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  1. I thought it was funny but back to the main reason why I replied...inux sucks - Sorry dude you are extremely misinformed. Linux is far from sucking. Most people say something sucks because they don't understand it. I say Quickbooks sucks - Does it? Hell no, I just hate it around tax time.
  2. Your main section looks centered already. Are you talking about centering the text below your image/picture?
  3. Here's a script I placed hundreds of dollars into and then was ripped off my the coder I had paid and provided my ideas to. So now the script is basically given away to anyone who wants it. It does ALMOST everything imageshack does EXCEPT have a full client gallery. ImageHostingScript.rar
  4. I personal like this one: http://www.logogle.com/ggl.php?hl=ja&lo=MS...t%20you%20agree? Actually this one is much better: http://www.logogle.com/ggl.php?hl=ja&lo=eMaxHosting.com
  5. It's not wishing them well, it's being a smartass. Basically when someone says "Hope you have a great day" they mean "Hope a plane crashes on your family and you all burn in hell".
  6. Judging by your name and your post you have a different agenda and you should take it some other place than MSFN.
  7. BTW guys, try out my widget: http://widgets.yahoo.com/gallery/view.php?widget=37776
  8. Well I got a new laptop form dell as an early x-mas present and other than the popular xbox360 I only wish for my kids to be happy with what ever the little s***s get and not to whine and drive me and their mother crazy all day long as they sit bored for the remain of the day after they rip the s*** out of their present to enjoy only a few seconds of thrills. That's all I want!
  9. None of the commands worked but that unlocked software worked perfect. Thank you.
  10. The folder and error is shown in my first post. The same error happens when trying to delete and "rename" the folder.
  11. No funky character from command prompt: 11/13/2005 11:57 AM <DIR> Peter Jackson's King Kong official Game There is however a extra space oafter the folder name. I'll run chkdsk but this is only an issue with one folder and never had any other troubles.
  12. I have this folder that I'm unable to delete or rename and I've tried it in safe mode also and no luck. Any ideas?
  13. hahahaha, that's got to be the most mature and so self preserved way of saying something. I love it and agree.
  14. hehe, thanks everyone. You know what's funny is when I opened my inbox this morning I realized how many forums I really go on. At least 60 e-mails form forums saying Happy B-Day. My wife said I was pathetic, lol. Once again guys thanks.
  15. And we still are not listed at http://www.big-boards.com/kw/support/
  16. What in the world do you use your computer for?!?!?! Even when I've got all my apps running that I can think of, I've still got some RAM to spare and I've got 1GB to start with. Mind you I don't game... I've been know to run shell connections running TOP on 10+ servers with my normal stuff such as konfabulator. Having photoshop open, creating flash tutorials ( example) while burning data on DVDs, answer support tickets while doing live chat with pre-sales clients. BTW i run an extended desktop on 3 screens oh and I do love battlefield 2
  17. ummm.yeh and they said we would never need more than 256 of SDRAM. There are times I could use 3 gig so I don't fully agree with you but 2 has increased my performance tremendously.
  18. You guys sure make everything look pretty around here.
  19. Where exactly is this setting? Can't find it under any properties of the drive.
  20. Any leads on what this link is? I'll add it to my website. xper link for MSFN is http://affiliates.emaxhosting.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=2 To sign up under xper as a second tier once you click the above link, place your mouse over the "Affiliates Tab" and click on eMax Affiliates Program" and sign up. That will auto place you on a second tier under xper. Banners can be found here: http://www.emaxhosting.com/Banners/ Make sure to always link the banner to http://affiliates.emaxhosting.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=2
  21. Work Station: 2 73 GB 10,000 RPM Raptors Running Raid 1 300 GB < --- Partitioned 2 times 1 300 GB Home/Office Server: 3 250 GB Drives 2 300 GB drives Secondary PC: 80 GB drive 1 300 GB drive <---Partitioned 2 times
  22. What ever you do grab a few 10,000 RPM hard drives and run at LEAST 2 gig of ram.
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