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  1. To those having trouble with middle-mouse button not working to open the Start/Apps: Do you: 1. Have Apps checkmarked so the Start Screen shows Apps only? Just curious since I do and it works for me, and for some others? 2. Does it only not work the first time you middle-click on the Start Button? Have you tried multiple times? 3. Do you have SiB installed for your user only or for all users?
  2. But this doesn't work for me! Is this an "official" bug, or my private one? Works for me too.
  3. I still notice this issue with the Release Candidate. Any comments anyone, and anyone reproduce? Thanks so much, by the way, for the separate configuration of the top and bottom right corners! Also, with the Release Candidate, a new problem (for me, anyway). I tried to load the custom Start Button Orb I've been using ever since StartIsBack allowed changing this (Beta 2 or 3?) (Start Button Orb attached), and it no longer shows up even though it worked fine before now. Two other observations about the Release Candidate. Since an uninstall was necessary before reinstalling for All Users, it would be a nice touch if the uninstall process could be started from that screen in the StartIsBack installation. Also after I uninstalled SiB through Programs and Features, and then installed it for All Users, all of the sudden and I *think* without warning, my account was logged off, I presume by the installation process. If it did warn me I didn't notice it, but a prompt first would be nice, too.
  4. Sorry, but this question is too easy to answer. Of course login screen is not affected by StartIsBack at all. I was supposed to know this how, and if it was too easy to answer, then how come it took two days..?! You could've easily installed the program and try it and uninstall it if you didn't like within 5 minutes. I don't know why you would even expect a replacement Start Menu program to affect Windows login screen anyway.
  5. I think I found a bug. If I search for a file in the Start Menu's search field, for example, "Integrator", I find "Windows Download Integrator_2.9r.rar". If I then LEFT or RIGHT-click the file and drag it to the taskbar to pop-up an already open (but not in front) window of say File Explorer, and then attempt to drop the file anywhere in this window, it'll never drop no matter where you try. The icon (and associated text) keep following the mouse pointer until you just move down to the taskbar. From that point on the icon and text are gone. Now if the File Explorer or other file management GUI window is already in front and I drag with either left or right-click the file from the Start Menu's search to this already in front window, then it works perfectly. Is this StartIsBack's bug or Windows 8's?
  6. False positive. It's been reported before.
  7. My wish list would include that when installing, there be a choice to install for all users or just the current user. Also that the settings could be backed up and restored, and even have the option that settings be applied to all users not just the current user.
  8. Reproduced. I don't even have to close the context menu to get the flicker and stay open when I click on the orb.
  9. Reproduced, however I'm not sure this is an issue since I can start the box just a few pixels down from the top and still be able to select the same icons I would've wanted to anyway.
  10. Check your All Users folder? Maybe you have a duplicate of the one pinned there too?
  11. Nope. There's a separator on Win8 default install with normal themes. Except it's a tiny thin line. So that's why there's a line there. It just paints differently in different situations. Ah, I see - I look more carefully and indeed there is a separator line in Windows 8's shut down options.
  12. That's exactly how it behaves in Win7. But thanks for reporting 'menu stays forcibly open' issue. Okay, thanks for that confirmation, glad that part's solved. And you're welcome!
  13. Okay, I'd have to double-check under Windows 7 to observe it's behavior, but everything I described as far as having a problem copying a new file/shortcut to the Start Menu or moving existing items only applies to either: 1. Trying to Copy/move a new or existing file/shortcut by dragging and dropping to the "blank" white portion of the Start Menu in the "All Programs" section, underneath everything else instead of directly placing the file/shortcut in between particular existing files/shortcuts in the main "All Programs" Start Menu. Or 2. Trying to do the same by dragging and dropping to an existing folder, attempting to drop it directly on the folder, instead of waiting for the folder to expand and then directly placing the file/shortcut in between particular existing files/shortcuts in that folder. Can anyone tell me how this compares to Windows 7, as I don't remember and I'd rather not install under a VM just for this right now - got too many other things to do.
  14. I can't reprocuce that. Do you have 'Enable context menus and dragging and dropping' enabled in Start menu properties? Do you have arrows and text describing the drop operation? Does drag&drop works in other shell parts?As for start menu not closing if dropped via start button, that's a good report. Try to find more such occasions when start menu not closing when it should. Huh. Interesting. I do have that option checked. I have to go take care of a couple things, and I will work more on this including reproducing after I get back, in an hour or maybe a few hours. Oh, when I drag and hover over the Start Button or All Programs or the Start Menu itself after All Programs, I just get a circle with a red / through it. Besides the program icon itself being dragged.
