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  1. Recently bought a computer off a mate, and decided to do a clean install of it. He included the original motherboard drivers disc. I loaded XP onto it, all fine. Then I installed the drivers one by one, restarting after each. After this it was PAINFULLY slow. So I did a clean install omiting the SATA/RAID drivers, still painfully slow. Another clean install and I omit the chipset drivers...all is fine. Not entirely sure on the model, the disc says Gigabyte 965/946. Should I just leave the chipset drivers out, or are they essential?
  2. From vista to XP on Acer Aspire 5920 - anyone done it?

    Yep, I've done it, works perfectly fine. Look up on how to implement the SATA drivers, either that or head into the BIOS and change the mode from SATA to IDE, the only difference being your HD will be louder. Here are all the drivers you need: http://notebook.driversdown.com/notebook-d...s/s_138_1.shtml Although I must point out, do NOT EVER install webcam drivers. It will break it. XP includes them anyway.
  3. Missing DLLs

    I'm sure I didn't remove anything that could have caused this in my vLite, but whatever. Vista Ultimate x64, a lot of things complain about cscapi.dll, and also, my network icon in the notification area doesn't show, the option for it is grayed, and 'Network and Sharing Center' reports page failed to load. Help!
  4. Clean up/create some space.

    I don't think there is a way. vLiteing I think is for people who don't use it as a workstation, so there isn't actually a way unless you somehow find a way to delete extra languages (they take up a LOT of space). I'd just use it as is, it'll always be faster than Vista and just as good.
  5. [Desktops] 2008

    Newly installed S2k8 Workstation x64, with Scrubs wallpaper. My life is complete. Woo.
  6. Why exactly is Vista so slow?

    Do you remember the good old days of 2004-2005, and to a lesser extent, 2006? Way back when there were forums bursting of people dismissing XP completely and holding onto Windows 2000 Professional as if it was the elixir of life. It's exactly the same principle, and I mean exactly the same principle. People complained XP was bloated, sluggish, irrelevent, and now look at us, we love it! Can't get enough. Vista is a bit OTT, granted, but in a few years the situation will be the same. The only issue I have with Vista is the one you have brought up, its speed, but if you run it on adequate hardware and give it a couple of weeks tops for it to index stuff and settle down, it speeds up over time rather than slowing like XP does, making it the better operating system. Anyway, to answer your question: services, DLL hell, UAC, DRM. My beloved S2k8 has all of these, but no DRM, which results in it being about as fast as XP. Vista is far better than XP though. Of course it doesn't come close to Server 2k8 when configured as a Workstation. Try it.