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  1. Win7 fat-trimming: the bigger picture

    Since I here now that Win 7. 7600 has been optimized to support majority of the applications around, I would like to leap to a lite version of Win 7. This guy has asked some really valid questions as I would also like to know the answers to them.
  2. Vlited Vista x64 and repair option

    I agree with your performance observation vs Vista, but its only for 1 reason I havent made the change over to Win 7. Its simply because some applications that I was using in Win Xp 32bit couldnt run in Win 7 32 bit and I really really needed them in my pc. Another reason I havent reverted back to Xp is the ironic performance improvement of about 40% vs Xp 32bit even with the aero theme and video wallpaper present. An interesting thing I discovered with Vista x64 is that it is even running some Xp only apps I recently installed 2 weeks ago very very well otherwise right now I would be on Win 7. I wanted to be able to fix every issue just like Xp would actually repair the whole OS and not just fix an installation that wouldnt boot as roirraW "edo... mentioned above. I also tried your suggestion and unfortunately it wants to install afresh (no repair option available).
  3. Vlited Vista x64 and repair option

    Your point is well understood but what of when probably a patch that was meant to increase the no. of open connections in order to increase torrent speed screws up your windows so bad that error messages start intercepting almost every action a system application tries to perform (messing up the winstaller, .NET framework and so much more)? Or an action one made that screwed some sensitive part of the OS (like it happens when I overclock aggressively and is torturing the system for sound stability) wouldnt I need the repair option? When I got nlite and knew it could remove unwanted components for me and it was until about my 5th custom image that I discovered that there was a repair option in nlite, I would be very very very greatful if you could help me find it in vlite.
  4. Vlited Vista x64 and repair option

    I am running on Vista x64 ultimate lite and just realized that I will be needed the repair option soon. When I insert the original DVD it shows the repair option but when I insert the vlite edition it skips it. Nlite version of Xp shows the repair option but you cant enlitten vista. Deleting the autounattened.xml doesnt help at all and I dont want to endup using the original DVD as the junk am trying to avoid will find its way into the pc anyway nullifying the need to vlite it. I dont want to have to re-install everything I have now as it will take 12hrs to get it to where it is now, so where is vlite repair option?