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  1. There's the problem! Your laptop's too fast! I'll trade you (at least mine has 8GB too) and you won't have that problem any more! j/k
  2. Although it wasn't asked, Hybrid Sleep is a kind of combination of Hibernate and Sleep: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Sleep-and-hibernation-frequently-asked-questions:
  3. I'd like to make a feature suggestion, but definitely not a priority; just something to keep in the back of your mind for possible implementation later on: Some sort of on the fly preview of the Start Menu when changing the visual style, either in a thumbnail or actually always show the actual Start Menu while in the Start Menu configuration or at least in the Appearance section. This way it would be easier to spot any and all differences between different visual styles, without hitting Apply and then opening the Start Menu. The differences can be slightly subtle. All that said, wonderful work on this; it's beautiful and thanks for the combined right-click context menu!
  4. To reward the author (slightly - it's cheap), and help pay for some of his expenses to make and improve the program.
  5. Yeah, I got one yesterday and one today.
  6. I have to disagree; I don't like a tray icon idea. I'm very anal about what I like and not like in the system tray/notification area, although of course I just hide the ones I don't want to see normally. But a tray icon for a purpose as simple as this is overkill IMHO. I'm not against a scheduled task or email, but tray icons already get over-implemented sometimes (kinda like Adobe always wanting to put it's icons on the Desktop on installation).
  7. Yes, but once you configure SiB, how often will a person re-visit the configuration program? I would find it annoying to have to visit the configuration program (or visit the website or here) to find out if there's a new version if I wasn't actively interested in keeping up to date on any further development/testing, which I am interested of course. In my case, my solution would be a third-party program I already use a lot to automatically check websites for changes of content. An option which can always be changed to email or not to email when new (at least major, not RC or Beta or you could configure what level of notifications if Tihiy is inclined) versions come out. It would be at about as simple as the already implemented version check, and it could be opted out at any time for those who only want to know when they feel like it. I've always been a new version hound for all programs, OSes (beginning with ProDOS for Apple in my case), although always tempered enough to keep back-ups of at least one version behind just in case. I wouldn't lose any sleep if Tihiy doesn't want to bother changing the current method or implementing anything new regarding it, however. I've always believed in the most gain for the least amount of work. The best bang for the buck. Just one more option would be to give the Cfg program command line options, and implement a check box with or without options (frequency, again if Tihiy wants to make that configurable) which would create a scheduled task using said command lines to check for product updates, and would notify via a dialog if so. Again, should be fairly simple to implement, people who don't want anything running that doesn't have to can leave it unchecked (I motion that it be defaulted to not check/notify on a scheduled task). Not sure if it was this thread someone already mentioned scheduled tasks for something. or if it's too hard or unelegant to schedule/unschedule on the fly after hitting checkbox and OK, then create the task at product installation, but disable it by default. Then if the checkbox is hit and after OK, then re-enable the task. Either is just as good IMHO. I'm done on this particular subject, I don't want to beat it to death like what happened with the activation issue. Edit: Added info I forgot to.
  8. How about (perhaps in addition to the already present notification when StartIsBackCfg is run, just emailing all registered users about new versions?
  9. I don't think so, unfortunately. Grumble. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I think I like Imitation May Be A Sincere Form Of Flattery, But It’s A Loser’s Strategy in this case. It's Microsoft's (and Apple's) method: if you can't do it yourself better, copy your competition.
  10. I can understand that. If the configuration program only configured the Start Menu itself, like the original Start Menu Properties, then I wouldn't bother. Some people never know that you can configure/do other things with right-clicks. Quite often when I instruct someone I'm helping to right-click on something, they look at me like I'm crazy - they didn't know the right mouse button actually serves a purpose. When he first started developing Ex7ForW8, it became readily apparent that certain things were missing (wireless networks, other similar looking such notifications). He carefully added back in just those items that he had to so people wouldn't be missing things - which Metro previously handled. It was well done, which is why you don't have any issue, but is a little less elegant than this "keep it simple" solution. It won't surprise me if he considers doing this sometime in the future, but I wouldn't hold your breath - it might be a while. At least for now you can disable all hot corners and never have to see it if that's what you choose.
