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  1. Question regarding vlite and Kaspersky

    I'm not sure what you mean about the event log, but I stumbled across the "Last Session.ini" on my vlited Vista disc - this is what it contained. Hope it can be of some kind of help. Kind regards Christian Aarø Rasmussen
  2. Hi there all. I have a few questions which I hope someone out there can clarify a bit for me. To start with the beginning, today I made a new Vista x64 with SP1 slipstreamed with my drivers integrated and some components removed which I don't need. I've encountered some problems earlier with the reboot loop after slipstreaming SP1 so I did as recommended and deleted the pending.xml file in install.wim. Everything seemed ok, my Vista installed perfectly and booted up just as it was supposed to do, ready to use with my drivers already installed - sweet. Being given a license key to Kaspersky from where I work, that's my preferred security suite to use, so while not having the computer connected to the internet yet, I began the installation of Kaspersky. Also this went as I hoped for and after ended installation I was prompted for a reboot. And this is where it began to go wrong. The second the Vista loading thingy appeared on my screen an BSOD appeared with no detailed description other than it recommended me to do a chkdsk. This happened no matter what I tried and I then gave up and hoped it was bad luck and did yet another reinstallation of my vlited Vista. Again, everything went fine and I booted up in Vista. Before doing anything I did a chkdsk which came up clean - no damaged sectors or anything. I then again proceeded to install Kaspersky and anxiously feared the BSOD at my first reboot after the Kaspersky installation. And yes, there it was once more, but this time I was given the choice to boot up in the configuration which was last known to work. I tried that I got a working Vista popping up but with Kaspersky notifying me that alsmost all it's security features couldn't be started. Here is the list and status messages from Kaspersky: - Anti-Hacker, failed. - Anti-Spam, failed. - Anti-Spy, partially running. - Proactive Defense, failed. - File Anti-Virus, failed (initialization error). - Mail Anti-Virus, failed. - Web Anti-Virus, partially running. Ok, s*** I thought, but at least my computer seemed somewhat working. I attempted to run an update on Kaspersky hoping that would resolve the problem. It didn't. After an full update and a reboot Kaspersky still reports the same problems. My only thought is that it must be because Kaspersky and it's components are dependant on some of the things I've removed from Vista with vLite. Though I have no idea of what exactly. I know that its a vague remark but I usually don't touch anything I have the least suspicion of being critical or needed by any of the applications I regularly use. So what I would like to use, is if any of you guys out there know of any components which are crucial for Kaspersky to work? Sadly I don't have my settings from the vlite I used anymore but I hope that anyone might be able to provide some feedback anyways I'd like to create a new vlited Vista but with the changes to make Kaspersky work as intended. Any feedback will be most appreciated. Kind regards Christian Aarø Rasmussen
  3. vLite v1.2 Final - RapidCatched

    No, sorry if I didn't explain it properly. I have a danish Vista Ultimate x64 without SP1. A few days ago I decided that I needed a reinstall and gave the vLite 1.2b a spin. Firstly I slipstreamed it with SP1 and then I began the process of removing the junk from Vista which I don't need. I then rebuilded, burned and installed. When the computer booted the first time, it began to finish step 3 of 3 of the SP1 installation. When it was done with that, it rebooted but when it started up again it began, yet again, on step 3 of 3 of the SP1 installation. This then just continued without be being able to stop the process at any point. I then googled it a bit and noticed that you had written that the 1.2b version should help those who had experienced it. I then assumed I had been unlucky and tried yet again - I had done none out of the ordinary when I made the vLite and removed nothing crucial. My next vLite installation went the same way without me being able to track down why the problem occured or how to solve it. Just immediately after my 2nd failed attempt you released 1.2RC so I thought that third time was the charm and then tried yet again - but now with the new 1.2RC. After building my vLite install I tried my luck but the problem occured again. The computer is stuck in a loop with the 3rd step of SP1 installation process. I've validated, over and over again, that the SP1 I'm using to slipstream is the correct one and that it's not broken by doing CRC and MD5 checksum on it - I really don't get it.
  4. Dcatcher, could I ask you to explain where this install.wim file is supposed to exist? I can't seem to find it or the winsxs folder anywhere at any stage when working with vLite?
  5. It doesnt work whit the RC. Splipstream + tweaks and remove things whit Vlite 1.1.6 - OK Splipstream + tweaks and remove things whit Vlite 1.2 Beta - Logon loop Tried today Splipstream + tweaks and remove things whit Vlite 1.2RC - Logon Loop I'm currently retrying splipstream but whitout removing anything just to see... I can confirm that - tried yet again last night with the new 1.2RC - still hangs on the SP1-installation during the first boot up. Sigh...
  6. vLite v1.2 Final - RapidCatched

    Hey nuhi, nice release. But I'm still a bit puzzled regarding the logon-loop. I've been trying for a few days now to get a vLite install going with no luck. I'm not completely new to it and nothing I'm doing should be out of the ordinary compared to how I normally make my vLite installs. I've been trying to figure out a solution for it without any luck. I made numerous install dvds with the 1.2b and then tried yet again with the new 1.2RC last night - still no luck. It's stuck on step 3 of the SP1 installation the first time it boots up. Is this a common problem with the newer vLite releases or is it strictly SP1-related? Any word on if it's something you can avoid when using vLite? Other than that, I like your new additions to vLite - can't wait to try them out. Thank you for your time and effort on this marvelous piece of software Best regards Christian Rasmussen, Denmark.
  7. Thank you for clarifying The VirtualBox thingy seems very interesting. I had a quick look at it and bu judging on the description of the product, it doesn't seem that I can use it. It seems to be strictly x86 and I'm using a x64 Vista Ultimate
  8. Ok, sounds good that there's a solution for it - but can I make you elaborate on it a bit? This is my normal procedure for making a vLite install DVD. 1) Copy DVD to HD. 2) Slipstream SP1. 3) Make other tweaks and adjustments. 4) Rebuild. 5) Direct Burn and install. So if I'm getting what you're saying, there should be file named pending.xml in a folder named winsxs which exists in as part of the data I'll be burning onto the DVD? So that in order to get it to work correctly, my process of making the vLite install should look like this instead: 1) Copy DVD to HD. 2) Slipstream SP1. 3) Make other tweaks and adjustments. 4) Rebuild. 5) Delete pending.xml file from winsxs folder. 6) Direct Burn and install. ...just to be absolutely sure Thank you for your time. Kind regards Christian Rasmussen
  9. I just got myself together and made a Vista install with the vLite 1.2b. I did like I normally do and integrated the SP1 with my Vista Ultimate x64 and did some tweaking of it - removing unused languages, drivers etc... nothing critical. I then continued to install it and everything seemed to work fine - untill the installation process was over and I booted the first time. It began to finish step 3 og 3 of the SP1 process and then continued to reboot. This is then repeated over and over again without me getting any control of the system. I read about this "logon loop" but also read that the 1.2b should try to prevent it, so I assumed I had been unlucky. I then tried to do the whole vLite process over again in hope of me being a bit more lucky this time - but I wasn't. Any advice on why this logon loop problem happens and how to avoid it when making a vLite install? Kind regards Christian Rasmussen, Denmark.