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  1. Just as pointless as your membership and post here, now ain't it.
  2. Hello BOOM and welcome!
  3. XPerties

    New Sig

    That's evil man! I like it.
  4. I've rated this thread 1 star. Personally I like it but I think you are taking it to personal.
  5. You could also try our website builder located here: https://emaxhosting.com/support/index.php?_...ditemid=1&nav=0
  6. They are a bunch of nice guys, aren't they.
  7. If you only want a storage server just installed XP and then grab Bulletproof FTP server client and run a FTP server on it. Easy and simple.
  8. Welcome to the world of computers. I agree with 50-70 at most.
  9. Not only did you spam you dug up a 5 year old post. What a smacktard!
  10. Actually it looks like a network he's monitoring.
  11. yeah I noticed that, so pass the joke along to other boards.
  12. No problem here either. I have a 6800 card and my game looks smooth as hell. For those who do play BF2 stop by our community at http://www.gloryofwar.com/forums/index.php?act=idx
  13. Technically speaking, yes you could. If you are found to have any medical training even if you are certified by the Red Cross in CPR and did not assist a person in distress and they died you could be fined and jailed.
  14. You moved DC. What DC did you go to? edit: xper, grab me on MSN I want to speak to you.
  15. Guys.......... For those of you who have some good wallpaper, upload them here for others to share: http://ileet.net/wall/
  16. Except Microsft is spelt Microsoft.
  17. It's an actually image hosting script that supports multiple server/site image uploading.
  18. If I recall form my old admin days around here, we tried it and it was a pain in the arse or something with to many hacks since this board is already cut up in a million different ways.
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