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  1. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158666-start-is-back-133/page__view__findpost__p__1026879
  2. Thanks, Tihiy! Yeah, I would guess that people who change the default behavior of DEP to be in the minority - not that it shouldn't have been corrected but it's no surprise that it didn't get noticed sooner.
  3. Ah, thanks for the clarification. You make me want SiB to do this even more than I thought!
  4. Not at all to discourage Tihiy from going down that road, as Microsoft seems to always be about five to ten years behind in some of the bells and whistles that really smooth over the computing experience, like tabbed browsing and built-in download managers, and of course multi-monitor taskbars and Start Menus. I've been using multiple monitors for at least eight or so years, and with Windows 8, they've finally added some more support for multi-monitors. In the meantime, there are at several if not many commercial programs for doing what you want. Maybe you already know this but are looking for SiB to do this, too, anyway. IMHO, the creme de la creme is DisplayFusion by Binary Fortress Software. It can be intimidating, but you don't have to dive into any features you don't want to, while at least taking advantage of it's basic function(s) immediately, but it's got a LOT of function and it does it well. I've heard/read good things about Actual Multiple Monitors but haven't tried it. UltraMon is another touted one, but the last time I tested it a couple years ago, I still preferred DisplayFusion. YMMV. I don't know if there exists any free solutions right now. I think I had found a WIKI list of multiple monitor support programs which had a matrix of features they have, and could help you decide which ones to try. Or maybe that was software KV(M) switches I found the matrix of features? Also, as a plug and technically OT for something I thought looked interesting but haven't tried yet. http://mizage.com/windivvy/ Some of this capability *might* be built into DisplayFusion, but I haven't really used that so far if it does, and I'm on my laptop right now elsewhere and don't have DF installed at the moment.
  5. I had just did multiple tests but didn't have time to report yet; in VMWare Workstation under Windows 8 Pro x86, every time I turned DEP to "all programs and services", and rebooted (I already had SiB installed), I got a black screen after automatic logon set in VMWare's settings. I'm sure it'd be the same without automatic logon, as well, but haven't tested it yet. Have you confirmed that before SiB is installed on x86 with DEP fully on that it doesn't give a black screen already?
  6. If you have DEP selected for "all programs and services" (not the default), then you might have to exclude StartIsBackCfg.exe from it. I believe this was mentioned early in the development, but as users have to manually change from the default DEP setting to this, it would probably be considered "normal" behavior to have to exclude it from DEP if DEP isn't set to the default "for essential Windows programs and services only".
  7. I can't see any attached zip. Sorry, forgot to hit a button. Windows Update.zip
  8. For Windows Update, I just have a shortcut which I drag to my All Programs folder (I might've had to put it on my Desktop first because of rights, and then drag it from there). You might be able to make the shortcut yourself, pointing to %windir%\system32\wuapp.exe startmenu with %windir%\system32 as the starting folder. Attached is my shortcut zipped up. Or you can search for it in the Start Menu, right-click it, make a shortcut from it, then put it where you want.
  9. That's probably impossible (settings are stored in Registry, and you don't normally have access to other user's hives - Windows doesn't even load them until they log in), while changing the defaults should be possible. Ah. Then maybe save the settings to the common hive everyone has access to, and any new user accounts made / or current user accounts without customized Start Menus (no settings in their own hive) default to the common hive?
  10. It would also be nice to be able to save the settings for all users at once (all the same), as an option.
  11. I *think* (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that you have to create a shortcut file to the program in question, rename that, and then pin the shortcut?
  12. Only trying would tell for sure. I don't turn any of those things off anymore (I used to under Windows XP and Vista). Obviously not UAC under XP.
  13. Merry Christmas!!! Happy and safe New Year to you and your loved ones! Thanks for the update, and I'll buy a business license sometime soon.
  14. IE and Chrome both have Metro/Modern UI versions as well as Desktop. I think that's normal behavior. As far as I know, only the browser that's set to default can be used in the Modern UI.
  15. File is definitely fixed on server, try downloading with another browser. I hate to say that but I downloaded it using firefox and then using internet explorer and that makes no difference. I don't know if any body else facing the same issue ? I am very sure that issue will be solved soon Cheers I just updated to v1.3 RC1 (#2) and all three options when right-clicking the "All Programs" lead to different results for me exactly like they're supposed to. Try creating a new temporary user account, install it fresh under that account, and see if it has the same problem, then report back here.
  16. Actually I was thinking it would ask when you add it to the list, not when actually applying it, but guess not either way. Do a search of this thread because I know this has come up before; someone might've even posted their blank Start Orb, and I would guess someone said how to select not to resize. Maybe it's not to resize when creating the Start Orb???
  17. Sorry, but where (and how) can this option be changed? Right-click Start Menu Orb, choose "Properties". Choose "Appearance", then "Add" the start button you created. I'm just guessing that when you go to add such a small start orb, it asks if you want to resize to fit the taskbar.
  18. I also can't reproduce this. I first added the Address tool bar, then rebooted, it was still there, so I added the Desktop and Links toolbars as well, rebooted and it was still there. I tested with v1.2.1 in VMWare Workstation since that's what you were running when you had the problem.
  19. You can't turn it off but did you know that if you middle-click (click the scroll-wheel) the Start Orb, it'll open the Start Screen? Only if you don't change the default behavior of the scroll-wheel click, though.
  20. I haven't seen this issue yet and can't reproduce it.
  21. Not duplicated here, everything came back to my surprise. Windows 8 Enterprise x64 Thanks Tihiy for the update! Edit: FYI this was an upgrade from v1.2 RC 2.
  22. Tobin's statement *might*, technically, be true. Whether MS would consider it worth it to do anything about it, however, who knows. It's his opinion, everyone has their right to have one. At least he didn't express his negative opinion in the SiB thread.
  23. Someone *had* made an executable (might have been a batch file turned into an executable) which I was able to pin to the right of the Start Menu and click to get to the Apps screen during early testing of SiB, or when I was using Classic Shell before, but now that program opens the SiB Start Menu. I keep middle-click as middle-click, however, so it's not a problem for me.
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