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  1. On one of the settings tabs, change how many recent programs are displayed. Lower it and that'll make the start menu smaller, down to the point where all the things you have selected to display on the right side will still show. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  2. They're both quotes. Al Capone the gangster said the one you quoted, or at least made it well known. I've always gotten the same results in both the Search field in the Windows Start Menu, starting with Vista and on, as in Windows Explorer. I've always used it that way and never had problem finding programs with it which are in the Start Menu, like "Calculator", and programs which there aren't even Start Menu entries for, like netplwiz, msconfig and others. If you ask nicely, maybe Tihiy would add that setting option to SiB+. If you want to try a kind word and a gun, YMMV. ;D
  3. Kinda harsh. You get more what you want with sugar than with vinegar. Instead of being rough, all you had to say was that you miss some functionality of SiB and detail what it was. Have you tried going into Indexing in the Control Panel and disabling indexing for the things you don't want? Don't know if it automatically clears what it's already indexed since I've only added to it, not removed anything, before. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  4. If sorted by Name or Publisher it's under StartIsBack or startisback.com, respectively. Honestly, no complications that I know of. You're welcome!
  5. Did you download it from the link in the second post of this thread? You'll have to be more specific. What doesn't work? Can you install it?
  6. Hi! Right-click on the Start Button, or on the Start Menu and choose Properties. All the way at the bottom, "About", it will let you activate there. SiB doesn't install anything else at all. Not even a hint of anything else. You can uninstall SiB through the Control Panel/Programs and Features. I concur, he did a great job!
  7. You don't have to back it up. It'll be recognized as the same machine when you activate. I've reinstalled Windows so many times and have never had a problem reactivating. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  8. You're welcome! Hi! The link to the latest RC is always the same; it's in the second post. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  9. Just guessing that he probably took my reproducing it as well as enough info. :-) Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 4
  10. Do you mean that it doesn't show the advanced stuff (Windows 8.1's native right-click Start Button options) in Win+X or it literally doesn't show "Properties" (where we can configure StartIsBack+)?
  11. Feature request, but really just a thought not high priority at all. In StartIsBack+'s configuration, on the Start Menu settings, above the "Right side items" list it would be nice to have a radio selection box above the "middle" column (mostly "Link" and the others "Menu") to be able to select all of the middle ones en masse, if you understand my meaning. That's how I roll most of the time. And I suppose if you implemented that, might as well have a "All Don't display" button over the left column, and over the right column I think it would be appropriate to have a "All Menu" button (not just the ones listed on the right, but those few with the Menu option in the middle column). Edit: By the way, I suppose for the right side "All Menu" option, for those items which "Link" is the only option, perhaps it should select those too. Or maybe I'm just trying to make it too complicated! The way it is now certainly isn't lacking - it's wonderful. If you like the idea, go for it, if not, eh *shrug*.
  12. That'd be me... you're welcome! And welcome back! It's good to have you around! Thank you, thank you!
  13. Great to be back! Off topic, I know, but thanks to Tihiy for much help getting a message to higher-ups so that they would change my username and I could log on to MSFN with their new software! Thanks to you or whoever realized that my spaces and quotes in my name caused the problem with the new software. Trying RC1 now. Wow, I can put a lot in my Start Menu now! Possible bug report if not reported previously: If I check the box for renaming the start screen to "Apps"..., and then hit No (I don't want to continue), the box is still left checked. Further, hitting OK just closes the configuration with the box checked, and it's still checked when I go back in. Correct me if this is by design, but I suspect it's not. No big problem. Also, BTW, now unchecking the box gives the same prompt even though I never went through with it after checking the box the first time. Of course if you make it so it won't leave the box checked if you hit No, then that problem will disappear too. Good night Tihiy and all!
  14. First post at the top of two pages before this one. Sent from my Sprint (Page Plus) Samsung Galaxy S2 / Epic 4G Touch using Tapatalk on Re-Calked in Jellybean ROM v1.2 Jellybean 4.1.2, Agat63's v1.42F Kernel+CrossBreeder v7.2 and SwiftKey keyboard.
  15. Cool, you're welcome! I'm glad you found what you were looking for. Enjoy!
  16. Many congrats indeed my friend! Cheers and Regards Thank you very much!!! Hi! Hope you will like SiB. This is from memory as I'm at work (using a desktop server running Server 2003 R2) right now. Right-click the start button in your task bar and choose Properties, then there should be a section of the SiB configuration having to do with visuals or themes or some such. Use the dialog to load the orb from a custom picture file that you downloaded. Then make sure that orb is selected, hit Okay and that should be that. Forgive me for any vagueness or just plain slightly wrong. As I said, I'm at work.
  17. I bet if we look we can find that on YouTube! You're probably right! I was going to bluff and say that I've got a picture around here.
  18. Yep, there's no sense for Tihiy to do all sorts of work to support the leaks "available" now, when Microsoft will probably change countless things before release which might effect SiB's behavior. It would be like a three legged cat trying to bury a terd on a frozen lake.
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