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  1. I alwys use custom settings and set the hard drive as IDE instead of SCSI (i think), then i can safely remove the LSI Logic drivers.
  2. In one topic i read someone saying separate .NET 2 and 3... as 2 is needed but don't really know any programs which use .NET 3. So i agree with the user about separating them. Also, can you add a VMWare to the compatibility list which hides LSI Logic and Ethernet drivers. Finally, when every component is removed... KMPlayer or whatever it is called still appears in the compatibility list. Lego
  3. lol, i've heard this question so many times...
  4. Just for your information, not everyone uses vLite so vista run faster.... i use vLite because i don't like having things i don't need, i hate junk. I got a Quad-Core n 4TB of hdd space, full vista runs fine but i just really hate junk. So please don't be as hostile.
  5. Hang on... Did you say Microsoft referred you to vLite?? but i thought Microsoft hated users using vLite?
  6. maybe with just modern cards it can be removed then? lol
  7. Seems that my theory is correct, it only affects onboard sound if its removed Anyone agree?
  8. According to several websites on Google it mostly affects network copying speed. My normal copying (HDD to HDD) has speeded up a bit too. But the speeds would only of been affected if you have music/video playing while copying a file. http://courtneymalone.com/2007/08/28/a-not...-network-speed/ http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/a...27/1833290.aspx http://www.thebits.info/windows/vista-mcs-56.htm apprently IPv6 also slows down network copying too. So your saying you onboard digital out crackles without MCS?
  9. Your Welcome EDIT: quite a few people miss that
  10. The size it says on the component page is how much space you save after installation of windows.
  11. Ok I have no more suggestions at all lol, you've pretty much added everything i wanted Thanks
  12. After you have selected everything you want doing (components to remove, tweaks, unattended settings, whatever...) click the apply button and you should be presented with a screen like this Select "Rebuild one" and then OK. after that process has been completed then build your ISO.
  13. Try "Rebuild" method instead of saving changes.
  14. sounds brilliant, let me know when the alpha/beta comes out... i don't mind helping with testing or whatever
  15. NP. I'm interested in hearing your findings with server 2008. I havent tried that.Tho i do remove alot with vlite, so on services side, it should be quite similiar. I remove everything except network. Also you can get rid of needing WMP by using f.ex media connectivity plugin for firefox. Which works absolutely perfect with VLC Portable. And i also use Portable Firefox. So All i have to do is to run program to set portable firefox as default browser and vlc portable as default media player. Also works great with GOM player, Mplayer For Windows, and heaps more, but those i have tried and works
  16. It does integrate, its "ID" is called "KB938371_10". The "_10" is the reason why it does not go yellow. Same with Update KB935509.
  17. yeah been like that for ages... the "Exit" button should disappear, anyone agree?
  18. i just did everything on the guide.
  19. Just have a theory... Because i have removed it and it doesn't affect my music whatever and there is also a performance increase when copying files (not using onboard) so i am just wondering if MCS is just needed for onboard. Thanks. If you DO remove remove Multimedia Class Scheduler, does it affect your music and are you using onboard audio or not.
  20. Legolash2o

    nLite Addon

    Basically i want to make an addon which will put example.exe into c:\windows\system32. Any ideas? So far i got Thanks.
  21. I have pre-integrated SP1, i even used imagex and manually put it in the installation source and replaced the original... then installed. Already used Drivercert tool on it. I remove WinSXS using vLite so couldn't find the folder to delete. All i have to do is press F8 and select disable driver check, that's all. Just uploaded the spare tcpip.sys i store on another partition, so that definitely hasn't been replaced by the original and IS patched and certified (using DriverCert tool).
  22. Uploaded nLite runtimes 3 and the 4 extra files http://files.filefront.com/vlite+Runtimesz...;/fileinfo.html Instructions (Post 15)
  23. Vista x64 SP1 Patched TCPIP.sys, tried it in VMWare and actual install, have to press F8 every boot and disable driver check
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