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  1. 3d stuff

    Okay guys I use Softimage XSI 5.0 Currently working and reworking a few models for a ExoSquad Fan movie A lot of help came from DIGITAL TUTORS, though you have to pay for their videos I think they are good enough to warrant the price. Videos and how-to's are no substitution for exploring the program on your own and continued practice. here is phaetons head and the resolute in progress A little more tweaking to the head mesh, almost done with the body brought out the e-frame model, and added more detail to the resolute, but I'm unsure of scale of the two. I also completed work on a broken pillar, yay! Random shot playing around with Depth of Field camera effects. REVIEW Modeling It has some great tools like the "tweak tool" which, IF you've ever used Z-Brush allows you to sculpt your object much easier then moving points, edges, OR polygons one at a time. Animation Personally I feel the bones in XSI do not compare to less hyped up but equally functional bones in Maya 6. XSI tries to tack on restrictions to joint movement that are supposed to make it easier to animate... well adding a restriction to any movement inhibits animation, so IF you love to animate stay away from "Preferred Rotation Angles" AND XSI. OR dump the IK and run in pure FK although even then you'll have to tweak you parenting so that certain bones don't make the bones connected to it spin wildly out of control. Rendering Has a nice render region tool for quick rendering of parts of your scene, it also has ambient occlusion that you can add to the render pass or material to add extra depth or contrast to your model in final compositing. It has a render tree and a preview for blending your render passes like you would layers in photoshop, it also uses layers in texturing, again just like photoshop. ( In my phaeton image I used about 4 or 5 layers on his chest to make the various colors, symbols, and damage to his suit. ) Overall I think it's a powerful program, too many functions to go over in detail, a bit harder to learn then say Maya, pre Autodesk since I've only used the Alias versions. What do you mean you have to script in Maya? I used it without scripting, although like most high end 3D applications they allow scripting for those that like to customize their own renderings or shaders, or just about anything.
  2. Invasion of bugs, computer on the brink!

    I don't think it's food I think it's the heat inside my electronics or maybe they like to nibble on wires like rats to in cars.
  3. Adobe Reader 8.1 in Windows 98

    This is what I need, an MSI 3 installer in win 98. I hope someone here has a solution. I also have tried the kernelex 3.4 with no sucess i found a program call installaware http://www.download.com/InstallAware-Studi...4-10640775.html I will try that next
  4. Software support for 98SE

    I need to try those programs and see if they can run my XP only apps in Win 98 thanks for posting that.
  5. Yeah I remember in 1996 using my Toshiba Infinia with win 95 and Toshiba's own USB devices, I didn't see many other USB devices on the market at the time so I didn't think much of it, but looking back I had a neat little computer. Just for fun I went onto Crucial to see what it would cost to fully upgrade that old computer, turns out a stick of 32MB EDO RAM is $45
  6. Tiny little ants or maybe they are termites are finding a home in my computer, TV, DVD cases, monitor, surge protectors, and household outlets. What solutions do you guys have besides completely fumigating my small studio. They made a nest in my DVD cases and for some reason it looks like they are eating the graphic paint used for the tops of DVDs I'm looking for something that can be used to get them out of the computer and monitor right away and then deter them from getting back in and is safe to use on electronics. those bugs are making my screen flicker! Thanks for any help
  7. My ideas about operating systems...

    I agree, I don't need the extra fluff tacked onto the OS and I usually Run vista or XP with Classic Display settings and I like it that way, but I still need a decent amount of hardware performance for 3D modeling and animation, and video editing. So I got a new desktop with Vista (not by choice) and I'm left wishing it was running XP, because my programs only work (without huge bugs) in XP, but my only XP copy is on my Dell Laptop which is too slow or lacks Hard drive space for rendering or composing video. I can get Adobe AE7 to run in Vista by constantly going from Windows 95 compatibility mode to Windows XP mode. One mode to allow importing of files, and the other one to allow exporting of files, but I really need a solid way of editing my files without forking out another $100 for another copy of XP. I do love running win 98 and having it boot in seconds on my new desktop. I wish everything worked this smoothly, and was windows 98 compatible.
  8. not sure about the newer versions but the older ones you could not animate in. You might want to try a free program called BLENDER though it is tough to learn. took me 30 minuets to figure out where the undo was.
  9. Orbs

