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  1. oh i went back and read the wiki, so after the screen above just press enter and then write to back up, then reboot and everything reappears.
  2. so it sees them but how do i make them appear in places like My Computer?
  3. Testdisk seems to found 4 partitions, but how do I recover them? after analysis I still only see one of them.
  4. I would've done that if I could get the data off the other partitions. It had like 4 but I only see one now. I'll try diskpart when I figure out the commands.
  5. errr... diskpart? is that the hit program these days?
  6. So I was trying to put a Win 7 installation onto a partition of an external hard drive using WinToFlash (WTF), but after WTF unable to lock down the specific partition I backed out of it by forcing log out, but now I can only see one of the many partitions on the hard drive. How do I find the other ones?
  7. i meant the default font. like the one it begins with at start up. in word you change the template but wordpad doesn't have a template.
  8. is there a way to change the default from calibri to other ones?
  9. I somehow deleted all the printers on the computer and now Excel can't save documents as PDF. Where do I download a driver for the document printer so I can save as PDF?
  10. yea I checked that. It's in .docx and when I save it defaults to docx but when I create a new document it has "compatibility mode" in the title bar. I even deleted normal.dotm a few times. Normal.dotm it self opens in 2007 format but when I click on the new document it starts in compatibility mode.
  11. i have office 2007 on winXP sp3 at work and every time i create a new document it opens in compatibility mode. how do i turn it off and make new documents open in 2007 formats?
  12. anyway i patched my files and everything is fine now. here's the patcher that i used: UniversalThemePatcher_20090101.zip
  13. after installing SP2 my custom theme stopped working and I suspect it's because SP2 patched uxtheme. does anyone else have this problem?
  14. does chrome work right out of box on the RC? i know you have to modify the shortcut attributes on beta so is it still like that on the RC?

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