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  1. By default, Windows (including Windows 8) is set to manage the size of the pagefile automatically. This works fine and is probably how yours is set if you never changed your setting, but for purpose of principal, I prefer to set mine to the recommended size after a new Windows installation, so that the PageFile doesn't get fragmented.
  2. I would suspect it has something to do with the release of MSE (which I am a fan of so far, not that it matters LOL) v2.0 last month. Maybe the links changed? Don't know for sure, but it's a possibility, even though the filenames are definitely still the same.
  3. Using the Repair Startup option from the original Vista or Windows 7 DVD will not put anything back except the ability to boot into your Windows partition, if that's the problem you're trying to fix. It doesn't install any applications from the OEM or anything if that's what you're afraid of. It is quite normal behavior for a vLited Vista or Win 7 DVD to not offer the Repair option. I haven't investigated to find out if there's a way of preventing this since I've successfully used the original installation DVDs for the same purpose without any trouble.
  4. Perhaps I scanned the replies already made too fast, but I didn't notice anyone mention the possibility, actually what is common from OEMs, that the boot priority in the BIOS is set with the hard drive before the optical drive. I always change this on every computer I work on or build. Also since it's a newer laptop, there may be a function key for bringing up a boot menu (F12 possibly?) which would allow you to select what drive to boot from only for that boot session. I apologize if someone already mentioned this and I missed it.
  5. If your XP SP1a installation disc is what came with your Dell (which I'm sure it was, I have probably the exact same XP SP1a Dell installation disc myself), first of all the CD key on the outside of the computer isn't the same key that XP is actually installed with. Every Dell XP computer gets a unique key listed on this sticker, but all Dell XP installations usually use the same key - which isn't the one on the sticker. I haven't used this myself, but try googling for "OEMSCAN" and that might lead you to the information you're looking for. Also, if your previous XP installation is still working (or you can reinstall from the SP1a disc), there are utilities to tell you what key is used on the current installation, then you will see what I mean. I believe the key starts with an "R", but that's just from memory. If you know where to look in the files on the original SP1a disc, you can also get the key from there. Good luck!
  6. We should be happy with anything that Archeron is willing to do, not unhappy about what he won't do. He's doing this for free, you know.
  7. Cool, I'm happy to help and glad it does the job for you. I know there are hundreds of conversion to DVD programs out there and it took me several years of searching to find the reliable one that is ConvertXtoDVD. I don't recall ever having a serious issue with it. If you get into customizing it (to change the default DVD menus, et cetera), there are some things to get used to, but since you don't have to learn those things unless you want to, it's great for just drop and convert too.
  8. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I don't use Nero for converting/burning AVIs to DVD. I use VSO ConvertXtoDVD. I find it superior, faster, and more configurable, flexible and reliable than Nero Vision, which I used to use but haven't now for about three years. Of course I prefer subtitles in my movies, and that was one of the big plusses of ConvertXtoDVD for me, that it would handle converting subtitle files into proper DVD subtitles (not hard-coded into the video) as well. I don't know if Nero Vision has improved in that department but three years ago it didn't handle subtitles at all.
  9. Actually not. I always use the european version as I'm german. Didn't think about the english-only link. Sry, my bad. But you may just use that version, too, till the english-only file is reuploaded. Oh, no problem. My fault too since I didn't even consider that the european version might have English in it as well, and also my assumption that you would use English. I would guess HDDVD and Blu-Ray support, or better support if v7 already had that.
  10. When I click the first link for Nero Lite latest version English I get "file not found" from iFile. I assume this is the same problem others are having. Have you tried this link? Nero Lite
  11. Here are multiple mirrors through one link: Nero Lite v8.3.6.0 build Enjoy! Sorry I don't have Nero Micro. @Acheron, if you wish me to remove the mirrors, let me know.
  12. This is what one person replied to someone else somewhere in this thread:
  13. You have to buy Nero 8 as usual in order to activate Nero 8 Micro or Nero 8 Lite.
  14. Worked perfect first time, thanks a million!
  15. I see. Yeah, I can't blame you for avoiding .NET as long as possible. For XP installations, I use DriverPacks and select the option to install the old ATI Control Panel with the latest driver instead of the Catalyst Control Center, but under Vista I don't have that option. But I still use .NET for My Movies, some NeoSmart Technologies tools (EasyBCD and iReboot). At least .NET 2.0 is way better than .NET 1.x. .NET 3.0 and 3.5 take way too long to install though, and nothing I use requires it, so...
  16. What do you mean "can only use it inside a virtual machine"? Or do you mean that's how you use it since you prefer not to install .NET? I don't like .NET either but a few of my favorite tools and ATI's video driver user interface use it so I install the ones that are necessary which are usually only .NET 2.0 these days for me.
  17. Blame trickytwista; he's the one who added a new reply to this three year old post. j/k trickytwista lol yea bud i hear ya..dunno how i even came across the post in the 1st place to be honest...but yea guys blame me my bad lmao
  18. You're welcome and good luck. The .ini still said target was SP3 build 3264 as well. I believe you that you downloaded RTM (build 5512), but somehow you re-posted the old .ini. Oh well.
  19. FYI, that looks like the same old .ini file from the old nLite and old SP3. I really don't know what to suggest for the three issues. Still you should post your most recent .ini from nLite for your most recent nLite run, not your old one. It's possible Nuhi will have to get involved if nLite is actually not doing what it's supposed to be. Right now I don't have the time to try to duplicate the problems you're having. It's nothing too bad, though, since you can change that stuff after installation for now until nLite gets fixed if that's the problem.
  20. The only issue I've had with SP3 final is that Windows Update doesn't list all the updates it should yet, but that's on Microsoft's end and has nothing to do with the Service Pack.
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