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  1. I prob won't be doing translation until v1.0.0 (no promises). I just have not figured out an efficient way of translating it yet (code). Any other requests or suggestions are welcome.
  2. Hi coucou! About Addons. I've made some search and I've tried Windows 7 Toolkit. You must be member to download the software! It's only with English language! It's really a nice software, like an "American knife" (like Swiss knife, I mean!) made by Legolash2o. I've tried the last one, version on my Computer Windows 7 Ultimate. I've used "W7T" - at last -! after applying updates, language packs and tweaks with 7Customizer. All works fine and the addons successfuly integrated! I've integrated French Addons (I've an French Windows 7) and I've made an ISO file with Windows 7 Toolkit!
  3. Wimfltr causes the problem, i cannot install updates using pkgmgr or DISM while it is installed. Uninstall it and restart your computer to get dism working but vlite will prompt you to install wimfltr. Its a shame vlite doesn't use DISM to mount/save, then it wont need wimfltr.
  4. Hey im having trouble splitting a wim image and keep getting "the parameter is incorrect", heres what i have.. Public Const WIM_COMPRESS_NONE As Byte = 0 Public Const WIM_COMPRESS_XPRESS As Byte = 1 Public Const WIM_COMPRESS_LZX As Byte = 2 Public Const WIM_GENERIC_READ As Long = &H80000000 Public Const WIM_GENERIC_WRITE As Long = &H40000000 Public Const WIM_Create_NEW As Byte = &H1 Public Const WIM_Create_ALWAYS As Byte = &H2 Public Const WIM_OPEN_EXISTING As Byte = &H3 Public Const WIM_OPEN_ALWAYS As Byte = &H4 Public Const WIM_CreateD_NEW As Byte = 0 Publi
  5. Windows 7 Toolkit, although there is not much addons yet So far there is Firefox, 7-zip and some other addons by *Reaper* i.e. WinRAR (trial)
  6. I've never had the 200MB partition, although when i install Win7 on my sister's and her boyfriends laptop... it always creates it, but never on my laptop.
  7. try using a different browser, i.e. Firefox 3
  8. to be honest, i wish to know as well but i use Windows 7 now anyway.
  9. W7 installs fine on my laptop but when i try to install it on another 2... it gets a error message saying the installation source may be missing/corrupt and to try install it again.
  10. so what's was that? Or i read it wrong? I remove a lot of components with windows vista...... Windows 7 (full) runs faster than my fully vlited vista install.
  11. vLite did work with Windows 7 but not the latest 6801 release. I remove a hell of a lot of components using vlite (i only keep about 5-6 things with extreme, paint, notepad, .NET and a few others) with the current installation of Windows 7 6801... it runs at the same performance of my vista vlited install with is great! Did i forget to mention that it is a non-vlited install of Windows 7 Boot Time: 4 out of 5 (no need to count... nice boot screen though) Install Time:5/5 - 23 mins App Launch Times: 4.5/5 Very quick (even when i never opened the app before) Minefield opens up instantly. CPU:
  12. Now supports addons Note: You can't use XP addons with it as XP and Vista install differently.
  13. I'm experiencing this problem too, i even had to log in to reply to this.
  14. I had legolash2o.net but its still registered so i can't use/transfer it with a new web host. Anything i can do?
  15. If you want your limit to increase... become a Sponsor As an Supreme Sponsor i get 97.66MB space, but i clean my attachments every so often so i would never reach that limit.
  16. http://www.msfn.org/board/manage-your-attachments.html or" My Controls" > "Manage Your Attachments" (near bottom left)
  17. Shame, would be a nice feature maybe make a suggestion to IPB. I agree with Kelsenellenelvian.... vlite and nlite are great tools.
  18. http://www.msfn.org/board/Error-while-acce...11-t115459.html Please try using the search function next time Search "Error 11" - only one result came up
  19. Legolash2o


    Its part of SP1, not a bug...
  20. Same here, but now i got a MS SP1 Pre-integrated Vista disk.
  21. I certainly did! Do I need to reinstall in order to get it to work again? Or is there any other workaround? Regards, DM Think ull have to reinstall, unless someone knows a way
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