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  1. Thanks its good to know im not crazy
  2. Lqdwax

    Saving Presets

    Thanks thats what i thought
  3. Thats where i thought it was but it is not there on my version. see attached photos
  4. sorry it took me so long to respond. been crazy busy. anyway here is the content of the .bat file, and if i forgot to mention the .bat file works if i dont silently install with wpi. if i just run bat file on a normal desktop it will silently install. if i run it thru wpi then it doesnt work it starts install but then just starts doing the rest of my install list and doesnt finish photoshop. thanks for all help "%Userprofile%\Desktop\CS3\Adobe CS3\Setup.exe" --mode=Silent --deploymentFile="%Userprofile%\Desktop\CS3\Adobe CS3\Deployment.xml"
  5. Hello All. got what might be a quick question. I am trying to install Adobe Photoshop cs3. I have the install/deployement file correct.I have tested it in vm and it works. but if i load it into wpi and call it from a batch file, the setup will began but wpi wont wait for it to finish before starting other installs. I have also tried unpacking cs3 to desktop then using a batch file to call setup and again it starts but wpi wont let it finish. any thoughts. O and btw whoever figured out the "office fix" is a GENIUS. THANKS. thanks
  6. Hello all. I might be crazy but wasnt there a setting in nlite that would do iso optimization. I want to disable it to create my iso files I have been doing a lot of testing lately and the optimizing is just taking to long. thanks for the help.
  7. Lqdwax

    Saving Presets

    Hello All. Ive got a quick question about saving with nlite, so here it is. when you save with nlite does it "append" to the previous save(the one i would choose to load) or does it rewrite the preset file with the new data that is currently on screen. cuz i have been having trouble with presets lately(I am trying to get some templates setup and I am having trouble with saving). thanks for any and all help.
  8. If i can put my two cents in with the "big guys". I realized that if i ran my install without office 2003 then I would not get the rb_config error. also i would like to add that my office install was working fine. then i upgraded from 6.5 and started getting all these errors. anyway thought i would add that. if anything further is need from me(log files, rb_config files) let me know.THANKS
  9. I actually figured it out. its a post sp3 update over at ryan vm's site. and it is related to root certificates. thanks for the help anyway.
  10. Hello all. Thanks for the patience been crazy busy at work. thanks for all the input. to answer some questions. I am using xp sp3. I do have office 2003 and components set to install seperately. I have done some testing over the weekend and have taken out the office installs and I have also taken out "Virtual PC 2007 additions. I think it is working but unsure since i have to do full installs to get the error message. also if it is needed should i post the rb_config file that is on my c: drive. it is definately placed there by wpi. but if i do a complete install with office and virtual pc additions the file is not even created(weird). Thanks for the patience and any help will be appreciated.
  11. Hello all, I have been using the newest version of nlite. i am slipstreaming sp3, ryan vm's post sp3 update, and other hotfixes. just recently during installs at the 13min mark i get a error message that the rootsupd.exe cant be installed because it cant be found. i have attached a screen capture of the message if that helps. I attach certain hotfixes for msxml and other things not included in sp3. could these be the culprits. also i just began using stimpys .net installer. any help would be greatly appreciated. if u need a complete list of what i include in nlite let me know i will post. THANKS
  12. havent had a chance to check anything out. been real busy. did want to be rude by not answering. thanks for the advice guys will check out soon. THANKS
  13. Hello all, I upgraded from wpi 6.5 to 7.01 and have encountered some issues. 1.when i begin a "vrtual pc" install the windows portion of the install is fine and then at about 25% of the wpi install. the iso disconnects itself from the virtual machine and I have to reconnect it to continue the install. 2. During install(after i reconnect the iso) a screen pops up that says"could not open reboot configuration file. c:\rb_config.js" this usually crashes wpi but sometimes it will crash but continue installing with any GUI. i do not have WPI set to restart if this is what this file is referring to. I have attached a pic so you can see for yourself. 3. Lastly I have a silent deployment file for adobe photoshop cs3 and if I test it in a regular install enviroment it works(silently) if i insert it into WPI it begins to work but only installs for about 2 or 3 minutes and then says that it was successfully installed. but it is not. THANKS in advance for any and all help/comments.
  14. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone is using the disc spanning tool "cdswitch" because i have a couple of questions on setup. I would just like to know the easiest way of integrating it into "wpi". I have been searching the forums and I keep coming up with using cdswitch in different customized ways but none that just explain how to simply integrate it with WPI. I have tried batch files, preinstalling, running commands from the wpi commandline, and more. all i want to do is my usual wpi install(around 5gig) but i want it spanned over CD-Roms(i have a bunch of laptops that dont have dvd-rom drives that i need to wipe). thats it, no fancy pics or font size or antyhing. as u can see i am frustrated so pardon the sarcasm. as always any/all help is greatly appreciated. THANKS

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