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  1. Using the latest version of Startisback, when I enable the custom start menu coloring and taskbar coloring, I choose to make it black. So I get the HUE SAT LUM RED GREEN and BLUE to 0, which makes everything black. But for some reason the HUE goes back to 160 value after hitting apply. Is this a bug if so I would like to report it. It did not do this on the previous version of startisback.
  2. I don't intend on installing Windows 10 until Aeroglass works with an .EXE type install. Aeroglass is so cool that not having it makes Windows ugly :-) Thanks again to everyone working on this awesome program. How close is it to getting a install version of it for Windows 10?
  3. Is Startisback 10 out of BETA? If I download now is it the final version for Windows 10
  4. OK thanks for the info Noel :-) I think I will wait until their is a simple .exe for us noobs :-) I really do miss the aero effect though it makes a world of difference in appearance. Thanks to everyone that has made this wonderful program possible cheers!
  5. But can I just run the aeroglass.exe and install it without having to do any type of regediting etc etc...
  6. Just installed Windows 10 10162. God how I miss Aeroglass on this. If I were to download the 1.3.1 aeroglass and install it exactly how I installed it on windows 8.1 would it work? Or are people having to jump threw hoops to get it to work in windows 10?
  7. The links to download AeroGlass are broken. Can't download 1.3.1 for Windows 8.1
  8. Need some help. Just finished installing Windows 8.1 did a full format on my PC. In the past when I did this I could go to the main page of Aero Glass under support and sign in with my email address with which I donated $20 a year or so ago and get my key so I could get rid of the water mark on the desktop. Now when I go to support that option is missing. How do I get my key now to get rid of the water mark? EDIT: Never Mind Got it :-)
  9. I tried that already it didn't work. That was my next question can you use 32bit vista to slipstream sp1 into 64 bit vista
  10. I installed vlite and I am trying to slipstream SP1 for vista 64 bit Home Premium. Everytime it gets the files it needs from the original dvd it gives me an error "Mounting Image Error" code 2147024873 now I did what it said and restarted my computer so the filter manager would work, but that does nothing it still gives me that error. Now I have Vista 32 bit installed. Does it matter if its 64bit vista I'm trying to slipstream? Thanks
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