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  1. Yup, the installer for 3.0 also installs 2.x.
  2. FYI everyone! Warning! This tool partially hosed my Vista installation. I never received the activation issue until recently. I uninstalled Nero 8 Lite, ran this tool, rebooted and for all intents and purposes, my Desktop was bare. Initially my sidebar popped up with it's gadgets but no icons on the desktop. Then the sidebar disappeared. Further tests indicate that the icons are probably still somewhere, but the desktop is turned "off" somehow. Right-clicking on the desktop does nothing, brings up no menu. I can open My Computer (Windows Explorer) from the Start Menu, but if I right-click My Computer and choose Properties, then the screen flashes quickly as if it opened but it's not actually visible. Haven't tested other programs. Also, all Windows-supplied notification icons are not present. All third-party program notification icons are. Last but not least, I have Acronis True Image do regular scheduled backups every day, plus I do manual backups before I install or uninstall anything. After this hosing, I restored the backup from before I uninstalled Nero 8 Lite, and nothing changed, the desktop was still hosed. I don't know why. The closest I can come to an explanation is that in my Vista installations (just as with XP), I move most folders inside the user account folder (in this case, Administrator) to folders on a different partition, and maybe the General-CleanTool deleted something there? But I don't know why that would affect the desktop because that's one of the few things I don't move. Argh. I just wanted to let everyone know to be careful with General-CleanTool under Vista especially. Edit (Update): I believe I did find the culprit. What happened is that almost all my drive letters changed. I should be able to restore the correct drive letters outside of Windows (BartPE), then restore the Vista backup once more and hopefully I'm set. Will update when I test. Update 2: No luck at all getting Vista's desktop to work again. It appears that Vista should still work as normal other than the sidebar and desktop, so I'll just re-re-re-install yet another Vista installation on another (already existing for the purpose) partition and switch back and forth until my new one is satisfactorily set up.
  3. Crap, I missed that you said "Micro". Well, here's Lite: Nero Lite English build 1.15..0.3
  4. I haven't had the serial problem at all on both Vista x86 and XP x86 installations. I've used several of the recent builds under both versions of Windows. I'm currently using Nero- build (the most recent that I'm aware of) on my own Vista x86 installation and it works perfect for me. I wonder what's causing the issue?
  5. Not only that, but Office 2007 SP1 can't be slipstreamed.They're going backwards... or just dumb, one of those. With Office you just put the sp1 files in the update folder and that's it. worked for me Not for me. Wasted like 3 DVD's trying to get it to work too. Off topic, but did you extract the contents of the Office 2007 SP1 and put those files in the Updates folder in the root of the Office 2007 disc, or did you just put the SP1 file itself in there? Putting the extracted contents (google for the specific files) worked for me. Still not happy that there's no true integration method, but better than nothing.
  6. I haven't had any problems burning despite this issue. I believe they know about this issue and that it will be fixed soon.
  7. I could be wrong, but I believe the serial for the OEM editions of Nero (what you got with your drive) can't be applied to the retail version.
  8. Hi! Please don't post all in caps, it looks like you're yelling (I know you didn't mean to seem that way). No, putting that serial number in will not wreck your Windows. You need to put the serial number in for Nero Lite or Nero Micro to work. I use Acronis True Image and make a backup before and after every important change I make in my Windows installations on all of my computers. That way, if I don't like what a program did, I can restore the backup instead of "uninstalling", because uninstalling is not a 100% clean method (not everything always gets fully uninstalled), and restore backup images is. Also, of course, if your Windows installation becomes wrecked, uninstalling a program wouldn't fix it, but a restored backup will. Just a suggestion. Every computer I build for people and repair/reinstall gets the same treatment. I use the latest Nero Lite on both Vista and XP machines and it works great for my needs. I was in the Army 20 years ago, not the Marines, but Semper Phi anyway.
  9. Off topic, but 3-4 years ago I installed XP on an old 660 MHz (overclocked) Pentium III, and then took out all but the original 32 MB that it came with. Ouch! Windows used to be able to be installed with 64 MB (that was the minimum requirement when it came out), but they must've changed that to 128 MB after SP2, eh? Take care,
  10. Okay, follow-up. I am re-confirming that the SFC problem still exists in v1.4 final, and that replacing syssetup.inf on the installed XP from the ORIGINAL XP installation source fixes the problem. I don't understand why the previous time I was able to replace it with one from my already nLite'd XP source and it fixed it as well. I had to do the installation over because I realized that I forgot to slipstream WMP 11.
  11. It puts a shortcut to only Nero Express on the desktop but it puts shortcuts to both regular Nero and Express in the Start Menu.
