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  1. Question regarding P4 Sockets

    The socket 775 motherboard in an Intel915gav. In that pc i have 2 250gb s-ata drives, 2 gb memory, x700 video card. The 478 is an Asus P4P800-E with 1 160gb s-ata drive, and a 120gb ide drive, 1 gb of memory and an ATI 9800 pro. Like I said, the cpu's are comparable in speed and cache. I plan on selling the other and adding to the one I keep. I use mostly adobe products but am also using 3ds and flash. Budget isn't a problem. Patience with the industry is. For a few years i played the game with the Jones's and got real tired of forking out money for what essentially meant top of the line for this month, so I will be keeping what I have, just not both. Thanks for the replies so far. Edit- Ringfinger- I realize that but I was referring to what the motherboard and cpu for that specific setup offered.
  2. I have both a 775 and a 478. The 775 only provides a 533 bus speed, while the 478 has 800 and hyperthreading. Chip speeds are relatively the same. My question is this: which would provide the best speeds for graphic intensive computing, or is their really much difference between the sockets at all except for pci-x?
  3. app gui

    Thank you.
  4. The Best anti-virus

    I've used Kaspersky forever and haven't had any problems.
  5. Best Antispyware Program

    Spysweeper and Spybot
  6. What's the best firewall?

    I've used most of the one's listed but in the end I just stuck with XP's. Haven't had problems at all.
  7. app gui

    Is there a program similar to the gui in some unattended installs that will let me just install specific apps. I would like to make a cd that will let me only install what a customer wants as opposed to dragging a bunch of different cd's around with me.