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  1. First of all you are in the wrong thread. You should post windows xp issues in windows xp thread.
  2. I wanted to use the monitoring function.
  3. i use admin. but my pc had many virus attacks. can you recommend some good security stuff
  4. Is there any way to run ac power UPS on windows xp. Windows Xp only supports serial UPS
  5. Did it report an error.Or it might not be compatible with dual view
  6. i am also getting the same problem. You don't have the permission when i try using wordpad and it saves on some drives but not on others.
  7. Age of Empires 2 loads but unable to start a load a saved game.Or to start a new mission.
  8. Will it detect windows viruses also? For it is necessary some times when windows is infected with virus.
  9. bill gates is leaving microsoft in favor of working for charity. Who do you think will now lead microsoft
  10. i was just wondering whether Linux is vulnerable or not. I haven't got any type of problem like this.
  11. Tried it on Windows XP working there also! Home edition sp2 2600
  12. can you tell of some good anti virus for Linux. Also tell its package type.
  13. One problem it says that 11.bmp is missing. What can be the reason?
  14. linspire has also got ubuntu at its core. and some extra features also some proprietary software also
  15. Which is the best and easy Linux operating system. I bought Linspire and that is easy and good. Also give your opinion.
  16. well my email address amaar7353@live.com lets start work
  17. I think that we should use other utilities like free dos for dos and this can be accomplised in windows me also
  18. What do you mean by sending messages to moderators

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