  12. Confirmed working for me. Did you mean the original syssetup.inf from before using nLite or anything else on the source? That's what I used and what worked, just my understanding of what you said is somewhat confused. LOL, NM (probably). Suggestion, start putting dates beside version numbers on download page and changelog, as I couldn't remember when I downloaded 1.4 final and I didn't see it until now after I entered this message that it was released November 4th. Before that, I couldn't tell if your comments about letting you know if the trick worked to fix the SFC bug came after 1.4 final was released or before since the SFC bug was "fixed" at least a couple times.
  13. That might not be Nero Micro's fault because I just burned using multiple recorders with the latest Nero Micro just last night, and they worked just fine. I used an internal (IDE) Samsung TS-H552U DVDRW with US09 firmware and an external (USB) connected Optiarc (Sony/NEC) AD-7190A DVDRW which is really a LiteOn DH-20A3P, and I have LiteOn's latest firmware XP5Z on it. Obviously something did go wrong for you, just wanted to let you know it worked fine for me. Oh, my config in case it matters: Windows Vista Ultimate with latest updates on ECS AMD690GM-M2 (V1.0A)/Athlon 64 4400+/2 Gb OCZ Platinum/2 x Western Digital 120 Gb SATA in RAID 0 + 1 x Western Digital 40 Gb PATA. BTW, I see that both your burners are on the same IDE channel. Even though one IDE channel can handle two devices, only one of them can actually be accessed at one time, making it more effecient and less stress on your hardware if both burners are on separate IDE channels. Since you're probably using the motherboard's built-in RAID using the first IDE channel instead of a separate RAID controller, I know this isn't an option without some changes. Likewise, you could increase the performance of your RAID setup if you put only one hard drive per IDE channel since even in RAID, your computer can only actually access one of your hard drives at a time as it is right now. You could buy two external IDE->USB adapters and use your burners externally, or buy another IDE controller card, but then perhaps you wouldn't be able to boot from the CDRWs with the additional IDE controller card and likewise with the USB if your motherboard doesn't support booting from USB. If it does, I would go that route. Sorry if this is bad news to you, and also ignore this if you already knew all this. Just trying to help.
  14. Another anomoly. I believe this happened with v1.3.0.4 also (the version I was using last time I reinstalled my MCE machine). If I create another user in the Unattended section (call the user "MediaCenter", for example) and make him an Administrator with a blank password (checkmarked), and set that user to logon automatically upon boot, and set a password for the normal Administrator account, once MCE is installed the "MediaCenter" account shows up as a Limited account. I double-checked the profile and nLite is ineed set to make the new user account an Administrator. Am I missing anything?
  15. Thanks for the reply, but I already tried that. The problem is that the icfgnt.dll file apparently doesn't exist in the first place. It's actually something like icfgnt5.dll, but somehow something gets messed up and the Windows installation asks for icfgnt.dll instead, which of course isn't there to begin with. Thanks for trying!
  16. I see through Google that there have been many people have had this error with different Windows sources and different versions of nLite over the past 3-4 years. Might as well throw my hat into the ring. I'm using a method to install XP MCE 2005 without .NET 1.0 (using .NET 1.1 SP1 instead). This method requires removing MCE out of the Windows source and then manually installing it after Windows is done. Below is a screenshot taken from VMWare Workstation of this error at T15. I've tried adding "icfgnt.dll" as a file for nLite to keep, but I still get the same problem. I don't get the error if I don't remove MCE (but removed everything else I already had selected). If I run the same nLite profile again, but additionally select to remove MCE, then the error comes back. Also, I used this method with nLite v1.3.0.4 back in April and it worked just perfect. I may test soon to see if the problem still happens with nlite 1.3.5 and then fall back to to verify that it still won't happen. Any ideas anyone?
  17. I doubt if this is VLite's fault, and that's not why I'm posting this, I just think this is funny. Vista just blue screened (then went straight to BIOS boot screen) when I tried to format an OLD floppy.
  18. If vLite is ever made to be able set Vista to ignore it's built-in memory and hard disk requirements, like nLite can do for XP, then maybe we'd be able to run Vista under 256 or 384MB, but we probably wouldn't want to. I'm not 100% positive what the actual minimal CPU requirement is. I know what Microsoft claims (I think 800MHz anything), but I don't know if that actually means that the Vista installation will refuse to install on, say a 766MHz Pentium III or Celeron (or whatever the next closest to 800MHz there was). I was able to install XP on 166MHz Pentium, but I believe the official requirement was 233MHz. Of course, you could install XP with 64MB of RAM, then remove 32MB and it would run in 32MB, but horribly.

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