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  1. Before my HDD took a sh*t, my Win98SE gladly displayed .jpeg, .pgn and other files on PAINT. Now, I’ve lost the ability to do that with my current Win98SE install. Can somebody point me to a link that has the particular update I need to bring back added functionality to PAINT?
  2. Can somebody post a pic of their Autoexec.bat and Config.sys screens for reference? Windows 98SE
  3. Thanks Mr Mateczko for the suggestions. The weird thing is before my HDD crashed, X-Wing WAS running beautifully on 1gb RAM and Nvidia’s 81.98’s. But for whatever reason now the game crashes to desktop.
  4. Guys, I need your expertise. X-Wing Collector’s Series just will not load up. I made a very short video of the issue on YouTube, please watch it and give me a fix or a suggestion on how to fix it please! Thanks a million!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FXemZ8FYHag
  5. As the title says, youtube is working with Opera 12.02. Link below: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7r5uG9hNbKs
  6. I fixed it. Apparently, I had a extra copy of win.com ( 0kb ) in the Windows folder. I deleted it and rebooted, now it boots right to Windows as it should.
  7. Yo fellas! I recently needed to do a recovery installation on my old Win98SE Pc and i’ve run into an annoying snag at boot-up. Every time the Windows splash screen appears, the screen suddenly goes into the command prompt and says: ACCESS DENIED C:\> In order for me to continue into loading Windows I need to type: CD WINDOWS C:\WINDOWS> WIN then she boots up fine. How do I fix this annoyance??
  8. rn10950, can you possibly get youtube to play videos with RZ 2.0 ? For me, the page loads with text, but the video screen is black with no activity.
  9. hello fellas, I recently got rid of Internet Explorer 6 and in doing so I lost some functionality with my Windows Media Player 9. For instance, when I play a file, the progress slider on the bottom is gone. I cannot rewind or fast forward the video or song. Also, I cannot play .wma files any longer thru Media Player or even Winamp will not recognize it, although VLC will still play them. Maybe when I deleted IE 6, it also took some much needed .dll files with it ? Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hey fellas what is the last version of OPERA that can be safely/easily installed to Win98SE? I have KernelEX and OPERA version 11.10 working just fine. If there is a special way to get a more recent version installed please describe it here. Thanks guyz!!
  11. My old ironhorse computer recently nearly crashed. I've managed to revive it only to now have re-install windows and an EXPLORER.EXE error. I'm missing a shlwapi.dll file it says. Also, if you have a copy of the all-language version of the Shell32.dll file for Win98 that was created here by a power user long ago I need it too! plz reply here and I'll pm you my email address to send it! Thanks a million guyz ! RESOLVED!! I just found an old computer with WinXP on it and copied it's version of shlwapi.dll to my computer and it worked. I then oped up winfile.exe and typed control appwiz.cpl in the RUN box and un-installed Internet Explorer. The only IRONHORSE computer gallops onwards!!
  12. Hello once again guys! Now that I've installed 1gb of RAM on my Win98SE computer, and adjusted system.ini parameters and all, I have windows recognizing 1022mb RAM. So I fired up my favorite game, IL2 1946, and tried to see if I can see a FPS improvement over my old 512mb ram setup. None at all. Fortunately, I have CACHEMAN installed, and it reported during heavy game play that my game was only utilizing 600mb of system RAM and 400mb of ram was still UNUSED! How can I get my games to fully use all available RAM? For reference, I have a GeForce4ti4400 video card with 128mb of onboard RAM. On my mobo settings, I have AGP aparture size set to 128. Also, I have disabled VIRTUAL MEMORY to try to force Windows98SE to use all available RAM, but this did nothing to improve the games. Any more advise would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. After installing the 1gb of RAM, what should the new value be for MinFileCache= ? under [vcache]. When I had 512mg of RAM installed, this number was MInFileCache=16384. Should I double this number when I install the 1gb of RAM ?
  14. by the way, can one of you gurus point me the way to a good generic set of USB 2.0 drivers? My Win98SE install still has the 1.0 crap. I need all 2.0-drivers, host controllers, usb hubs ....all that good stuff! Anything out there with that?

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