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  1. Well I gave up and uninstalled it. Back to molasses-slow searches.
  2. I found myself searching quite a lot over a month or two, and I was getting frustrated about how how long each search was taking. I decided it might be nice to have my files indexed on a regular basis instead, so that when I went to search the results would be instantaneous.
  3. I couldn't find it, though I expected it to be there. It seemed to be the least intrusive, cheapest, and best privacy desktop search from the research I did.
  4. I don't have Outlook Express installed (and probably had it never install). I installed using a lightly altered install CD. I'm using XP Pro. I installed WDS (Windows Desktop Search). Now every time I boot, I get two error messages, one after the other: and I really don't want OE installed. Is there any way to tell WDS to not index OE? I tried searching this forum, but I couldn't find any previous threads on this (which I kinda find hard to believe).
  5. no problems yet, and this has saved me more than a couple times ...
  6. What bugs me the most is that IE7 still doesn't render the q element. HTML is the most basic standard, and even after 5 years they don't fully support it. Seems that and security would be the first priority ... go figure.
  7. it has an average of 5/5 stars from 121 voters I've only ever used Adaptec cards, though
  8. yup. happened to me too Kaonashi had a good point. That's sorta why I use a traceable email address on public forums. I don't trust their security enough. I don't blame the people who run public forums, nor the forum authors. Complex software is just insecure. Luckily I was able to use a new email alias here (by adding the number "2") and I turned off the old one. I do hate to hear that some people have used their primary email address here, and therefore cannot change it -- but I do advise that you learn from this and use a throw-away-able (changeable) email address (or alias) in the future for public forums.
  9. was that before or after my initial post in this thread?
  10. well extensionsmirror was using 2.1.6 when I first posted (but has now upgraded) -- when did MSFN upgrade to 2.1.7?
  11. thanks xper for the update just to make it clear: I'm not upset about this (these things happen) -- mostly I just wanted to make sure you guys (and Invision, too) knew about it
  12. I don't think anyone said that the mail was sent from MSFN's servers. I was under the impression that a flaw in the forum software allowed member's email addresses to be harvested. it does appear that I didn't have "Hide my email address from other members" checked -- I would have thought that that was checked by default -- arg! (though on extensionsmirror.nl my address was leaked even though I had that checked)
  13. I use msfn.org@[example].com (with my domain) as the email address for this site. Today I got a spam sent to that address. I also got one to extensionsmirror.nl@[example].com -- and I think you guys use the same forum software. I haven't checked with Invision Power Board, but that's probably your job since it's software you (bought?) got from them. I'm betting I'm not the only one who got spam. Here's the body of the message:
  14. That's what I'm most interested in (at this point) -- though the tweaking is interesting, too.
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