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  1. Ahh well crap, I was late. Oh-well happy b-day, hope it was a good one!
  2. In the upcoming edition, November 2006 on page 32 nLite is featured in the top 25 fix your PC list. Good job! http://www.xperties.net/MSFN/scan.JPG
  3. For every 1000 clients you will only hear the 100 bad stories. Although I have heard horror stories about paypal I have been doing business using paypal for the past 4 years and make thousands of transactions per month (personal and business) and have never had any issues with them. Guess I'm lucky, or am I?
  4. [1] The new woodcrest dual core dual CPU are great. A min of 2 GB of RAM with at least 2-3 larger drives, SCSI if looking for performance. [2] STAY.....STAYYYYYYYYY........STAYYYYYYYYYYYY FARRRRRRRRR away form window as your OS for any server environment. Linux is the only way to go. It's not a matter of how many sites can go on one server. It's a matter of what your load is stable at when you have 50, 100, 200, 400, 500 clients on the server. Never base a company on "how many" sites you can put on a server. You will never succeed. Starting out, you can use the same server for both especially if you start with dual core dual cpu's. Windows related so see my above reply. Exim is a good e-mail setup which have used for years. This is where your billing setup comes into place. You should shop around as there are many scripts which will take a clients payment and set them up. Some scripts are simple and easy while others can handle hundreds of thousands of clients. In closing, unless you plan not to see your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friends/family or plan any events such as a vacation or if you don't enjoy sleeping a good straight 8 hours I would HIGHLY suggest you not start this business. Web Hosting is not as easy as many people think it is.
  5. Boy you are one of the hugest jackasses around and no wonder why you don't get along with people as you already stated above. Your post doesn't have a got-dam thing to do with what happen here and if your "so highly educated" arse would know anything about security or really understood the word "hack" then maybe you would have a better understanding of the what REALLY happen. Now go troll another thread and stop trying to bring "I'm special, I told you so" followers along. BTW you said "I haven't been here for a few months", can this happen again for a longer period? **Ridiculous, simple mind blowing retarded cows stupid statements**
  6. [1] His name is xper [2] The above has nothing to do with what actually happened here.
  7. It stores IPB passwords....... Doesn't really matter, you should update your password.
  8. Passwords were not decrypted. IPB does not encrypt e-mail address and that is all that was exported.
  9. admins and super mods but xper could disallow access to clients informaiton in the backend so it might just be xper/admin having the only access.
  10. The would indicate someone is using a local server or pc at their house to send mail. This is common and would show the IP. Now regarding your theory about the mod Martin put into place, this could be true as the mod was outdated (well over a year if not longer) and was not meant for the latest version of IPB (version MSFN is using). Now don't get me wrong, the theory might be wrong but it seems to be and good point. BTW anyone take the subject line and do a google search? You would be amazed at what google will find for you such as the source or possible solution regarding how e-mails were used.
  11. I'll repeat it - the mail did not originate from the MSDN forum servers, the addresses have been harvested from within the user database - mine has been hidden since signup so cannot have been harvested through browsing my profile. You're assuming it was harvested. I've spoken with IPB and there is no know exploit or security related issue with accessing the database of any IPB scripts on any updated version and MSFN is updated continuously. It's also advisable you ask before making direct statements toward any company especially such comments as "harvested/hacked/leaked or spam".
  12. I have still yet to see any headers that indicate mail had been sent from MSFN to any members on this board and for those who have address in their profile that are not protected and/or have been used in threads on MSFN any bot/spider can pick those up.
  13. That was to cool. Man I grew up with them and I'll defiantly be there to see this on opening day!
  14. I actually buy 80% of my stuff from others at other forums. If a mod/leader was assigned tot hat section and placed a layout regarding the rules and guidelines MSFN would not and could not be held responsible. I personally would like to see such a section created and have seen great success from other boards doing the same.
  15. The above headers don't show it was sent from MSFN mail server. Does anyone have the FULL headers showing the mail server from which it was sent from? DO NOT be so fast to say it was MSFN or that MSFN was hacked.
  16. Here are some I found in the past several years: http://gallery.xperties.net/main.php?g2_itemId=4710
  17. My Controls >> Board Settings >> Posting Settings >> Make sure Standard Editor is set. The Rich Text Editor causes issues with some browsers and has nothing to do with the site or server performance.
  18. I'm better: root@bo [/]# uptime 09:27:43 up 176 days, 8:38, 2 users, load average: 1.23, 1.29, 1.11 root@bo [/]#
  19. I was working out about 4-5 days a week, doing cardio at least 4 times at 45 min each but for the last month or so I havn't touched the gym. I need to get back as the sitting in front of the monitor is starting to show.
  20. It wasn't the right thing to do and it wasn't the right way to reply.
  21. Heh, now I realized who you are Chris, haven't noticed ur sig before You weren't much active on MSFN lately.. Not to get to far off topic but yes, I haven't been very active on the forums due to life in the business world. I spend less time troubleshooting MS products and more time trouble shooting Linux issues. If things work out I'll be around MSFN more often.
  22. If it wasn't like this a lot of people would complain why Windows XP doesn't have this "crap" on it... So very true. Life and everything in life is a double edge sword.
  23. When compared to any other operating system MS has released WinXP is far better. The problem I have with it is MS has crammed so much crap into it it takes a user so much time to remove or turn off half the stuff that isn't needed.
  24. All the above is incorrect. Shared Hosting is many clients on one server sharing all resources. What one client does affects others. VPS or virtual private server is splitting a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. Virtual private servers are sometimes called virtual dedicated servers. Each VPS would have it's own kernel, own firewall and certain resources would be assigned to each VPS. Example would be a 2Ghz CPU split into 2 VPS would give each client a 1Ghx usuage of the CPU and if the VPS had 2 gig of Ram then each client would get 1 gig. Many companies will place 5-10 clients on a dedicated server and split the resources at which time it is considered a VPS. A dedicated server is you using everything the server has to offering.
  25. I wouldn't talk. Anyone with half a brain can post one liners such as your past post show. How about you go flame another thread. ripken204 - Yes I watched it was was amazed with the amount of deaths they through in the first show. I'll be shocked if they let the last person in the show to get shot die. I mean we all know he has issues with the directors and producers.
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