboot, problem remains the same. Then I thought that since GRLDR is used for this no-emulation CD and the boot.ima is hooke and maped in memory, so I thought may be this is the cause, as in my past experience, booting via syslinux or GNU Grub, loads from hd instead of CD (later i found i was wrong caz using wrong things in menu.lst), so I planned to make a floppy-emulation bootable CD, that i am used to make for more than 5 years. so I created bootable CD with a working 2.88 mb floppy image, edited config.sys for a menu entry for Windows98 and autoexec for its label and added all commands from the iso's autoexec.bat under this label. The reult was same, win98 booted but started asking for device drivers which are on C:\ windows, then shuts down. I hope I might have written all details, but as I said I am not a man of pen, so there might be some things missing, please ask whatever you want I will try to answer in detail. Noe from your kind reply, what I understand is that: - The latest Winbuilder project is botched (I used a dictionary to get the meaning of "botched"). - Original thread site is: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/140391-windows-98-live-cd-project-update/ - Latest version of it is at: http://reboot.pro/topic/10373-winbuilder-running-on-windows-98/ Yes you are right , I downloaded it from the latest project site that is "botched". So now I am going to download all from the original thread, and will post the results here. I really thank you guys from replying my and showing will to help me, and I apologized for any casual use of "WAREZ". Truly speaking I did not know that giving ref to HI**N is warez activity. I dont like ready-made boot-able Cd's so using HI**N is out of question, I like to create my own because it is my hobby to play with computer. I studied HI**N cd only to understand the method that was used to make it bootable, besides, I have a number of botable CD's ISO just to understand the mechanism, again i need to state that these I So's are mainly from antivirus software vendors like kaspersky rescue, F-Prot etc or from freeware software like memtest+ ISO, etc. -
  4. hey, you totally misunderstood my question.I've read the msfn rules and i know that this site, and me too, donot support any kind of illegal activity. I DID NOT ASK ABOUT ANYTHING ABOUT HIREN BOOT CD All I asked that I have used various methods, in my home, using my legitimate old windows 98 SE CD, to make a bootable Windows 98 Live CD. I also mentioned that I used all available method's of CREATING A BOOTABLE WIN98 CD. I did not ask about any help how to use / burn / make the Hiren CD. Lol you were in a hurry so don't rush at me now. All I ask to get some info / help on the issue i am facing. OK, I rephrase my question. I am trying and testing Winbuilder's Windows 98 Live CD project. I also used other methods of creating BOOTABLE CD, using syslinux, grub and etc. The issue is that all works OK in VM, but when I boot the CD, Windows 98 always tries to load system.ini and registry from my ALREADY-INSTALLED Windows 98 on Hard disk's C partition. This is the issue. Just read my post again, who is requesting for illegal material? All I ask is the issue mentioned above. I dont like Hiren CD, and I want to make my own legitimized Windows 98 CD with my own Original Windows 98 SE legitimized CD.If you now understand what I am asking , please help, otherwise dont accuse me for things I never did. wishes
  5. I need some help. I 've prepared Windows 98 SE bootable CD from different methods, including WinBuilder, Hiren's method and no-emulation way and fdd emulation way. BUT in all I got the same problem. All iso works perfectly in VM (I use Virtual Box). But whenever I burnt the iso on CD and boot the PC with that, Windows 98 always loads its settings/configuration from my already installed Windows98 on C Partition. For, example it tells that LMOUHID.VXD is in your system.ini and bla bla and then it shuts down. It demands all those drivers which are specifically included in the C:\Windows\System.ini or the registry of HD-installed Windows. I have tried all tries known to me, including, Path in MSDOS.SYS, set path, even I hex-edited all the files on the Boot-CD to change C:\ to X:\. Alas, it always loads its system.ini from C. What to do? I think this is the main hurdle. On systems with no OS installed, it runs OK. but for the maintenance and repair purpose, I was never able to run a windows98 bootable CD because of the above-mentioned facts. I also see that nearly all the screen-shots posted by the author or testers, are taken when they ran it in a vm.
  6. Thanks submix8c. I am goint to download this and read the thread and will post the result here tomorrow, hope this will resolve, hey i am so glad that someone is trying to help me.
  7. may be if someone only post the complete registry entries for compressed folders help me. Or can someone post the total dependies of zip folder here?
  8. Yes, you are right, thers is too much about it out there. But you might also have noticed that there is no any other browser such highly configurable. For example, i use Free Download Manager to download from net, but the DM is not giving those options with opera that i see in IE, same for other programs. I also use Opera, although somewhat faster, but again, too many shell enhancement only available for IE not for opera or mozilla. Remember i am not talking about security. When we use Win98, we cannot get rid of IE engine no matter we use other browser or not, the IE engine is integrated with the shell, the only solution i know to use Win95 old shell with 98se using 98lite. So if the engine is in use, using other browser puts extra burden on resources, or someone rewrite explorer.exe and shell32.dll etc that are free of IE engine. I dont like IE too much, but due to many facts, forced to use it.
  9. yes IE6 sp1 works and it is officially meant for this. Some guys made wmp10 and other newer ms progs working with Windows98SE. some other guys made win98 kernel updates to allow xp progs work in win98 env. and many other things like these. So why shouldnt i think of integrating IE7 or up, with windows 98 SE? Of course i cant, but may be some other guys there will do that? Or an alternative task would be upgrading IE 6 OR adding add-ons in it? I use AM Browser, which uses ie6, but it is a tabbed browser, and adds some other functionalities, but i have never seen any UPDATE official or unofficial, that is an ADD-ON to IE6, to make itlike IE7. I hope someone will do something related to this.
  10. I wonder whether internet explorer 7 or up can be integrated with windows 98se?
  11. 247853USA8.exe, Windows 98 Q247853 Update Updates: ------------------------- File(s) Date/Size ------------------------- keyb.com 2000-03-02 12:50 PM - 19,927 bytes couldnt see in your list
  12. 243450USA8.EXE updates esdi_506.pdr to, 4.10.2225, was it superseded? to my knowledge , no?
  13. Dear Mr. Loew, Its amazing to see your posts in this forum, caz we see all here are to help each other, not to sell "commercialized" products. And btw why you yoursellf be not the person to make "Open Source" your work? see, win98SE needs open source now, not commercial anymore. Sorry if it shocks
  14. Thanks MDGX, I asked you as the last resort, for this problem, ah. No, it is win98se English us. but i hope, there might be a solution, so please keep this in mind. And the most distressing thing i read today is.. btw thanks MDGX....... Telop
  15. These are the images of what i am facing:
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