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  1. oskingen

    Lan Drivers

    there is something else because you can remove lan driver
  2. you won't find media player for vista. it's only for xp. You can try if you want but i'm not sure it will work.
  3. Did you tweak your system; disabled some services ?
  4. oskingen


    No you can still use windows update to install driver
  5. oskingen

    RAM problem

    This is a good explanation!
  6. and what did you remove ?
  7. Did you try to update your wireless card driver ?
  8. I don't know if this is strange or not but it is also like this for me. my light never switched off.
  9. I think we have to wait or at least report thing we notice.
  10. it takes time for me also but it works so what the big deal. Just be patient
  11. oskingen

    Missing DLLs

    upload your last session file
  12. New releases are always supposed to be more powerful
  13. tell us what you removed, uninstall completely kaspersky. sometimes it's just a driver issue with kaspersky. i also hope you did not remove event log
  14. start /wait msiexec /i Skype\SkypeSetup.msi INSTALLLEVEL=1 STARTSKYPE=FALSE ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS=:removeStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:removeDesktopShortcut.mst /qr
  15. maybe i didn't exactly understand but why don't you use just windows update ?
  16. don't you think just like that, it's because you have disabled to many services! keep also network explorer
  17. oskingen

    Performance gain

    take a look on the forum to find enough information.
  18. yeah, no choice except to uninstall avast
  19. oskingen


    make no sense you are in vista forum. you used nlite instead of vlite, you have another issue and you post in this topic !! :huh:
  20. did you change some setting in the unattend file (xml) ?
  21. oskingen


    the eternal question about waik. there are a lot of post about this
  22. I have removed same as you and even more and i never had this error. I don't know. is wmp working at least after the error ?
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