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  1. this sounds useful. could you post your solution after you implement it?
  2. thank you. does this mean that i would need execute the "Apply to All Folders" command after these .reg settings were applied in order to propagate this view to all folders?
  3. i want to prevent some users from changing an explorer.exe view setting (because they get confused when they change this setting accidentally). specifically, how can i lock the explorer.exe view to "details"? iow, i don't want a user to be able to switch the view to thumbnails, tiles, icons, or list. thanks, david
  4. besonen


    thanks Jatin. that matches the MD5 i generated.
  5. besonen


    could someone please post the MD5 value for this WAIK ISO: WAIK version: 936330AIK file name: 6001.18000.080118-1840-kb3aikl_en.iso thanks, david
  6. nope some great suggestions gosh. first i'll run the norton removal too. if the problem is still occurring i'll try some of your suggestions.
  7. i have an xp system that reboots when i issue the shutdown command. this problem was not occurring prior to uninstalling symantec antivirus. at this point i just need the quickest solution to prevent windows from rebooting. i.e., is there a registry setting that will completely disable windows ability to reboot? any alternative suggestions (even if they are not quick) will be happily accepted too.
  8. hi all. any clue(s) as to why a win2k sp4 installation is taking forever (5+ minutes) to boot after installing internet explorer 5.5 sp2? fwiw, the first reboot after installing ie5.5 sp2 did take some time while god knows what settings were being updated. having seen this in the past i wasn't concerned. if i had to guess i'd say subsequent reboots are going through the same "settings update" that occurred immediately after the ie5.5 sp2 install. it's almost like the install routine is stuck in some kind of loop. anyway, once it finally boots everything seems hunky dory. any help would be very appreciated. peace, david
  9. hi all, under certain circumstances windows wants to increase the size of the paging file. this message is displayed via the system tray when windows attempts to do this: -- Windows - Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low You system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied. For more information, see Help. -- i know i don't want or need the paging file size increased automatically in the situations the OS deems it necessary. is there a registry setting i can modify to prevent windows from attempting this? thanks, david
  10. hi all, is it possible to relocate the hibernation file? if it is, i would love to know how to move it to my "D:" drive. thanks, david
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