  11. Do you think you have a legal case against them? It is exactly the same changes you made.
  12. Does it? I thought they changed that to Windows 8 UI or something like that Reference WIKI: "Was planning" being the operative phrase. Call to Microsoft - please stop renaming it, or finally find and stick with one name soon!!! How do I stop this craaaazy thiiiiing!?
  13. LOL! You're welcome. Me having the most wonderful girlfriend (and future wife - the same woman ) in the world, she and I have learned to read minds easily!
  14. I know you directly addressed Tihiy, but I'm going to respond anyway. Hope you don't mind. What shortcut is necessary for StartIsBack? Once installed it runs automatically. Configuring StartIsBack is just like configuring the Windows 7 Start Menu, right click either on the Orb or the Start Menu itself and choose Properties. Seconded. I use Hibernate often and although at this current moment I prefer the power default be Lock, if I ever change that again it would probably be to Hibernate. The configuration program might not be 64-bit but StartIsBack itself has both 32 and 64-bit DLLs for the appropriate system. It is the DLLs which actually make StartIsBack work. Personally, I don't think there's reason enough to make a 64-bit version of the configuration program. It's a tiny program and certainly doesn't make use of more than 4GB of RAM. Unless someone can think of reasons which are more than aesthetic...? Although it's confusing, Microsoft is who calls it "Modern UI" (previously known as Metro). It's already confusing enough without adding any more aliases for what it's called. Tihiy (and anyone else) who kills Metro completely will then experience problems with some portions of the Desktop UI, which use parts of Metro to display, for instance, Wireless Networks, new drive detected interface (AutoRun) and other elements. This was one of the problems Tihiy fixed to the best of his ability in Ex7ForW8. SiB couldn't remain as elegant and direct as it is right now if Metro would actually be disabled. He'd then have to re-implement the "toast notifcations" just as he did in Ex7ForW8. If he chooses to implement that possibility at some point or even soon, that's his choice and as long as the user can decide whether or not to turn Metro completely off or not, I don't think anyone would have any serious problem with it, but I doubt if that's a high priority on his to-do list.
  15. It's working under v1.1RC. @Tihiy, did the new version check have a bug under v1.0? And thanks for v1.1!
  16. <=- For every million or so useless facts I have, I find out I actually know one thing slightly useful. LOL
  17. Another example, I recently installed CoolNovo (Chrome Plus) and have been using it exclusively on my laptop. The Start Menu has yet to show CoolNovo among my 16 most recently used programs. I only have one program pinned at the top. There are other programs (WordPad! and one or two others) that I only launched once ever in this Windows Installation.
  18. If he did, he didn't make it sound like it; or he didn't make it sound like he knew he did it: @UTC, can you confirm what number you have your recently used programs set to?
  19. I actually haven't even tried (except by accident sometime in the past) the Metro version of any web browser.
  20. I think I read, and maybe it's true of any Metro-supported browser, that IE and Chrome have to be made the default browser to work in Metro. Meaning if you have another browser set as default like Firefox or Chrome, then you won't be able to open IE in Metro, only in Desktop. But it still seems like something's a little funky - again, not that I'm worried about it, but why do programs appear higher on the list that I've run only once and not as recently as IE, which I've run at least two dozen times and still do every once in a while.
  21. I can verify that on both my desktop and my laptop that IE hasn't appeared in the Start Menu at all. On the laptop is a few days' old user account but definitely has used IE some, and the recent programs list isn't fully populated yet so I know IE wasn't just bumped off the bottom (I have it set to 17!). On my desktop there are programs that I've launched more recently, but only once ever whereas IE I have definitely launched at least one or two handfuls of times. v1.1RC is installed on both PCs. I've never noticed about IE never appearing, and I'm not really concerned about it myself. I keep it pinned to the taskbar for use every great once in a while. Edit: @Tihiy, I forget if I've mentioned this; I kinda suspect I hadn't before because I knew the first priority of SiB was to recreate the Windows 7 Start Menu experience. Now that you have 99.9% and gone beyond that too some in other directions, I was wondering if you would consider a checkbox to reverse the order of recent/most used programs. For mouse-jockeys like me (for everyday user stuff) I always thought it was stupid that the most used program was at the top of the list, farthest away from the start button.
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