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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the latest cabarc.exe file. If anyone has IEAK 10 on their computer or has an newer cabarc.exe file version than 6.1.7601.16978 then please share it. Strangely though, IEAK 11 has cabarc.exe version 5.0.2147.1, while IEAK 10 has version 6.2.9200.16521.
  2. Is this the best way to do it? @ECHO OFF For %%a In ("*SHA-1;*.jpg" "*SHA-1;*.gif") DO (CALL :shortname "%%a") :shortname SET shortname=%~n1 SET shortname=%shortname:~0,-48% SET shortname=%shortname%%~x1% ECHO %shortname% pause The only problem is that i still get an out put ~0,-48 if nothing was found.
  3. The problem is that the file names are not always the same so it has to check if the SHA-1; exists in the file name. Like: ABC 123 ABC.jpg ABC 123 SHA-1; ks8j0b5a5df56252cab25ddb242bev26a077834b.jpg ABC 123 ABC 123.gif ABC 123 123 ABC SHA-1; fg3j0b5a5df3ff252cab25ddb242bev26a072zsdf.jpg
  4. What if some file names have more then 6 spaces in the name?
  5. HI, I'm suck at the last part of my script and I'm try to remove a specific part of a filename. Like: From -> Some Image File 1 SHA-1; 843j0b5a5a06ff252cab25d2142beva7a072aea3.jpg Some Image File 2 SHA-1; fg3j0b5a5df3ff252cab25ddb242bev26a072zsdf.jpg To -> Some Image File 1.jpg Some Image File 2.jpg In Google i found a lot of results but nothing that would work for what i was trying to do. If this even works in Batch.
  6. @EdSon Thanks a lot. That's a really nice simple batch script that you have baked there.
  7. I thought this would be supported on all Windows NT systems, but if that's not the case then i will drop this color thing.
  8. This below is more what i was trying to do. The only thing i miss is turning YES into Green (If possible on Win2k/XP too) and to use alphabetic key inputs instead of only numbers. @Echo Off Set on=[YES] Set off=[NO] Set opt1=%off% Set opt2=%off% Set opt3=%off% :menu Cls Echo 1. %opt1% Option 1. Echo 2. %opt2% Option 2. Echo 3. %opt3% Option 4. Echo 4. GO Choice /C 1234 /N /M "Toggle your option: " If ERRORLEVEL 4 GoTo :continue If ERRORLEVEL 3 (If %opt3%==%on% (Set opt3=%off%) Else (Set opt3=%on%)) & GoTo :menu If ERRORLEVEL 2 (If %opt2%==%on% (Set opt2=%off%) Else (Set opt2=%on%)) & GoTo :menu If ERRORLEVEL 1 (If %opt1%==%on% (Set opt1=%off%) Else (Set opt1=%on%)) & GoTo :menu :continue ECHO Always execute this code when an option is selected. pause If %opt1%==%off% GOTO SKIP ECHO Execute Option 1 code... :SKIP If %opt2%==%off% GOTO SKIP ECHO Execute Option 2 code... :SKIP If %opt3%==%off% GOTO SKIP ECHO Execute Option 3 code... :SKIP pause EXIT
  9. I'm a little bit confused now. I don't see how to do what i had in mind with this script. Here is an example of the next best thing i could do without the option toggle function (Which would be more user friendlier). @echo off echo. echo Selection time! echo. echo 1. My father is Joe echo 2. My mother is Audrey echo 3. My brother is Jerry echo. :getOptions set /p "choices=Type in the option numbers separated by a comma (Example 1,3,4): " if not defined choices ( echo Please enter a valid option goto getOptions ) for %%a in (%choices%) do if %%a EQU 6 set choices=1,2,3,4,5 for %%i in (%choices%) do call :extract & :option-%%i echo. echo Done pause exit :option-1 echo My father is Joe > pause exit /B :option-2 echo My mother is Audrey pause exit /B :option-3 echo My brother is Jerry pause exit /B
  10. Hi, I'm trying to do a Multi Choice Selector script where a user can presses 1,2,3 to select the options he wants to run after he pressing ENTER. When a user selected an option it should turn from [NO] to [YES] (Green) and if the user selected it again it should turn back to [NO] . 1. [YES] Option1 2. [NO] Option2 3. [YES] Option3 I know how to do a script where a user can enter the options separated with a conman, but this script above i try to do is way more complicated and i don't know where to even start with it.
  11. Dose anyone have a list of the POSReady updates that require SSE2?
  12. Hi, I'm looking to set some default TaskBar Icons. The only way i fond out how to do this is by using the file "LayoutModification.xml" but with that method a user can't delete the default Icons for the TaskBar.
  13. Microsoft did this intentionally so that less technical people would create an Online Account to get more personal information for a User.
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