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  1. Are there external hard disks available that can store data up to 120gb?
  2. I have not tried it out myself But i have heard about http://kgbarchiver.net/ that can compress ten gb into 10 mb if PAQ7 compression is selected.
  3. Windows vista is very difficult to operate
  4. Bluray is now more supported because warner bros also now use bluray instead of hddvd Moderator edit (so old thread isn't bumped unnecessarily): Pointless now voting for a dead format, isn't it? Closed to prevent bumping the thread by n00bs and spammers.
  5. I use windows xp pro sp2 and windows 98se on desktop pc. And reactos on laptop
  6. I use clamav for windows clamwin. Even if lacks many features it is open source and free
  7. But can't it be smaller and more portable.Because windows vista is very slow in loading and a bit difficult for users to operate.How much space is kernel using?Will MinWin work well.Because kernel of windows vista is said to be alot better than windows xp in operating.And size of windows xp kernel is less than vista
  8. Now shall I reinstall OS? Because the repair said that "error in startup detected" and then it fixed it. But now computer doesn't restart but no OS choice is there. What about my previous XP will it be removed?I installed using clean install but i am afraid that my computer hard disks might have not been cleared.
  9. Where is repair feature available?
  10. Does anyone know how to combine those packs in a single pack.And a superior compression technology should be used Gzip,Bzip2,7Zip
  11. How can we create a documentation when the authors of these stuff are not helping us?
  12. That error in system startup.Use repair computer System will now restart
  13. They say first define a problem, then make an algorithm, code the program, then test it for errors and then prepare a documentation.
  14. But in my book it is written to prepare documentation is last step.
  15. After installing windows vista ultimate x86 edition computer doesn't start.An error appears in startup
  16. There is a format known as mng for animations.It is like png.
  17. We should ask someone who can make project for all 9x series not just windows98. @Th3_uN1Qu3 Is windows millennium working good.A friend of mine said that windows millennium is a lot better than windows98se I want anyone who has experience to answer the following question 1.Will ordinary setup creators and patch makers work for a pack intended for updating process for windows9x series.
  18. I didn't mean to offend anyone.This is not a spam I just said that we should do the same with Microsoft.They are making the most protected patents as far as I know.I just was making fun about it and you got serious for that.Ok i am removing the post.Sorry for that I am sorry for that post
  19. You mean to say that no one will work out this project :realmad: So can't we just join official and unofficial patches and bug fixes
  20. I am once again asking who will be the leader and it will be his duty to recruit members and to develop the project
  21. You mean to say that reverse engineering is legal?
  22. But I think that microsoft is strictly against reverse engineering?
  23. If we make something out of our own code than i don't think it is against microsoft eula

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