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  1. hi guys ms released a new build of vista sp2 on 30th but its nowhere on the net. build number is 16497. installation is the same way. the same reg key tweak works. i also got the chance of installing windows 7 and had a few program compatibilty issues otherwise it had a lot of new customisation settings which is impressive. for now vista sp2 (16497) is performing a bit better than windows 7 on my machine.
  2. thats true since both r new im wondering if sp2 and win 7 share the same underlying architecture and hence performance?
  3. sure thing but there are many informed people around here. i'm sure its not entirely not of their interest either.
  4. Hi now that both are with testers is there any performance comparison between the two? e.g. boot time, install time, app launch times, so on? couldn't find anything on google for this!
  5. pallavsuri


    ah yes sf42 that link solved the problem finally
  6. pallavsuri


    @etso still no go... maybe it has somethin to do with business edition? it doesnt like bus ed? :S
  7. could be the virus scanner. try switching it off
  8. pallavsuri


    ok tried with a fresh non vlite install the situation is the same. despite the registry update for sp2 windows update is showing that its upto date. ps: ive downloaded he 504 mb psf file and the installer for sp2 but no luck. anyone know what to do with these **** psf files??
  9. pallavsuri


    ok~! ill try a non vlite vista and see how it goes.
  10. pallavsuri


    same probem here but i dont think its a vlite issue
  11. i too have the same setup - integrated sp3 image and use no cd (i use manual installation option within the nlited xpsp3 real installation) to install from one partition to another( i dont use daemon tools or ms virtual cd or any iso.... i just run the setup from the folder which nlite modifies). i face same problems.... start menu shortcuts are missing e.g. no wmp no ie no calc on the start menu, drivers are not integrated properly, unattend file doesnt work so on... also when i run manual setup with an answer file then why do i need to enter cd key etc? i hope there is a solution to this soon!! i hope nuhi is reading this !!
  12. haha there is no paranoia my friend nuhi... the product version shot is attached for your kind perusal as well good job with nlite/vlite despite the good intentions supporting 5503 is supporting piracy dear friend (no insults intended) catch you later
  13. @nuhi my exact point why should anyone bother with "crafty Chinese and Russians resigned the changed SP3 which is actually a virus in some wonder land?" nothing personal or not even trying to insult anyone here but providing official support for pirated releases is supporting what?
  14. 1200? i guess u can count that on your fingers... (attachment last column)

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