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  1. why do people say feathers instead of features? Noticed it quite a lot actually
  2. Hi, i have this code.. Do strLine2 = objStreamReader2.ReadLine() If Not strLine2 Is Nothing Then If My.Settings.WGAT = 1 Then lstASearch.Items.Add(strLine2.Substring(0, 16)) lstADownloads.Items.Add(strLine2.Substring(19)) Else If strLine2.Substring(23, 1) = "-" Then lstASearch.Items.Add(strLine2.Substring(0, 16)) lstADownloads.Items.Add(strLine2.Substring(19)) End If End If End If Loop Until strLine2 Is Nothing I've changed the values in the substrings to... Do strLine2 = objStreamReader2.ReadLine() If Not strLine2
  3. i just protect the file using vlite
  4. i got the file from the original install.wim and it fixed all the problems
  5. I wish to also know this as i've just bought a laptop, has not arrived yet but im going to format it when it arrives Any info would be great With more removed... HDD, RAM and CPU would be used less so im guessing it would last longer, anyone agree?
  6. Screenshot, i think its one of the new ones (non-Public)
  7. ita probably a non-public update and i do remove a hell of alot, i only keep about 6 things. but normally works fine.
  8. I had a reboot loop problem too, deleted pending.xml reinstalled but now i cant install msn messenger or visual studio 2008 Just with latest version though.
  9. using imagex mount the install.wim on the Vista DVD (sources), in the mount folder goto Windows\WinSXS and delete Pending.xml (its one of the last files in the folder) and then commit changes, there is a guide saying how to mount a folder, etc.. on this forum somewhere. Deleting that files fixes reboot loop. I do it after integrate 100s of updates since SP1 and windows installs fine afterward and still saying all updates installed http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=785811
  10. The Vista DVD will have a folder called $OEM$ on it which will activate vista for you after install.
  11. Try burning at a slower speed, maybe 4x or 8x
  12. Legolash2o

    550MB Image File?

    Maybe Nuhi should rename "Manual Setup" to "Setup.exe" to save confusion?
  13. Thanks nuhi, good work as always
  14. Seems to work fine for me either integrated or installed after Its strange.
  15. Kempelton Theme 3.0.5 With: ColorfulTabs 2.3 Glasser 1.0.16 Hide MenuBar 1.0.20080706
  16. IPS Driver Error when trying to preview a new message on Personal Messenger, just thought i'd let you know
  17. make sure you are not using the language pack made for RTM, There is a language pack for SP1 versions of vista.
  18. try restarting your computer and try again.
  19. http://www.msfn.org/board/Vista-Update-Dow...er-t118401.html - Allows you to download sp1 language packs
  20. on the vLite homepage it says "And includes a long avaited Services Configuration." shouldn't it say awaited instead of avaited?
  21. Make sure you have the three Win51 files in the CD Root. So its like... I386 (Folder) WIN51 WIN51IP WIN51IP.SP2 ...
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