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  1. Well it may or may not make a difference, but it should be a big concern to you. After all, SP3 beta is still beta because it's buggy. Also, what use is it to slipstream the beta version 1) when the final is out now, 2) the beta will not continue to be supported and 3) the betas have a timebomb so that they quit working after a while. If that happens, you can't even install the final SP3 in this case, although I've read reports saying that MS enabled installing SP3 final over beta builds 3811 and higher, but yours is quite low a build number. Noone else is going to test the same situation with the same very old SP3 beta. What would make you think that such an old SP3 beta wouldn't be the cause of your problem, especially since noone else has reported the problem with the final?
  2. What about posting your settings file?
  3. Strange. You should try this with the very latest version and report back if it still does it. You shouldn't need to build an ISO at the separate steps, the result will be the same. As a rule and not related to this, however, whenever a new Service Pack comes out, I usually create and burn a new ISO with just the new Service Pack slipstreamed to use in the future as a master image so that I don't have to slipstream it every time I create new custom installations. I do this a lot, however, so if you don't do it that often it's not that big a deal.
  4. That appeared to work for me as well even though the installation reported that installing updates wasn't completely successful. It no longer shows that update as available, anyway. Thanks, BHall.
  5. It's hard for me to understand precisely what you're trying to say. I'm not sure I want to know what coocking (or cocking) your Windows installation is. Sorry, had to joke. Anyway, are you saying that you used nLite to change some settings and that some of them took affect and others didn't? I haven't used the very latest nLite version; I had last used v1.45 beta 2, but I had no problems when I used it to set the visual settings. In this case I set all the visual settings on with the exception of auto-activing windows that I hover over. I haven't ever tried adding Device Manager to the context menu so I don't know about that... Most installations I turn nearly all the visual settings off but this was on a powerful enough computer.
  6. Blame trickytwista; he's the one who added a new reply to this three year old post. j/k trickytwista
  7. XP SP3 still asks for the key at the same place it used to. The difference is you can just press "Next" with the key being blank, and then press "No" to a prompt that pops up, and then it's successfully bypassed entering a key during installation. Here's a screenshot: What I don't know is how to do this unattended.
  8. The cause of this is slipstreaming SP3 into a VLK XP under Windows Vista. If you perform the same operation under Windows XP then the VLK XP will accept your CD key, if performed under Vista it won't accept any CD key. Or if you use the latest version of nLite, it apparently will do it correctly under Vista.
  9. You may want to check out http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5702 about integrating UR2, et cetera. Also, you might as well check out http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...054abc00376ea17.
  10. The linked worked now just fine without doing anything differently. I always use GetRight as long as the server works with it (unlike RapidShare Free...).
  11. I can't get the download link to work either. I've tried repeatedly in both Firefox 3 beta and IE7 under Vista. Click on the file you want to download...it opens the iFile.it download page...click on the Request Ticket button...wait...then click on Download. Thanks but I had done that multiple times. The server keeps timing out after it tries for 30 seconds or so.
  12. I can't get the download link to work either. I've tried repeatedly in both Firefox 3 beta and IE7 under Vista.
  13. You should always slipstream Service Packs before anything else. You are correct I believe IE7 requires SP2 minimum. I've noted in this thread http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=73960#73960 that XP with SP3 doesn't even list IE7 on Microsoft Update; not as critical or optional. Not until they fix it. So even if you manually install (or integrate) IE7 on XP SP3, you won't be able to tell if all of the current IE7 hotfixes are applied since MU also won't list IE7's hotfixes under SP3, from what I understand.
  14. Yes, that is only an issue when installing SP3 over top of an already existing XP installation. SP3 isn't supposed to work on an XP RTM installation, but is supposed to work on an XP SP1 or SP2 installation. When slipstreaming, RTM, SP1 or SP2 XP sources may be used. Edit: I have no idea why an earlier Service Pack would be required under current installations when installing SP3. AFAIK, this is the first time there's been any requirement like this for any Windows NT version and Service Pack. I wonder why, too. Especially since the slipstreaming works without a previous Service Pack. On a side note and forgive if this is covered elsewhere, I had this issue with betas and RCs of SP3 but I ignored it since they weren't RTM. In summary, if you perform the slipstreaming of SP3 into XP Corporate under Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, then it will no longer accept your proper VLK keys. I don't know if similar issues are present when performing slipstreams to other editions of XP under Vista/Server 2008. Other people have confirmed that they still had this issue with SP3 RTM, and I did as well. Re-slipstreaming under XP SP2 instead of under Vista allowed the resulting installation source to still accept my VLK keys. Links to articles and/or user comments pertaining to this issue: http://forums.microsoft.com/technet/showpo...=0&pageid=3 http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/pa...ufacturing.aspx I would suggest that at least for now, nLite check to see which OS it's running under and if it's Vista or Server 2008, then to warn users when attempting a Service Pack slipstream. Unless an official work-around is discovered and implemented.
