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  1. Looking to start a small Newsgroup server for the retro computer community so they car experience what it was like before the web actually took off. The in-between time from BBS and web forums. Anyone have any recommendations? I have a server with windows server 2019 at my disposal. Must use that OS.
  2. This link is no good now, for me anyways. Any updated links?
  3. The site is hosted with Geocities.ws, I went and looked at there Terms of Service and if YOU are not the owner of any files they will delete your site. Looks like this happened here. "We do not allow any type of programs, software, or MP3 files on our server unless you are the full owner and have all rights to the file. Copyrighted files not belonging to users posting those files may be deleted without notice!" This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I know of a hosting service that offers very cheap dedicated servers ($25 a month) and I'll message them and see if they are ok with this type of thing being hosted. A benefit of this is ftp accounts could be made for users to upload (donate) old software as long as it is freeware and doesn't run the risk of getting the service deleted.
  4. I'm getting a BSOD with nVidia's latest driver for this card and OS on Windows XP Pro x64 (Version 368.81) (368.81-desktop-winxp-64bit-international.exe). This card is working fine under Windows 10 Pro. The ONLY hardware change being made is the actual hard drive being used for each OS and the Sata control from AHCI to IDE. This driver has no issues when I try using a MSI GT710 2GB card under XP. Its just that card is well..... weak. And I did an overclocking challenge with it a few years back and that card is well.... hurt now. Here is a picture of the BSOD I get. System build: MSI PC Mate Z97 Motherboard i7-4790K 32GB Ram MSI GTX 960 4GB Any ideas? I really want an XP build on this machine. I have everything figured out besides this to make it all work. Would an older driver maybe help or??? Anyone else try this card in XP x64? Thanks for your time...
  5. Is it possible? Looking to live stream gaming from Windows XP to Twitch. I've hit a road block on this as Ive found nothing. My system will handle it as I've done it with Windows 7 and 10... But I've moved back to XP and this is my only road block. I don't want to have to dual boot this thing with Linux. If anyone knows of anything off the top of there head, I'd appreciate it.
  6. I just picked up a ASUS M5 A97 R2.0 on ebay with a 4 core 4.2GHz processor and ram. Thanks again for the info.
  7. Thank You. That is exactly what I was looking for. Someone with one in their lap that they know works.
  8. Does anyone know of a list of motherboards that support Windows XP that's newer then a Pentium 4?
  9. Any updates? I just discovered this as I have new (to me) XP Pro machine I've setup.
  10. I just found this and will give it a shot on my Windows 98Se machine when I get home. I'm glad someone is working on something like this. I use to code back in the late 90's and early 2000's but I've forgotten all that long ago. I did use VB6 and some C++. I just read everything from the start. I can relate to the family issues. I've been gone for a few years due to my father who has prostate cancer. He passed Sept 2016 and I'm just now getting back into classic computing.
  11. What updates/tweaks/mods are you using also? I didn't think opera 12.02 worked on Windows 98.
  12. Just tried it on windows 98se and it says that it expects a newer version of windows. Upgrade your windows.
  13. It's so sad how true this is. I'd love to have a web browser to just surf the web with... Forum boards, news sites. Just light surfing.
  14. Good to know. Thanks you.
  15. I have a Dell Optiples GX620. Pentium D 3.0ghz, 4gb ram (3.2GB Readable), 128GBssd, Windows XP Pro 32bit. I stuck in a MSI nVidia 210 512mb pci-e video card. It is DirectX 10 ready. Anyway of getting DirectX 10 on Windows Xp? I have 9.0c right now. I did use the forum search and all I found was talk about it and dead links. If this is a dead horse, I'm sorry, I just recently began trying to go back to Windows XP. I'm a bit out of the know..... Thank You.
  16. So what updates in what order should be done to make best use of a WIndows 98SE system now days???
  17. So what would people recommend installing to get the most usefulness with Windows 98SE now days? I have an old Toughbook CF-29 I'm thinking about trying to get back up and running. It has WIndows XP but it is just too slow to use.
  18. I have a host machine running Win 7 Pro 64bit. Installed Virtual PC 2007. Made a virtual machine and installed Windows 98SE. How do I get the networking working for the 98 machine has internet?
  19. Every time I boot my laptop or open the lid my desktop icons are bigger. I know how to use the ctrl and wheel mouse to shrink them back down, but How do i stop this? Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  20. jim2029


    If you don't want to use the Bitlocker feature, then why did you buy the Ultimate Edition. Pro does everything Ultimate does except the BitLocker.
  21. I can't get flash player 10 to install.... I even did the Reg mod and after running it, it will come up saying information was enter into the system reg. But the flash player setup still will not run. When I look in the reg. there is no entry made in the current version key (Folder)... so I was woundering what type of value is "CurrentVersion"="5.1" So I can put it in manually??? UPDATE: Never mind, I made a string called CurrentVersion and put the value as 5.1 and all installed.
  22. I have found a new and better replacement. It's available here:Classic Shell
  23. I don't like the media player 11 or 12.... I don't need the music to have a divider between the albums... I like the spreadsheet style music library that Media Player 7.1, 9, and 10 had. So does anyone know of another media player that has a media library listing like Windows Media Player 10?
  24. 930mb used. I ahve 4Gb total. Win 7 Build 7100 x64 Bit. All updates. Running AVG Free, NoAds, and Magic ISO virtual cdrom manager in the taskbar. This is with IE turned off and using the newest firefox.

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