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  1. who is c and C++ programmer in you. Here is visual mingw of which i was talking http://www.midload.com/en/file/29722/vm-0-...040328-exe.html
  2. The windows task bar is really nice :thumbup I can only upload attachments upto 200kb while some have posted attachments upto 1mb.Is my membership grade low or what is the reason And can we add the modem compression feature in this pack.
  3. There is one thing that disappoints me. Can microsoft initiate any legal action against us. Now what should the installer be a simple sfx compressed.Or it should be more advanced and automatic. And why aren't we making an organized team? :realmad:
  4. What should be the name for project? Who wishes to be the leader of programmers? And there is visual mingw we can use that for programmers who are used to visual studio It gives Graphical user interface. I am in 7th grade so I haven't started learning much programming except for some basic rules. So I can't help much as a programmer.But I hope that till May I would have collected enough funds to hire some programmers who would help us in developing the future releases of this project. C programming language should be used. And we can take some changes and code from reactos and there is something we should use ourselves.And we can turn windows 98 into a whole new operating system And sorry I forgot we should implement some functions on which we can run windows 2000 windows xp and windows vista drivers on windows 98
  5. There is also a program known as visual mingw It gives appearance like M$ visual studio
  6. Is borland c++ different from normal c++. And I think we should write the software using mingw. it is supposed to be gnu My windows98 se is saying error in uxtheme.dll and it is not starting
  7. I think that we should write in C programming language but we should use mingw for this. And can we put freedos as a replace for traditional microsoft dos? And isn't there a free replacement of windows kernel Plus a small request I am having a slow dialup internet connection can you tell me of any cheap ISP with online purchase system. My modem is USB Robotics 56k win voice int.
  8. The reactos source code is freely available. And can you tell me under which license has reactos been released
  9. We are not importing any code from any of M$ windows edition,so I don't think that any permission is required from Microsoft.We can also use some of the code from Reactos by just using there copyright and trademark logo.
  10. Here is a link to 98 se sp3.0 beta 2 for those who are having problem downloading from rapidshare. http://www.midload.com/en/file/28949/sesp30b2-en-exe.html
  11. Can you please fix a bug in which hard drives are not visible. To view we first have to change the icons view type
  12. It seems impossible because no one has started work on it yet can you tell me if someone has started this open source windows 98 project

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