  15. I believe that's been mentioned (in less detail), that the first time pressing the hotkey to go to the Start Screen flashes it quickly then goes back to desktop, and from thereafter works fine. Of course, as you said, until you reboot again. I don't think it's been specifically mentioned about Beta 4, however. I use Hibernate a lot, too, especially on my laptop (desktop stays on 24/7), and for the longest time (pre-XP?), I have had mixed results with Hibernate showing in the Start Menu. Most of the time it would, and then spontaneously it would seem on some reboots, it wouldn't. Sometimes it wouldn't for quite a while, and then it will come back for a short time. Sorry if this is off topic, but it is related, how's your experience been with this, Servelius?
  16. I have mixed feelings about reporting this bug. Some of it might be wanted behavior, at least by me, but only sometimes. To reproduce: For example, I have a shortcut to Windows Update that on any new Windows 8/Server 2012 installation, I put a copy in the Start Menu, just as Windows 7 had by default. 1. Open Windows Explorer to location of shortcut. 2. Left-click (or Right-click) and drag the shortcut, first to the Start Button (actually, it's reproduced at this point), then to All Programs, etc. The Start Menu stays open (the shortcut isn't copied no matter where you drop it). The Taskbar stays stuck up, too. If I click off the Start Menu on to another window or the taskbar, the Start Menu and taskbar still stay up. I have to left-click on the Start Menu or the Taskbar, then the Taskbar is still left stuck up (I have set to hide), until I click on the... eh, anyway, I think you'll see what I mean. I have to do some extra clicking to get the Start Menu to close, and then to get the Taskbar to close at least in some situations, depending on where all I clicked to close the Start Menu eventually. Actually, nothing I drag from anywhere, including the Start Menu itself, to any other location in the Start Menu, gets moved or copied, or even prompted to give Admin access. I know now we have the option to Open and Open All Users, which is great for multiple operations, but will it still be possible to do single operations directly with the Start Menu? BTW, this is on Windows 8 Pro Retail with MCE x64.
  17. Just wondering if you mean the line between Shut Down and the options above it (missing Sleep and Hibernate since those are disabled - I think - under Server 2012). I can confirm that even if I disable Sleep and Hibernate under Windows 8 Enterprise x64, that line doesn't appear in StartIsBack's Shut Down options. In both cases (Server 2012 and 8 Enterprise x64), I have "Lock" as the default button option, although that probably makes no difference.
  18. FWIW, I think it would be conversely ironic to have a Modern UI App to reinstate the Desktop UI Start Menu. I don't think this is a good idea. The most vocal Modern UI haters who avoid it at all costs won't even want to use the Modern UI long enough to do that. After all, although it has yet to be seen if Tihiy is interested in eventually having SiB actually disable Modern UI at least as far as not even being able to get to it, if that was a possibility then how would updates ever be seen/delivered for SiB? The user would have to re-enable Modern UI (it wouldn't actually be disabled as in Ex7forW8, just never seen most probably), get the update and then re-disable Modern UI. It's not worth all the trouble.
  19. Sorry, I won't respond to wazer any more.
  20. You must have some mind-reading and English-interpreting powers being able to turn that statement of mine into hating this project. In fact i use his 7explorer8, that dont have any trials nor is gonna cost money soon, so stop blaffing, do you think that those people that are here now testing this is satisfied within 30 days when they trials run out?, do the math. Sure they might get another RC or 5 and still be able to test his money making program but soon this is all over and you will have to pay to get the same joy. Its called false hope and scam in the last end. So you like his work as long as he doesn't charge for it, but since he wants to charge for it he's an evil, evil person who secretly hopes to take over the world by this subtle attempt. [sarcasm]You are so clever, wazer. And so original! [/sarcasm] You're still here? Go away please! Thanks.
  21. Also, Tihiy's previous similar but relatively speaking inferior project to this one, Ex7for8 was free all along. You have a pretty weak argument, and whether your argument were weak or strong, I think I can speak for everyone else who's been involved in this thread that we're not interested in anything you have to say, unless you can come up with something constructive, which I doubt you are capable of.
  22. It's amazing. 18 pages of comments re: StartIsBack and you're the first to be a hater. If you don't like it, please go away and don't clog Tihiy's thread with useless negative posts.
  23. You must have some mind-reading and English-interpreting powers being able to turn a statement that there will be a site for purchasing available soon into what you said. You do realize that Tihiy probably plans on marketing this to everyone who wants the Start Menu back in Windows 8, not just those who are on MSFN or even specifically those who are involved in this thread or other testing avenues?
  24. What are you talking about??? Read what he stated below. Next version should be Release Candidate and it should come in a week, i hope, alongside with a site and purchase options. I already read it. I'm not sure how you got what you wrote "thanks for all the help..." out of that.
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