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  1. I was just woundering whats under everyones hood......Just jumping off XP topic. These are my specs: PIII 1g overclocked at 1155 Asus cusl2-c Volt 3.6 512 Mushkin rev 2 High performance (Bios settings: 222 5,7 strong) Elsa Geforce 2 ultra 64 Overclocked 6 case fans, Blue orb fan on ultra and MB Chipset, Greene on IDE Conntroller Thermoengine Heatsink with a Delta fan 7200rpm Turtle Beach Santa Cruz IBM 45G Hard drive and Maxtor 30g (Both have coolers on them) Kingston ethernet card Plextor 16x LG CD-ROM Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 speakers Intel Webcam Epson 777 Printer Microsoft sidewinder pad Logitech optical mouse Logitech keyboard Samsung SyncMaster 19" monitor Running triple boot with 2 XP's and 98se :eek: -Regards, Chris
  2. Im not sure barnettrp if that staement was directed at me but I misunderstood you in thinking you hadnt installed this version. I try to supply the best information I can. Now just to inform you if you dont already know but any version contianing .03 or .01 are all fakes. Anyways if you have already installed simply go to the run... dialog, and type WINVER.........this will tell you what version your running....but I recommend just download the corp. version....no activation and timebomb...Works great. Hope this help. -Regards, Chris
  3. Well I was wounder what was the best way so I did some eXPerianting. This is on XP running in NTSF. I used HD Tach to test the results and it was done over a 4 week span. After using XP Defrag, and Nortan SystemWorks 2002.........XP Defrag was awfull compared to systemworks. I had a hugh advantage in the benchmarking between these 2 Defrag Ultilites. -Chris
  4. You should check the properties once you have burned the .iso file for the date 22 or 23 of aug. Again the RTM is 2600 not .03 or .01....these are fakes. -Regards, Chris
  5. Well not to step on anyones foot but to save everyone the trouble (mods and adm.) you should post your request in the right topic section, also refer you request to edonkey where youll find what you want. -Reagrds, Chris
  6. I believe the answer to your questio0n have already been posted. Take a look at [b:00d2c0cc71]Benholio[/b:00d2c0cc71] and [b:00d2c0cc71]AaronXP[/b:00d2c0cc71] post. -Regards, Chris
  7. There is no certian file name for the oem version. For instist last night a frined called me and said "Im downloading rtm 2600", when in fact he redownloaded the previous version of 2600 before rtm. Would you know if its something like windows_xp2600_oemrtm.whistler??.....Just a example. And Im sure when you find it youll post it...ya? -Regards, Chris
  8. Thanks Aaronxp, works great.! -Regards, Chris
  9. I have a few friends who I met on here and on the message boards for XP. There looking to download build 2600 but they cant get a good connection.I was wondering if theres a EASY ftp program I can use for them to download directly from me. I have getright. Would that work. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Regards, Chris
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