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  1. Dose anyone have a list of the POSReady updates that require SSE2?
  2. Hi, I'm looking to set some default TaskBar Icons. The only way i fond out how to do this is by using the file "LayoutModification.xml" but with that method a user can't delete the default Icons for the TaskBar.
  3. Microsoft did this intentionally so that less technical people would create an Online Account to get more personal information for a User.
  4. HI, Is it possible to always display the Local Account setup first at the OOBE setup stage instead of the Online Account setup?
  5. HI, I added the default Theme Color registry entries into the default User Profile. But Windows 10 is always overeating them after the first User Login. How can i set a default Theme Color without using the "Autounattend.xml" file? My Settings -> "$OEM$\$$\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd" REG LOAD "HKU\LoadedDefaultUser" "%SystemDrive%\Users\Default\NTUSER.DAT" REGEDIT /S "%SystemRoot%\Setup\Files\RegAdd.reg" REG UNLOAD "HKU\LoadedDefaultUser" "$OEM$\$$\Setup\Files\RegAdd.reg" [HKEY_USERS\LoadedDefaultUser\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Accent] "AccentPalette"=hex:de,c7,7d,00,c3,af,6e,00,a9,97,5f,00,84,75,45,00,63,56,2c,\ 00,4d,42,1f,00,3b,32,17,00,ef,69,50,00 "StartColorMenu"=dword:ff2c5663 "AccentColorMenu"=dword:ff457584 EDIT: I found a work around for this by editing the file "aero.theme" (ColorizationColor=0XC44C4A48) and then putting the theme file it in ISO folder "sources\$OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes".
  6. I did now a fresh install with the latest 5eraph UpdatePack (POSReady,IE8,WMP11) which does not include the KB4134651, but i get the same problem. Mailwarebytes v3.5.1.2522 EDIT: I see you are using Mailwarebytes v3.4.5 this still works but Mailwarebytes v3.5.1 doesn't work anymore on Windows XP.
  7. I tried MBAM v3 on a Windows XP from 2015 and it's also not working on that one. It says not supported operating system. MBAM v2 works with the KB4134651 and whitout it.
  8. Thanks for the info. I thought my Auto Update was broken.
  9. Did anyone got this KB4316682 over the Auto Update?
  10. @jaclaz The CMD mode command is an interesting idea but the little CMD box will hide some text of the HTA file and if a user accidentally clicks on the close (X) CMD window then everything would stoped. @gunsmokingman Do you know by any chance, how to do this minimize thing in a HTA file with a JavaScript without send keys or using auto focus loop? I have searched in google for a long time but i found only send keys or body loop focus scripts.
  11. I could play this twitter video with sound on Windows XP with Firefox v52.8.1 ESR (H.264 Mode).
  12. I think the next best option for me would be to trigger the HTA script with a JavaScript to put itself on focus again after a command has been run. Like: .......... if (cbo.value==null==false && cbo.checked) { try { display.innerHTML=(cbo.indicator); pause(3000); Act.Run(cbo.value.split("%CurDir%").join(basepath),1,true); <--- Command to put the HTA Script on Focuse again ---> pause(6000); } ..........
  13. Okay it's working now. it wasn't a good idea to Copy/Paste this settings from the forum directly into Firefox, because it has copied some strange symbols into the Firefox config file. That's way it didn't work. Here is also a automated script that will do this stuff for every new created Firefox profile. https://www60.zippyshare.com/v/R3Fek0SI/file.html
  14. I want to minimize the first CMD window so that the second CMD window would not have the chance to hide behind the first CMD window.
  15. What is the difference between "basilisk/UXP" "basilisk/moebius" "New Moon"? What should i now use on Windows XP? I'm confused. 🐨
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