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  1. How do I set up shares?

    Well I decided not to network my XP machine, it is my sons and we have since took away network and internet access from him for going to bad sites. To change the need for passwords for share I disabled the "Password Protected Sharing" in Networking and Sharing Center. Am I leaving the network open by doing this? I do not have Wi-Fi on in my network. Thank you for all the info.
  2. How do I set up shares?

    What I want to do it share a folder with my family's music library on the network. I have it hosted on my new Win7 machine and want to share it without giving out my password to them. What are my options? The other pc's on the network are Vista (3) and XP(1).
  3. I agree that doing reformats are a PITA. On the other hand if you are installing something like a video card and are keeping with the same chipset mfg, then if should not be a problem. If it is a sound card or NIC, I can see some old drivers causing problems. If you are talking a MAJOR upgrade of a motherboard, a format and fresh install is a no brainer unless you are using the same motherboard.
  4. I have set up the computer so that the kids can us the system and have restrictions. I am looking for better parental controls than what is built into Vista though. What I need to do is force a log out, not just restrict access to the system. The fist time it happened it was in the middle of a game and would not allow me, the admin to force the log off to get the game to stop. I am also looking to restrict access to the drives and programs. I have removed the shortcuts, but that is just not good enough with my kids. They mare young (under 7) and very smart. Anyone know how I can use the controls built in better or a software package that I can purchase that will work for me?
  5. Any one know how to extract the Vista install from a HP Recovery Disc to make a custom install?
  6. Clean Install on NEW HDD

    After having the system totally crash on me and getting some free time where I was not at work or working on the car, I finally have gotten time to get the pc fixed! So here is the run down of what I found: 1) My laptop is slow and sux! 2) The software that came with the WD HDD sux and is not capable of doing its job! 3) BartPE worked wonders and thanks to this fine piece of software I am now up and running again! The problem was that the WD Safeguard tools was not properly formating the drive to let windows install on it. Windows was seeing a blank disk with no MBR, no partions, and no free space. Therefore it was seeing no drive at all. I would think that the Windows installer would be able to so a drive that needs to be partioned and formated, but I was wrong. Now that I have that cleared up I can get the other drives in the system and get everything else installed. Also, can anyone tell me if a 20GB partion is big enough for Vista? I plan to have the OS only in this partion, all data and programs will go onto a seperate partition.
  7. Clean Install on NEW HDD

    The PC is just over a year old and the motherboard docs say that it will support up to 500GB. I have had a 300GB in it untill it died. BIOS properly ids the drive. The error is just "No operating system found." Simple. It is as if the install is not writing to the MBR. Not sure why? I am using the format in the WinXP install to format the drive. I was thinking of using BartPE to FDISK the partion tables, format the drive, and then reboot with the WinXP disk to see if that will allow me to get the OS installed. The only reason I want to get the 12GB out of the system now is to get all my drive up to 7200 RPM and UDMA. The 12GB is neither.
  8. Clean Install on NEW HDD

    Western Digital.
  9. Clean Install on NEW HDD

    So I just bought a new 80GB HDD drive to replace the 12GB system HDD on my computer. When I try to install XP SP2 on the drive it will go through the txt based install and then restart the computer to finish with the GUI install. The GUI will not start due to a boot error. The computer thinks there is no files to boot from on the HDD. I have reformated the HDD a couple times to try again, but I always get the same error. This drive was taken from the box and installed into the PC as a single drive. I have replaced the old 12GB in the system to test if the HDD is good and can be wrote to as a secondary drive. It can be and since then I have reformated it again and tried to install it as a single drive (jumpered to single) and I get the same error. Any idea as to what is going wrong?
  10. Well after talking to my B-I-L more, and reading some of the above comments, I have since decided not to invest my money into the project. I feel that since there is not one person going into the investment that has any working knowledge of the hosting business, that I would be stupid to invest into it! I think I would rather take my money and invest it into a venture that is going and looking for more money to grow!
  11. I can wait on the processors. We are not planning to move this forward until all the market research and stuff is done. I was thinking of a 4gb ram also. As for the automation, I was more thinking of some way to have a web page that once the credit card is processed, it will set up the dns entries for the web address and ftp servers for the newly added site. We are not going to be doing any site design at this time since we already know of like 30 designers in the area and there is only a hand full of host that we know of. I am looking to find out about what I would need in a server and how much traffice I can handle per T-1 line. I know I would like to build a Main server that used Network storage devices for the harddrives. That way it makes adding more space a snap. I would like to have 500GB in each server that we use and have it mirror onto a seperate server, that way in the case of a server crash the mirror kicks in and gives us time to repare the crashed one. (IE: 4 servers with 4 mirrors). Not sure if and how it would work at this point. Oh and I was thinking of giving dell the nod for the hardware. I would rather not build these since they are going to be used so hard.
  12. Money amount total I am not sure of. I do know that there is 5 of us going to be putting money in the pot, and that it was $5,000 each minium. My brother in law said that he was throwing in $15,000 and so I can say that the whole investment has minium of $35,000 to start with. Now I am going to assume that this includes being about to pay for rent of a building startup for capital, service lines, phones, desks, and what ever else we are going to need. I am also going to say that this money is going to have to last us for a couple months until we get some customers to self support.
  13. So I was recently approached about investing in a new web hosting business. I have a few questions about getting into this business that I hope some one here can help with. What should we look into as far as server hardware? How many client seats will I need per server to host these pages? With DBase driven sites, should I use SQL and a seperate server for it? How many sites realisticly can I expect to get on each site? What should I look into for email service? Exchange Server? What about automation for new site setups? I do not want to be setting them all up by hand! From what I have been told, the group that approached me about this has a about 10 sites that would be willing to give a couple college kids a chance. I am good with networking and client machines, but I am lacking on knowledge of web hosting. I do have a basic understanding of IIS and Cold Fusion, but setup of DNS and other stuff has been done for me since I focus on site design and layout and not much more in my current hobby. Just to let you know, I have been inlisted into this as a favor of my sister who is married to one of the investors and I am more looking to know what I am getting into. I want to make sure that my 5Gs that they are requesting go into this investment is well worth my trouble.
  14. Help with PDA/PPC choice

    Ok, I am currently looking into getting a couple PDAs/PPCs for the wife and I since my schedule just got a little messed up! I have a new job that has me working a 4/3 12hr shift. (Meaning I work 4 days with 4 days off, work 3 days with 3 days off). I also have some curve balls in my schedule where they like to mix things up. So I need a handheld for both of us that will take my schedule and our family schedules and synce them. I know outlook will do this along with a PDA, but I would 7AM to 7PM and I have not found a good way to enter it into the system. Can someone help me find a handheld/sync/calander solution that is easy to use for the whole family?
  15. Office Fonts

    I found what I was looking for in the cab files of the install cd. The fonts in the %cd-rom%\FILES\WINDOWS\FONTS are Tahoma and where not the extra fonts that I was wanting. The fonts I was looking for where not available on the 2003 CD. I had to get into the "box of old" to find my 2000 Pro to get what I was looking for. Even then I had to search both CDs to find the font. I copied all the fonts from all 4 CDs (2 w/2003 and 2 with 2000) to end up with 210 fonts! So, if you are looking for fonts that you had at one time, I sujest looking into the cabs of the Office CDs, present and past, to find what you are looking for!