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  1. hi all mates! long time no see you i'm having some troubles over here, a frined of my has bought a laptop [toshiba satellite a505d-s6958] and by default, comes with windows vista, and he's pretty newbie for computers, so he decided to move to XP i'm trying to do that, but, at the end of loading previous files, the bluescreen appears and i can not partition/formatting the hdd. i guess is not physical damage, 'cause the laptop is new, and works perfectly with it's OS. i've disabled the sata compatibility on the bios, and tried to use the fujitsu erasing tool but i still have the same trouble. i was looking for something familiar in the forum, but i can't get it. can anyone help me? please!?
  2. no. it's not, i'm trying to installing with the exe file
  3. hi all mates, i've read the sticky post about the customized bootscreen, but i just can see the modification in the system dir, so, my question is: how can i add the customized bootscreen to the installation files? (from the CD)
  4. Or, you could try this 3-step procedure: Un-install Adobe Reader 9.x Install IE 7 / IE 8 Re-install Adobe Reader 9.x . okay first of all thanks for reading.. and, i have no instlled programs.. once finished the OD install i try to install ie7 and there's where i get the error i have no adobe reader.. so, i guess that solution won't help me..
  5. again mate i solved the problem qith the registry mode.. now, i get this... i'm again stack.. can not install ie7 Log.txt
  6. i'm trying to make a XP unattended installation CD with no programs (no $Oem folder...) ... last_session.ini
  7. XPCD_SP3 an XP CD installation, and it was just for me, there's no specific drivers for my friend's cpu, also, by the sata drivers (just if one day i need one..) do you understand me??
  8. and this... i don't know why i'm not able to see the text/images... does anyone knows..?
  9. pretty weird mate it's a installation CD just like another one and mi friend's pc is an ensambled (mb pci express intel pentium IV 2.4Ghz 512 DDRAM2) so, it's pretty actual.. i still don't know where's that error here you have. ULTIMA_SESI_N.INI
  10. hi all mates, i've just finished mi xpcd slimming. i tested on my computer (laptop dell inspiron 5100), at that time i didn't get troubles with install or something in that way, 'til today (march 2nd) a friend of mine ask me for my xp cd ('coz i talk to him about making the slim installation) he asked me my cd, and when i tried to boot from cd a black screen appeared askinf for "install.txt" the right message was ' can not find install.txt, your coumputer will reboot' and, yes, reboots! after that, I tried with a clean installation and after that change the disk, but at the time, asked me for 'eula' and the computer was restarted again. so, i tried to format my laptop, and guess what? i did! with the same CD, and a few hours later i tried to format the HDD of another cpu... and just the same of the first...looks for install.txt.. mates.. what's the matter?
  11. i've just see that dll when you're installing or configuring something... also, you can see that process in the task manager.. just connect an usb and check the proceses..you'll be able to see that proces... so..there's no problem if you clean the entry.
  12. ok lemme check that and i'll notice you what happened..
  13. otyk

    what did I delete?

    what do you mean..with attach? sorry i'm newbie
  14. yes.. with msconfig you can solve that.. at least that you need that dll for an install..or some thing like that
  15. oh really? i just see the folders in the same order.. i was exploring the folders on the cd after the uattended process..and before the process.. i just can't see the difference..

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