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  1. I know Tihiy already mentioned this, but I wanted to add that yes, you should install these. These are a huge pre-service pack rollup, essentially which fixes some major things in Windows 8. I haven't had any problems installing them, especially through Windows/Microsoft Update. Some PCs need a third hotfix installed first (if installing offline - not through Windows Update) otherwise the first two (major) updates won't install. Edit: Through Windows Update, the third hotfix was probably already installed first, and would be automatically for those with Automatic Update completely on. I believe you but I can't reproduce this.
  2. I'm sure someone has already made the orb, and with StartIsBack, you can load any orb that you want.
  3. Very interesting! Glad you got it solved yourself, smart thinking.
  4. I've tested the SiB installation while having two Windows accounts logged in at the same time, on two PCs. In both cases, the user accounts which were left logged in but not used to install SiB were left without Explorer running. This isn't a bug and was fully expected, and all one needs to do at that time is the three-finger salute (Control-Alt-Delete) and choose Log Off. It's a no-brainer to me to not have other accounts logged in while installing software such as this, just wanted to share the info. The first time was actually a mistake - I forgot I had another account logged in, and on the second PC was to confirm the first PC's results.
  5. Unable to reproduce so far. I just tried your instructions with the v1.1RC version, and after a reboot, the Windows key still showed the Start Menu, not the Start Screen. Any more details? Do you have just one Windows key or two (left and right)? If I understand your description correctly, you normally already have the option to have the Start Screen only show Apps, and you have to toggle it off and back on after this happens, is that right? That's what I assumed for my trying to reproduce, I just wanted to make sure i understand correctly. Try creating a new temporary user account and testing the behavior there. Does it still happen?
  6. Just curious, do you have an OEM Windows 8 machine? I mean did you buy a PC with Windows 8 on it that might have been customized by the OEM to be slightly different? Because here are two pictures of: Win-X: Right-clicking the Metro thumbnail: See what I mean? They're both the same for me. But if you have an OEM Windows 8 PC, maybe that's why it was different before? Tihiy or anyone else, what do you think? Edit: FYI I always enter the Internet and Connection settings by right-clicking the system tray/notification tray icon: either LAN or wireless symbol, same thing.
  7. Just guessing since 1.0 is the most recent official version, but he can probably correct that anyway for future beta/RCs.
  8. Great, glad you got it worked out! Wow, you are on top of this like crazy.
  9. It's working good for me. I just downloaded and installed 16 updates to my apps. I just right-clicked and went to My Apps too without a problem.
  10. I believe you, but I just tried this again twice and nothing out of the ordinary happened for me. Just tried on my laptop too. Did you say you already tried creating a new user account and test SiB on it, too, to see if it does this?
  11. To those having trouble with middle-mouse button not working to open the Start/Apps: Do you: 1. Have Apps checkmarked so the Start Screen shows Apps only? Just curious since I do and it works for me, and for some others? 2. Does it only not work the first time you middle-click on the Start Button? Have you tried multiple times? 3. Do you have SiB installed for your user only or for all users? For me it don't work anymore: 1. Have tested - don't work. 2. One an multiple press does not work 3. Current User/All Users - nothing changed. Note: I have MS-Mouse and have MS-Mouse and Keyboard Center installed. Edit: Found out - this issue comes, if IntelliPoint or newer MS-Mouse & Keybord Center is installed. Is it possible to do a fix in SIB for that??? @geneticplasma Okay, this is why I thought you were referring to middle-clicking on the Start Button to open the Start Screen/Apps Screen. I'm really confused now.
  12. Edit: REALLY, really confused now. This is what I meant to reply that I had reproduced most recently.
  13. Edit: my confusion. I think he's planning on it eventually, but don't quote me on that.
  14. Airplane is always the answer! Cool, I'm glad someone recognized the reference!
  15. I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. And to run out of troll-b-gone.
  16. I'm running the RC, but I think there's still bugs he's squashing before final. He's having me test the activation system and right now it says to upgrade my SiB because there's a new version, only there isn't one available to download yet.
  17. Reliability Monitor seems to be working for me.
  18. No, it doesn't show at all. @Tihiy, are you getting ready to release a new release candidate? The download link doesn't work and when I tried to activate an installation it said there was a new version and wouldn't let me activate it.
  19. You are VERY offensive. And Tihiy's program IS different than EVERY other Start Menu replacement program out there. Do a little research next time. Speak for yourself (what bothers people). $5 (or $3 for the two licenses) is not hard-earned money, and I don't even have a job right now. I'm sorry, that's just too low an amount to count. And even if it were, how about just being grateful for having SiB as one of the choices available to you, for however long it is available. If SP1 comes along and completely obliterates the code that's left in Windows 8 which allows Tihiy to take advantage of it and create SiB, and if SP1 removes the ways currently used to disable or otherwise alter Metro and it's hot corners, it would NOT be reasonable for me to assume that Tihiy is going to re-write SiB from scratch to counter it, or to do it for free if he did do it. SiB would be a totally different program than what it is today. It would be up to Tihiy what he wanted to do then. If this program is successful enough and rewarding enough for him, perhaps he would decide to make an all-new version that would work again.
  20. Yay! Figures I would finally want to give my two cents and you've just said what I figured your position would be. People are making a mountain out of a molehill. Some people want Tihiy to forsee every possible future problem that might arise and come up with a one-size-fits-all activation scheme right out of the gate for a v1.0 final product which is extremely cheap. The $5 for 5 licenses is wonderful. You're not dealing with Microsoft here. As Tihiy says if you have an issue in the future, talk to him and he'll sort it out. Unless we've so royally pi**ed him off and jaded him by then that he's scrapped the whole idea. And then who loses? All of us. He's not looking to make a million dollars on this, although if he happened to anyway, good for him! He's already made what he seems to feel is a reasonable effort to, as has been already said, keep honest people honest. He's not trying to incorporate the most foolproof activation method ever invented. It's terrific what resources he's already committed to this project, now don't overcomplicate this whole issue before the product has even officially been released as final, not that anytime would ever be a good time to unreasonably complicate things. I've kept my mouth shut on this because I figured it would just die down as questions would get answered but it seems people just kept adding fuel to the fire. No disrespect to anyone. I'm very sure noone meant to mean anything bad by their suggestions, and that they did mean well. It has just gotten out of hand, and now we should let this part of the discussion die peacefully and put our trust in Tihiy who has not failed us yet - adding options as we suggested things, adding options we didn't even think to ask for, making Ex7ForW8 for totally free before this which was a very interesting and successful experiment, and I'm sure helped lead to this so much even better project which is totally worth $5 for five licenses. I myself intend on paying for licenses I'll probably never even use (meaning more than 5). Sorry for the rant, all. I had to get this off my chest.
  21. Ah! Good to know, thanks for sharing (again).
  22. Ah, yep, mouse settings defaulting to flip have tripped me up in the past. With Lenovo's software for the trackpad/trackpoint, I sometimes had to look long and hard to find the right setting to let me use the trackpoint's middle-button as just a plain old middle-click. Glad you found your answer; maybe it's the answer for some or everyone else who has this problem.
  23. Reproduced. Likely an side-effect of disabling the bottom left corner from showing the Metro/Modern UI/Microsoft Design Language thumbnail, but it won't surprise me if Tihiy can fix this.
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