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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Ah - that will be a problem, its many years since I last saw the old (think it was ME) CD... cant find it! any suggestions? difficult problem
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks very much - now much more optimistic... In answer to your quieries: Yes, Raid set as bootable and first on boot sequence. About xp home upgrade - I seem to remember that if I unplugged old hdd with xp installed on it and tried to boot on nlite CD the XP setup says it couldn't find prev install of XP and therefore won't proceed to install. I'll try again and keep you posted many thanks
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Help! any ideas with the following...bear with me... If anyone can help fernando 1 can... new asus M3N32sli deluxe (590sli), new raid array (nvidia, but silicon image available on mb) xp home edition upgrade cd installed on old hd After ugrading my hardware I wanted to fresh install XP on new raid (nvidia) and then ditch old (slow) hd so I went for nlite and all was going well... I updated bios, added latest nvidia chipset drivers and burnt the CD. Followed above instructions text mode for raid, pnp for ide etc I couldn't unplug old hd during setup as XP CD is home edition upgrade (what a false economy in retrospect) so had to install on raid as a mulitboot setup. Now I can't access either installation, despite recovery console fixboot, fixmbr (apparantly i have a non standard mbr (no matter how many times I fix it))and bootcfg /rebuild (incidently bootcfg /list now shows about 6 items, but i'll check microsoft for help on that). The system will not start without the nlite cd (error message= NTLDR missing), and when I do use the nlite CD it goes straight to windows setup... Any ideas where to go with this? My mb can do silicon image raid, so maybe i should ditch Nvidia raid - will this be free of probs/any disadvantages using this raid controller? Will I have to buy full win XP? Should I throw the whole thing out the window and do something more interesting? Many thanks...
  4. two simple questions

    hello, please help with 2 simple beginer questions: 1. I have winxp home upgrade disk - any known issues with nlite-ing this? 2. Can i use nlite to burn a DVD rather that CD? (just used nlite and my file size is 900mb - too big for a cd - maybe i put too many drivers in!) many thanks for your patience
  5. boot failure after driver removal

    ello - any help with the following would bw helpful thanks: recently removed my nforce xp chipset drivers (as per instructions) via control panel before installing latest set (9.35), however on restarting the computer freezes on a blank screen mid way through the windows login... Tried restart in safe mode and get to dialogue box: "you are about to enter safe mode etc", but neither keyboard(ps2)/mouse(usb) will work! so i'm stuck i can't get any further! ... can only get old installation on dual boot menu to work (see below)... any ideas? ty (xp installation: m2n32-sli mb old xp install old hdd new xp on nvidia raid drive very odd boot up situation waiting to be resolved (hence above driver update): dual boot menu but won't boot at all without my slipstream nlite xp disk in the cd drive...very annoying, as obviously I want to ditch old slow hdd xp install and enjoy my shiny new raid..anyway ignore this bit please! any ideas about the above?
  6. raid xp install boot thingy

    tried that - but the winxp setup doesnt see the raid installation so i can load recovery console...
  7. raid xp install boot thingy

    no - when i switch computer on without the slipstream disk- it says insert boot disk... if I disable cd in bios I just get a cursor... Then with the disk i get duel boot menu. Disconnecting old drive and leaving just raid= xp setup booting from cd detecting no winxp installation And yes - did put latest mb/raid drivers on disk ...hmmm wierd problem....
  8. raid xp install boot thingy

    ello - any help with the following will be much appreciated. - got new mb/hdd etc - winxp was on old hd - wanted win xp on new raid drive- had to slipstream(nlite) win xp cd to include raid drivers etc- eventually installed xp on new raid - reformatted old hd and then... not able to boot direct from new raid xp installation, xp has forced me to reinstall xp on old drive giving me duel boot menu AND i cannot even get to the duel boot menu without the nlite slipstream cd in the cd drive! any thoughts? mb=m2n32 sli-del (raid=nvidia nforce 590sli)