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  1. 1. Yes with exception of known issue C. 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes, they all are. 5. None broken as far as I've tested so far. 6. No anomalies noticed. 7. Can't test Right-Window key, otherwise works beatifully! The only keyboards I have with a right Windows key are PS/2 (that's NOT Playstation 2 for the young 'uns ) and I don't have working generic PS/2->USB adapters, only the other way around, or ones that only apparently work with the Microsoft branded keyboards they came with, which don't have a right Windows key. I know it's TMI. 8. This program is beautiful!!! D. Built-in Windows Defender under Windows 8 not detecting this as anything (yet). Give MS time, though. That would probably be the most obvious uncasual thing to casual users. Suggestions: 1. For keyboards without a second (right) Windows key, maybe a configurable shortcut for the Apps screen? 2. One thing that has always irked me about Windows XP+ recently used programs is the most used programs (not counting pinned) are furthest away from the Start Button. Once you have the MFU program list working as normal, it would be cool if you could have an option to reverse the order of the list, too.
  2. Wow, most impressive! Uninstalling Zero and installing One now!
  3. Here's my two cents, no offense to anyone: There are plenty of utilities out there, including some which are charged for, which are replicas. This actually isn't a replica, to my understanding. It's a combination of what Microsoft left of the Start Menu in the code with Tihiy's work to make it still useable. I feel that I don't really have a right to an opinion concerning his choice to charge or how to charge. He can do whatever he wants with it. It's due to his work that he brings Microsoft's start menu code back to the UI. He's not charging for Microsoft's code. The code's already in Windows 8. He's charging for his own code which makes the Start Menu available to us, plus any tweaks or fixes or additions for any code that MS actually did remove. If he decides to go one direction with charging and people don't actually buy it, he'd more than likely reduce the price (although I suspect it won't be very much to begin with) or whatever he decides to do, or change nothing at all. It's his choice, his creation and he can do whatever he wants with it.
  4. I'm not having the trouble of the menu closing on it's own. I hovered in one place (over start menu button, over other areas of start menu) for ten seconds without it doing that. Do you have any third-party mouse driver or mouse-related software?
  5. Thanks! Looking forward to further testing.
  6. Just a suggestion, but perhaps it would be better to let Tihiy respond to the betaarchive members in whatever way he feels appropriate. His opinion and response concerning his software is the only one that matters, even if some or all of us agree with some or all of how he feels about it being patched and distributed, which is a clear violation of Tihiy's conditions of testing the beta. I wrote this last night but never hit submit.
  7. Since it is very convenient to be able to right click on the lower-left corner "Modern UI" thumbnail, normally, to be able to access several tools which aren't in "Administrative Tools" such as Device Manager, and both Command Prompt and Command Prompt as Admin, is there any easy way to keep me from missing that? To add all of the missing functions somewhere else?
  8. I thought of the same thing, but I don't blame him for the wish, since probably no other utility exists yet which does it the same way as Tihiy's. Maybe he'll implement this eventually or make a separate subset of this program just for that. Who knows.
  9. I was able to Hibernate from my previous Start Menu program, but it doesn't list Hibernate for me in beta 0 refresh. Also, not really a bug, just an observation. When the readme says copy to C:\StartIsBack, it really means C:, not whatever your current Windows drive letter is.
  10. I tried to edit my post before you or anyone replied. Thank you, anyway!
  11. If I type a command in the Search box or in "Run", like "Cmd", "Command" or "Calc", those items should be added to the still sparse recent programs list. Actually, it looks like (for me anyway), nothing, whether run from the Start Menu or typed in, is being added to the recent programs list. Ah, after a reboot (maybe works after a logoff/logon too?) any newly recently run programs show up in the list.
  12. Obvious (I think), but still a suggestion if no one else made it: Be able to backup and restore both the Start Menu and Modern UI settings. Maybe they're in the registry, but even if they are...
  13. 1. After I change the number of "Recent Programs", the Start Menu doesn't change size to fit how many recent programs would be potentially shown. I can change it to 100 and the Start Menu is the same size. Is this a bug or a feature? lol ^ Ignore #1, looks like someone else reported it. 2. When changing the number of "Recent Programs", if I change it by using the up and down "arrows" to increase and decrease the number, then the "Apply" button is properly unghosted. If I manually type a number in, "Apply" isn't unghosted. Note that if you change something else or use the up or down buttons previous to manually typing a number in, Apply IS still unghosted, but that makes sense.
  14. [sOLVED BY NEXT POST] I get this if I try changing anything in the Start Menu settings that I've tried to change so far, no matter whether I hit Apply or OK. This is under Windows Server 2012 with the Workstation converter. Sorry I know you said interested in Windows 8, so I'm going to test it on a fresh W8 install in Hyper-V next and confirm the same behavior.
  15. Sweet! Thanks! I will be testing this under both Windows Server 2012 (turned to Workstation) and Windows 8 Pro with MCE x86 and Windows 8 Enterprise x64.
  16. Sorry for hijacking the thread for one post to suggest an answer. Read these posts in the following thread to see how someone else worked around this problem: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/35683-Windows-8-Wireless-issue?p=607308&viewfull=1#post607308 and http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/35683-Windows-8-Wireless-issue?p=607521&viewfull=1#post607521 Good luck!
  17. Actually, he probably would be allowed to for instance: 1. Create the patched Windows 7 Explorer file on his own machine. 2. Run a DIFF between the Windows 8 RP Explorer and his now patched Windows 7 one. 3. Do the same for the MUI. 4. Have his patcher apply the DIFFs to the RP Explorer and MUI to create the patched Windows 7 ones. Beyond that his program would be the same, wait for user prompt to decide whether they want the Windows 7 Explorer or Windows 8 RP one.
  18. This explorer doesn't overwrite the old explorer, all you have to do is run the patch and select "8" to switch back to the original explorer.
  19. It's not a huge priority to me, I mainly use GPSoftware Directory Opus, but if everything else is fixed, then yes that could be a last priority.
  20. Tested on W8 RP x64, works nice. Hopefully it'll be possible to have the Start Menu start up in the normal view with the recent programs on the left, and an "All Programs" link instead of defaulting to the "All Programs" view. Good job! Makes sense now that deleting the icons would remove them from the Start Screen.
  21. I also wanted to say thanks. I am using W8 RP x64, and plan on using the RTM, but I'll probably be ignoring Metro for the most part at least for a year or two. I'm also happy with W8's Desktop interface in combination with Classic Shell, but it's good to have alternatives and as long as it's stable I think it's a good idea.
  22. I usually just double the recommended amount (the minimum), and you're welcome! FYI I see you dual-boot 7 & 8. I've been dual-booting since XP, and I typically put my pagefile on a third partition (my "Data" partition, which is where I move all my docs, etc to), and have both Windows installations use the same size pagefile, since there's no use having two separate pagefiles taking up gigs of space. Another possibility I've done before is to put it on a completely separate hard drive, which speeds things up technically, since then Windows files and the pagefile can both be accessed simultaneously without any performance hit.
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