    They look nice. I'm not sure what the intended use for them is so I'm being cautions in pointing out the aliased text. Did you apply any smoothing to the text? or if you used the text as a selection mask to erase the image below did you have anti-aliased checked off? Then again this all might not make sense if you're not using photoshop, or other program with these options. It appears that you have enough colors in the PNG format to produce a nice anti-aliased edge, the original sphere is proof of that, I'm only wondering why you didn't do the same for the text. Then again if these pictures are to be reduced in size then the aliased edges would help make the letter more clear, but the resize would have to be done under RGB to allow for some natural softening of the edges by blending the colors and then converted back to PNG indexed format for use if thats the final format.
  10. Services provided for older photos and art

    I'm disappointed in the quality of the gif looping on the home page, I'm also disappointed with inadequate examples. If you offer a service show quality close up JPG images of torn photos or faded photos, then show close ups of the repaired damage. For all we can tell the damaged "original" was manufactured damage, and the reconstructed image was more like the original than the "original". In my opinion, if you're trying to make a point, make it clear and unquestionable. A suggestion... before we flock mindlessly to that site. Another msfn member or member(s) non-affiliated with that site should upload a decent color or B&W photo that has been damaged to photobucket or some other image hosting site. Then if the linked site want to show off their abilities they can use the photo(s) as an example... and not charge for the service. Then the users here can get a better picture of the quality of service from that site. As it stands now, I'm not going to step up and say send me your photos, since my services are free and that would compete with your business. But if those are your best examples, I feel obligated to intervene for the sake of quality for a paid service. A friend of my parents paid to have a big collage of my Brother put together for his funeral. And even though the thought was nice, and I adore the efforts of my parents friends... I could not say the same for the company, I could not get over how s***tty the collage was. So I'm left loving it one moment and despising it the next. I take offense to people charging for mediocre services, So please post good work, prove me wrong, shut me up, what have you... I don't care, this is to help the consumers out there not me.
  11. I don't understand techno type output? Do you want it converted to a different file format? JPG TIFF GIF AI ? Do you want it to be a Vector graphic?
  12. ATI Radeon X1550 & Windows Vista

    I had trouble when I installed the latest driver for my ATI Radeon X1650 in Vista, it caused display problems. So I uninstalled the driver... I still managed to get Vista to reconginse it's a Radeon without going to ATI's website. I'm sorry I didn't make more effort to Jot down what I did. When I first got the computer the card wasn't recognized as ATI, it was some default which I thought was weird, which is why the first thing I did was to go to ATI's website and get the driver only to end up worse off. Acer Aspire E700 Vista Home Premium Intel Quad Core 2030 MB Ram 32-Bit OS
  13. Vista slow boot with USB External Drive

    I guess I'm not the only one. I have an 80 Gig WD external. Acer Aspire E700 Vista Home Premium (Was on the machine when I bought it) Intel Quad Core 2030 MB Ram 32-Bit OS Radeon X1650 it takes a long time to load and a long time to actually see the HD under my computer. . . . I also used to have similar problems under XP running slow with my Wacom, usb scanner or anything in the USB port other than a mouse or printer.
  14. Auto-Patcher For Windows 98se (English)

    Just got a new computer with Vista home edition already installed Acer Aspire E700 Vista Home Premium Intel Quad Core 2030 MB Ram 32-Bit OS Radeon X1650 Found a lot of my Adobe Software doesn't run, or doesn't run well in Vista so I installed Virtual PC and Win 98 SE with an old Win 98 CD... it had a hole in it and still ran. Anyways I was looking for updates and found this site. Thanks for all the hard work. I used the June auto update on the first page... I assume thats the most recent, but I can't see the last time the post was edited. I will install July next.