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  1. i will try it(the erase), give me a min or two please. what version of windows are you using? On the burn speed of EraseRW, what speed do you select?
  2. lol your welcome, hope it works
  3. when i want to burn a bootable CD/DVD i make sure i burn it at 16x(Slower the better but takes longer lol), thats always worked for me
  4. it does work, try burning at a slower speed like 16x, i used it like 5 mins ago so i can say it works. Only thing Nuhi could try is putting a limit on the burning speed so the max is 16-20x
  5. have you tried using nLite first and then adding driver packs after?
  6. I have gone back to normal x64 with nothing removed windows installer is working so nothing wrong with my source. im gonna try another nlite (using vmware) and going to try and keep the following services. Firstly going to try IE7 on its own then RPC Locator - I think this would help alot Terminal Services COM+ Remote Access Connection Manager Telephony
  7. What do you mean? and what do i need to do? i.e. don't delete a certain component n what is causing it? Ive used 2 seperate Fresh XP Disks and tried like 10 nlited versions all i got on my error log using Event Viewer is... around 15-25 of this error message Event Type: Error Event Source: Userenv Event Category: None Event ID: 1007 Date: 14/07/2007 Time: 15:38:42 User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Computer: LIAMS Description: Windows cannot determine the associated site for this computer. (The RPC server is unavailable. ). Group Policy processing aborted. Below are the exports of the Event View (O
  8. Thx, forgot about that On the WMI problem, if you click Internet on the start menu(Pin to start menu part of it) it has a different icon and opens Internet Options as well as the other symptoms, also any users a created on the unattended page didnt work either (due to the WMI problem) it just showed the administrator account lol. "Windows Management Instrumentation" wasnt visible in "Services" either. When i did try and reinstall it it said it didnt start in a timely fashion or something like that. A couple of times i got something like "Parameter not correct. This may still work" when integra
  9. Here is the registry export of the installer folder you mentioned above, incase something is wrong with it (open with notepad)
  10. already have full permissions Problem 1 there was lot alot presets because before i was having a major big issue with Windows Management Instrumentation not working at all! so the reason for loads of presets is cos i was trying to track down what was coursing the problem, the final nlite (this one) worked fine just the Windows Installer issue now. Problem 2 Preset 2 was the installation with the WMI problem, i created 9 nlite installs and problem appeared with them all (didnt load the previous preset) when windows first loaded up when i clicked IE7 it just made another shortcut n couldnt view
  11. Hi i have used nlite with XP Pro x64 SP2, and everytime i install Office 2003 it not showing the page for serial code, cutsom install and just saying Installation Complete. When i try and install DOT. Net Framework x64 redist is just stays on "Setup is configuring the install. This may take a minute or two." and does not move. i have tried creating about 10 different nlited disks (from fresh install) and still doesn't work. I also tried installing Tune Utilities 2007 and that didnt give me the option to customise the install Also getting alot of Event 1007 in event log Product: Windows Operat
  12. I have 2 partitions 1.Windows XP 2. Everything else but i have sub folders like. Documents, Software, Computer Stuff (Drivers, windows disks etc...), Media(with subfolders of Movies, Music, TV Shows n Music Vids), then i have Gaming(in there is another 2 folders with disks(ISO of games) & Games folder where i install the games too. So its like C Drive ------ Program Files ----------------Windows ----------------etc... Partition2 ---- Computer Stuff-----Drivers (Drivers for my computer and any other computers i fix) ---------------------------------------Windows Disks (Windows XP, 2000, Vis
  13. lol you need to re-arrange things better then lol
  14. ive had a look at the inf and yes you can seperate them and just have the x64 or x32 which ever one you need. Create a new foler Copy from the x64 folder all 3 files from it into the new folder Also copy the IBMPMDRV.inf from the main folder into the new folder so there is 4 files in the folder Open the inf.... remove the ",x64" so it looks like this Now you just have 4 files in the new folder which will work with just that folder integrated. rename that folder to what you want i.e. ACPI
  15. Chose either one of these two, the other two are not needed, extended is recommended
  16. i think it could either be 1. A key is stuck on your keyboard 2. Memory problem, try removing and plugging the memory back in, make sure you touch something metal i.e. a radiator or something earthed so you dont damage you laptop thats all ive found out so far (5mins) lol Have you recently upgraded anything on the laptop i.e. new graphics card, new HDD, RAM, etc... Also does it show an error, if you press Pause/Break it will pause the boot screen after it boots so you can see any information, press any key to unpause it still looking up information This is the weblink to the support page for t
  17. could be a problem with the vista boot loader, have you tried creating another vLite and using that on the laptop? Liam
  18. Firstly Since you have got his original CDKey which came with the notebook then you won't be doing anything illegal as long as you use that CDKey which came with his notebook and no others, so use his CDKey! Secondly, There are versions of the disk that has all the versions of Windows Vista on it, so when you enter your CDKey it will make sure you have the correct version of Windows i.e. Windows Home Premium. You can then use vLite with it and change it to your needs and install but make sure you delete the other versions of windows on it so it becomes just a "Windows Vista Home Premium" disk
  19. A new version verification would be good enough just incase i forget to check, doesn't have to be anything fancy just something like "There is a new version available, would you like to go to the download page? Yes/No" which then just takes you to the vlite homepage. Againg nothing fancy is needed, i agree with Dynaletik about keeping vlite smaller. Liam
  20. I hate it when sometimes i do a vlite job and after its done and everything installed, i found out theres a newer version of vlite with more features, functions, removals,etc... I think vlite should automatically check for updated versions of vLite. If there is an update then it could just take you to the vlite homepage not anything fancy like download and install it for you, i think it would be a brilliant function to have, very handy too. A "new version notification" would be good enough just incase i forget to check, doesn't have to be anything fancy just something like "There is a new ve
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