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  1. What's even more surprising is that you dug up a year old thread.
  2. This past Friday night into Saturday morning, 25 inches. My brothers car (should have bought a truck): Terra Grappler says "What snow?": At the start of the storm: I just like this pic because of the flag in the background: And no one can park here so I did: Oh and my dog got lost a few times but she loved it:
  3. Ive been playing with it for a few weeks and the only thing I can see that may be beneficial to people are business meetings and family events. I know the wife's family does get together several times a year and this would make a "who's bring what" list great.
  4. MW2 rocks. Absolutely the best tactical game I have ever played. Hook up with me if you dare..lol ScreamingSkulls is my gamer tag.
  5. I'm doing good buddy. Currently laid off, dam economy is killing the trucking industry but it gives me time to sit at home and work on my truck. Michele, old woman, is doing good to. We got 2 more kids to get rid of and send off to college then it'll be just me and her. You still on MSN? I never see you online when I do login.
  6. I'm already bored with the latest map pack for WOW...Can't wait for MW:2
  7. My entire family plays halo almost nightly from different locations. Drinking buddies even join in but I can't for the life of me get into this game even after all these years. You put me on a Call of Duty game and I will wipe the floor with body parts but halo, heh, I'm lucky to get 2-4 kills per match.
  8. From an inside source of mine the night vision goggles will give you 30 feet of vision, clarity will be great for the first 20-25 feet. They are a cheap knock off to make money. I already have the basic version on hold and plan on attending the midnight launch. Anyone good at team work hit me up on Live, gamertag in sig below.
  9. ^^ x2 I have a usb hard drive and it's always assigned the same drive letter. Also it never is not recognized and works perfect with all my backups. What type of drive is it?
  10. For newbies (we were all one at some time) I think dreamweaver is best. It allows you to see the code and layout at the same time so you can get an understanding of what is what. Personally I still use dreamweaver along with adobe PS and a few other programs.
  11. ahhh crap...better late than never. Happy birthday old friend. I hope the family's doing good.
  12. You guys don't have a clue what the best OS is.....Clearly it was Windows 1.0 which was released on November 20, 1985. Get with the program!
  13. When booking any flights online, international or not, to make it a fast checkin (at the kios) just have the CC that was used to purcahse the ticket. It will ask you to swip it to print out your tickets OR the confirmation e-mail may have a bar code on it you scan. Either way you can go right up to the counter, show them the confirmation e-mail and your past port and your all good. All my international flights and domestic have all been booked online and never had any issues.
  14. Wow talk about old thread....Man back in the day plopping an old thread up was grounds for termination! Yeah, with grumpy old Tris and Aaron around. BANHAMMER! holly crap I forgot all about Aaron.....He was a hoot!
  15. I'm not a candy fan but if I have a snack of some type it be: Red Bull, can I get a red bull, anyone want a red bull, red bull is great! Yeah RED BULL!
  16. Streaming Sirius Satellite radio, Channel 100 = King of all media: Howard Stern
  17. Wow talk about old thread....Man back in the day plopping an old thread up was grounds for termination!
  18. I'm getting old. Ain't that the truth. Man I remember back in the day when you were a raving lunatic yelling at everyone "Silence, I BAN YOU!"! Ahhhhh the good old days!
  19. Hey guys, Just wanted to say hi and love the new frontpage design. Man things have come a long way over the last 8-9 years. Glad the site is still rolling and nice to see some familiar faces (gamehead) still around.
  20. It'll turn into some "Elvis is alive" issue sooner or later.
  21. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves, and you call yourself computer experts! I mean even mygyver knows you need to proper secure all components with duct take and clear caulk and it doesn't hurt to add a few drops of super glue to the inner works of the dvd-rom, this insures no noise and high spin speeds.
  22. Try adding: *@msfn.org also you can try to add the main server IP address MSFN is on and the nameservers/cname if you have hard control of the spam filter backend.
  23. Again, as I said, It was used but it took less than 60 seconds to move the topic which was wrong and the report button was ignored for quite awhile. Also using caps in your original post which is considered shouting is not proper of any mod toward a member of the community. It's funny how many people are easy to point out what the members do wrong but I don't see any mod stepping up saying "sorry for not reading your thread and assuming it was in the wrong section". End of discussion, my points have been proven and issue was proper dealt with.
  24. Button was used as it always is but slow (hours) gone by. I know what should and shouldn't be done. Ive been around for awhile. Thanks.
  25. http://www.msfn.org/board/XP_photo_resizer...ng_t104684.html Please take care of the above thread.
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