  15. Okay, where's the link to the user license information? I can't find the link through the nLite website, and through google for "nlite eula" all I can find is links like this which lead to a EULA from 2007 which doesn't mention what you found and says it's for v0.x. Not concerned about the version number, just couldn't find any similar statement to what you found about business use. If I google for "5. nLite is free for personal use only, you cannot use it for any company or business purposes at this time.", then I find a Word document in which someone is quoting this exact phrase as well. Shouldn't this license information be easier to find? Am I looking right past it on the website? I've also tried googling for "nlite license agreement", but again all I can find is links either to this forum or elsewhere where that phrase is quoted. I believe you, of course, I just wanted to find the license myself.
  16. No, I didn't. I guess I'll stop using it for other people's computers. Thanks for letting me know. I'm a company of one person, so please don't sue me.
  17. -- hmmmmm. Correct me if I'm wrong, but, it is my understanding that in order to update to the "next" beta or to the final "RTM" of Sp, the previous version "MUST" be uninstalled. If you slipstream today, the customer will not be able to update by themselves.Just a word of caution. Good luck That is precisely correct. That is why I said that I would definitely slipstream SP3 once it RTM'd, and why I was wondering if SP3 would install correctly (once it RTM'd) if I had removed components from XP SP2 with nLite, because I've reinstalled an innumerable amount of customer's computers over the past couple of years with nLite and I wanted to know how they would react once SP3 came out. Not only what you mention but the fact that all betas/RCs of SP3 are "supposed" to have a timebomb so that they will quit working eventually (I believe six months after the date of that particular beta/RC). Thanks anyway. If I hadn't known about the slipstreaming and updating issue, I would have wanted to know.
  18. What speed do you burn your CD-Rs and CDRWs at? I learned the hard way (over years of experience) to generally use one-fourth the maximum speed of the drive and/or media. Typically I burn at 16x for CDs and 4x for DVDs. It can make a world of difference. Your burner could also be going bad. My burners only last a little longer than a year. I do burn a LOT though. I have seen some of my customer's burners that they rarely used or even never actually burned anything and the drives were malfunctioning by the time I repaired and reinstalled their machines. You could try only creating ISO images of your integrated installation media and using the free VirtualBox to emulate installing from them and see if there's any problems. Then if there isn't any problem so far, try burning them to disc at 16x (or slower if you have an older burner) and see if there's any errors. You can still use VirtualBox then to try installing from this real disc that you just burned. Then if all is good you should be able to install it for real. Don't ask me about particulars of VirtualBox. I use VMWare Workstation but I doubt if you'll want to pay the price for that. VirtualBox is free and is evidently sufficient enough for other experts to use for testing purposes. Good luck!
  19. A question and some good news, boooggy. Was it the full SP3 installer you used which re-added the removed components? I just tried the Microsoft supplied registry hack to enable SP3 through Microsoft Update and installing SP3 build 5508 this way didn't add anything back. No Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer or System Restore anyway.
  20. Thanks, boooggy. Oh, I definitely will slipstream SP3 once it's RTM. That's unfortunate news about SP3 adding things back in which were previously removed. This is a customer's computer so I didn't want to "dominate the dalmation" by removing components if that kept it from updating to SP3 once it's done. This is a semi-speedy computer so I could just leave all components in, if they're going to be re-added eventually anyway. I've been putting off re-installing this customers' computer in hopes that SP3 would RTM but I'm sure MS will wait until right after I finish working on this computer. I hate to think of all the old computers I've worked on which I removed components enough to speed them up now going to slow down again with the re-added components. I'm going to do a test now and see if it re-adds System Restore. If it doesn't, then there'll be at least some hope for those old computers.
  21. I've searched and searched both manually and using the search function and can't find an answer to this question. Using the search function, "SP3" is too short a search term for it even in conjunction with other words, and I couldn't find an answer using popular build numbers either (5508, 5503, 3311...). Will XP SP2 installations that I've removed components from update to SP3 safely? I remember that it was said that with vLite and Vista SP1 that if components were removed that SP1 wouldn't install, so I didn't know if the same applied to nLite and XP. Thank you in advance. P.S. I realize that if I removed enough of some very important things from SP2 I'm sure SP3 would have problems installing, I'm just looking for the short answer without going into full details. Examples of removed components including System Restore service, Windows Messenger, MSN Explorer, Alexa ("spyware"). Also, if it is necessary for me to test this scenario myself in VMWare Workstation with removed components from SP2 and the Windows Update SP3 (RC2 Refresh build 5508) registry hack, I can and report back here for others' benefit. Just let me know if I should answer my question my own self. Even if I do test the scenario myself I would like to know what the official response is. Thanks again.
  22. That's okay by me. Vista already includes all the .NET any of my current applications need. Thanks for your work.
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