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  1. Hello i am planning on making a program which download vista updates, language packs, extras, etc.. pretty much like WUD but for vista... When the user first opens the program there will see a button called "Validate Windows", if Windows is Geniune then they can use the program but if it not genuine then the program will close. Does anyone has the code which allows me to check if windows is geniune, just one simple button which if windows is geniune it will load another form and if its not then just ends the program. Thanks Liam
  2. Thank you so much, is the username and password part of it for people being proxies?
  3. Hi i want to download a file but i want it to display something like "354/500KB". I have: Imports system.net Dim DL,ST as string '(DL = Download from and ST = SaveTo My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile(DL,ST) but i want it to display how big the file is and how much it has downloaded so far, any ideas? Thanks Liam
  4. Hmm wht i would do in that situation is download the Update manually and integrate it into your next vLite (using a fresh source)
  5. Done. This will be quite useful to download the updates which appear for your computer and the integrate into vLite. All Updates are downloaded directly from Windows Update (Microsoft) links. Vista Update Downloader
  6. Im actually creating a program which lets you download Post-SP1 Updates from MS Website. The best feature will be downloading all the updates that have appeared since installation so if you integrate updates then you can download the new ones to integrate too and so on. If that makes sense. EDIT: Almost Done, just need to add support for x86 Windows. You can download a .VUD file which has a list of updates and the download location, which the .VUD file would be released when a new update comes out, then the user downloads and replaces the old one so they can directly download the new updates u
  7. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/current.aspx Select Windows Vista or Windows Vista x64 and then in Service Pack select 1 and it will all the Post SP1 updates Or. open the Windows Update log and it has the links to the msu file which you just copy n paste into your browser.
  8. You need 64bit OS installed to slipstream 64bit SP1 or an x64 update.
  9. Hi, anyone have any idea how to make a program automatically run elevated. I am making a tweak program which modifies the registry but it only works if i manually right click and run as administrator but i want it to work without doing that. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: Has to be compatible with ClickOnce. Liam
  10. After reading this post, i have to say "0xc0000135" means .NET isn't installed
  11. My sound still works fine with both "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder" and "Multimedia Class Scheduler" disabled My computer hasn't crashed in a long long time so ill take the chance
  12. Extract the attached fie onto your desktop to see if that works.
  13. I only leave bout 6 components, Paint, Notepad, Photo Handler thingy, game explorer, BITS, Windows Updates and something else. but i do i remove WinSXS, i even mount the wim, use a duplicate file finder and remove all the duplicates in WinSXS (saves about 60MB) as well as some other stuff. and all my updates install fine. Every update that appears i integrate into my next install, but ye... the new ones still install. I've done about 2 more installs since started this topic and still install fine with Component Cache removed.
  14. I remove WinSXS all the time and updates still install fine.
  15. Go to Device Manager > Disk Drives > select a harddrive > policies and try ticking enable advanced performance. Do this to all the hard drives to see if that helps
  16. Nope, i played a DVD movie while copying a HD (all on the same hard drive) and nothing wrong, then i put on a 780p HD movie and copied another HD to the same HDD and still nothing. But it might depend on how fast ur hard drive is (SATA2) and what player you use (i used VLC).
  17. still takes up space on dvd and WinSXS folder
  18. oh i thought u was working with a d-link card... but i meant the network card connecting to the router.
  19. If you go to device manager and go to the Dlink properties... look for a tab called Power Management and make sure all the boxes are unticked... sometimes there isn't a power management tab.
  20. Never works for me in VMWare, but always works after i install it on my computer itself (after installing graphics drivers). You have to select it from the theme options. Hope this has helped EDIT:Windows SAT can be removed and preset looks fine
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