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  1. Your computer might be infected with spyware.I also got the same problem but it started after i first time used internet on xp
  2. I use fake maxell dvds and cds.Those are cheapest available but are a bit poor quality
  3. The truth is that roxio cd burner does come with windows media player and avg 8 is out there you should check it
  4. but my pc is still having the same problem.And in task manager it says that it is a process of my user rather than system
  5. Thank you to all who contributed.I have successfully repaired my computer. Thanks to you all
  6. There are some programs through which you can monitor that and also restrict websites which could be opened.If you would like that then let me know,
  7. So i should use recovery console of windows xp or 2000 they both are the same.But i doubt if something will happen if i use some other version.Since i am not much expert so i am leaving this question to the experts.
  8. windows 2000 doesn't allow me to change the file And will my windows xp remain safe.I have used the product key three times and next time i will have to buy a new one.
  9. Is this problem fixed after uninstalling kernelex and what about kernelex 0.3.4 version
  10. Will I have to use dos to do this or puppy linux live cd will work. And besides will my remote connection details remain safe? Thanks for helping me.
  11. I had a windows xp x86 professional edition installed in my computer.But after installing windows 2000 my windows xp is damaged and wouldn't run from boot menu.What should I do?
  12. Yes. The windows x64 provides more capabilities. But it is not stable with older windows
  13. Call the insect police. They would take care.
  14. I am also free now a days.My exams are over.
  15. Just killed three bacteria
  16. I also don't want to see the allow to run dialogue box. Vista keeps on asking for allowing a program to run.I keep clicking yes without seing a programs name and a week ago a virus downloader asked to run and i clicked because i have got habit of it.And no sooner my computer was infected with viruses.
  17. Which soap is good Ordinary or antibacterial
  18. But if you try it yourself you will know the difference.I compressed 1gb into 3.19MB But time taken was 27hours
  19. A new bacteria has attacked computer.So long virus were only threat for computers now bacteria also. Rescue operations needed. I am currently working for this help needed.
  20. Influence of computers on cats

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