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  1. My application switches

    is there any switches for norton antivurs 2005, dvd shrink?
  2. ok, thanks anyway. I have a few other programs to install but i can't seem to get them to install, they are dvd shrink, iso buster and winuscon.
  3. I am now looking for a installer switch for winuscon.exe. If any can help me it would be appreciated.
  4. how do i get this to register during installation, i have a few other programs but it doesn't seem to be seeing that the reg is in the start.cmd.
  5. it doesn't even ask me to register while unattended install. should i change the way the install is. this is the one i am using to install winzip winzip_switch.txt
  6. when i install my unattended winxp everything installs but when it is done installing I check everything, I still have to register my application. For example winzip and power archiver won't register, I have to do manually. register.reg register.reg
  7. is there anyone out there that can help me out, my applications are installing but the registry information isn't, after i test it with virtual pc i have to put the registry information in myself.

    just download this free program and install and than you find your cd key. http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=4...af83244bd35ab6f this a direct download.