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  1. according to this website http://www.pcstats.com/artvnl.cfm?articleID=1839 it's a ATI Radeon Xpress 200P chipset. I tried to download some driver from ati but not working
  2. check on diskpart the number of your usb key then do that in cmd select disk (number) clean create partition primary select partition 1 active format fs = fat32 assign exit go to your bios, select the boot from usb key
  3. What's about extracting the files in the downloaded "kis8.0.0.454en.exe" with Universal extracror, Winrar or some other program and making an nlite add-on with the extracted files, the key file and the "Bases" directory? namely: [NSIS].nsi setup.exe kis.en.msi KISxxxxxxxxxx*.KEY [bases] directory which in my case is found in the following path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8. Use the following switch " kis.en.msi /qb /norestart" I have not given it a try yet and I shall kindly invite any member proposing to make an unattended Windows installation to g
  4. wise registry cleaner doesn't support silent install. just zip the folder in your program files and made a sfx install for example. you should use taskkill like this taskkill /F /IM "name.exe"
  5. yeah nuhi told me that but where can i get this chipset drivers ? and Acer is not sot good to provide drivers
  6. in my case i don't know why but some of my usb port are recognized as usb 1.1 i can't plug anymore my usb hdd. i don't know if it's because the sp1 but it worked before i tried to update my chipset but i found nothing so far. i can't get it back to usb 2 i have a laptop acer ferrari 4005
  7. reinstall, don't try to repair a vlited image
  8. never remove windows search.
  9. guys it is not a big deal! i bet that everyone have a least 100G HDD, even partitioned
  10. I can confirm that it is a logmein issue. the logmein team have updated the software, so use the latest release to fix this issue. first Manually Remove LogMeIn To manually uninstall LogMeIn, you must first terminate the services that are running. 1. Open the Task Manager and terminate the following processes: 1. LogMeIn.exe 2. LogMeInsystray.exe (LogMeIn desktop Application) 3. Ramaint.exe (LogMeIn Maintenance service) 2. Next, navigate to Start > Run, type cd LMI Installation Path and delete the LogMeIn folder. 3. Go back to the Run box and Type rege
  11. Agreed, i was just talking about Matt A. Tobin
  12. Did you rebuild or just apply changes ?
  13. Yeah pointless and after he'll say vista sucks
  14. I have found this topic on the logmein forum https://secure.logmein.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=23443 Maybe because of LogMeIn. they have released a new build yesterday. I'll check
  15. Still no clue on this issue ? windows update or component i removed or vlite ?
  16. That's weird, you are not supposed to get this error even with waik installed uninstall vlite uninstall waik install waik install vlite try
  17. 1. do you have enough space on your hard drive and do you have the framework installed ? 2. run vlite in cmd with -unwim switch 3. run vlite normally try this
  18. one of my customer get this problem because of a virus. the computer starts with no desktop. what I did remotely is to open task manager and launch explorer.exe but the virus kill the process after 4-5 seconds. i have uploaded malwarebytes and run a scan. it fixed the issue. I don't if you have the same problem.
  19. I don't think you get this issue because of disabling some services. did you try to set them as default state to see if the problem persist ? empty your prefetch folder in windows.
  20. Download vlite and see yourself or go to vlite website
  21. Yeah win 7 is quite diferent. MS starts listen to people
  22. I would like to do that also. I think it's possible. I have seen that with waik you can configure the Foundation package in offline servicing. you have option to configure it in permanent - removable mode but i never tried yet. ask Avivo
  23. yes you can have 32 and 64 on the same iso. but remember that you have to integrate one by one. and for this operation i would suggest you to use waik
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