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  1. nLite Runtimes 3 with the System.* files, im having trouble findind the system.* files. EDIT: i finally got it working. Thanks!!! EDIT2: Uploading
  2. is it possible to upload onto filefront of something like that please?
  3. thank you but where are nLite Runtimes 3? EDIT: Found it, thanks again
  4. These are what i've found after selecting everything for removal 1. I renamed boot.wim to install.wim and Bit locker component appeared. What you think? 2. I do normally just select components and not select anything to remove, click apply/rebuild but it doesn't rebuild boot.wim 3. Well i wouldn't say it was necessary anyway i just use imagex and cmd 4. Currently use imagex to add files too.
  5. Legolash2o

    My Findings

    Findings Windows Update With Windows Updat removed it still asks for "Use Recommended Settings", "Install important updates only and "Ask me later" after install, maybe should be "Ask me later" by default. Suggestions Simple Addon Support - On the "Integration" , "Addons" possibly have its own tab like "Hotfixes", "Drivers" and "Language pack" (hopefully Cab files) Simple INF Example ------------------------------ This would put example.exe in the Windows\System32 folder, overwriting the original file .Then work on more complicated stuff later. Just Misc Cleanup These are what i've found aft
  6. Yes, quite a lot of websites are moving to flash based anyway.
  7. As i said before.. before i removed .NET my windows installation (after install)was ~2.26gb, after i tried it with .NET removed it was ~1.2gb which works out to be around 1GB I have taken a screen shot with a red square around the size... it says "1,070.27MB" which is pretty 1GB (1,024MB is a GB to be precise but oh well).. So since vLite reports my installation will be ~1GB less and then my installation size is ~1GB less aswell... i think that means .NET is 1GB (for Vista anyway).
  8. Legolash2o

    DVD won't boot

    what speed did u burn it at? try burning at 8x and select verify, so it will tell you if it burned properly.
  9. You can't just remove the x86 version of a component i.e. Windows Media Player... its both or nothing. Make sense?
  10. x64 .NET takes twice as much hard drive space as x86 .NET
  11. the 1GB .NET is hard drive space not RAM
  12. 1) I've always had all the x64 drivers, never had any trouble looking for them at all and that was about two years ago and pretty much all new hardware comes with x64 drivers (at least for what i've bought anyway), if you are planning on buying new hardware... make sure there are x64 drivers on the manufacturers website before you buy. 2)Yes i still use a few 32bit programs on x64, but hopefully they will release x64 version of the 32bit software.
  13. vLite, said in top corner something like 1,070MB, before i removed .NET my install size was around 2.2gb+ now its around 1.2gb... EDIT: I'm using Vista Ultimate x64, x64 .NET is pretty much twice as big as x86.
  14. Well .NET is something like 1GB, i don't want to keep that just for 1 program (vLite) when 10-20MB of files will do or at least make vLite keep the files needed for vLite to work when a user has selected .NET for removal (save bandwidth and easier).
  15. Ye that's happened to me a few times, maybe it should be disabled by default.
  16. You know one time there was that separate pack for nLite which you could use in case you did not want to download .NET Framework, is it possible one can be made for vLite please or at least the list of "references" and/or files as they are called on Visual Studio so i can make my own? thanks in advance Liam
  17. Modem Support i think, if you connect to the internet by NOT using Ethernet then keep Modem Support.
  18. thanks you so much erpdude8
  19. i integrate wmp first then ie7 then sp3, never had an issue.
  20. Worked for me, thx... you have to have the quotation marks
  21. I rights click "New" > "WinRAR Archive" and dragged the " " (nameless) folder into it and selected "Delete files after archiving".... that got rid of the folder.
  22. Windows Live Messenger still works without Event Viewer (im using it now) but you just cant share folders.
  23. I install vLite'd Vista's on computers that don't need .NET for example my parents/sisters computers... they never even heard of .NET and haven't even used any .NET applications so i can remove it when im going to install on their computers.
  24. Basically i just meant integrate SP1 into each edition of vista one by one, when i got to my last SP1 slipstream i did a "Rebuild All" and saved a new ISO. But now i just use a pre-integrated SP1 disk which its already done.
  25. Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 Install size: 1.31GB ISO: 525MB Currently making a new "Suggestions n findings" in notepad, it will most likely be findings (if i find anything) as i cant think of any suggestions.
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