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  1. It appears that the latest version of WMP11 Slipstreamer doesn't support some of the same flags that it used to. When adding MP11 Slipstreamer to nlite, and then starting the process, I get an error about usage, and then when clicking OK, the command line argument list appears. This is with 1.4.1. I could just be using it wrong, in which case, it would be great to know where the instructions are for how to properly use the slipstreamer with nlite.
  2. Curious if the beta x64 drivers for the HP DeskJet 970cxi series printers is supported. When installing within Windows via the Device Mgr, the inf opens up an executable installer.
  3. EDIT: This reply is pointless. The OP just realized that the last post in this topic before his was in 2001, how and why it showed up on his computer today is still a mystery. Anyways, MOVE ALONG.
  4. Speeddymon

    Burn issue

    That much I know, I was just reporting the bug. The Direct Burn option does work if you don't make an image first, not sure about after you make image and then burn image, let alone just burn image. Either way, just figured I'd report it to nuhi
  5. Speeddymon

    Burn issue

    Do nLite'ing as normal, then make an ISO image, then before hitting next, change the Mode to Direct Burn, and hit the button to start the process to burn. It goes through the MB's really fast, then says write successful, but never even messes with the CD drive. If you check the Verify checkbox, it says verification failed. If you change it to burn image, however, it will ask which image to burn, and then properly burns it. This is in v1.4.1, but maybe also in 1.4.5 beta
  6. I can only guess that either the cd was corrupted while copying to your hard drive, or perhaps you ran out of space while the modification was going on, or maybe the versions of media player and ie7 that you are trying to integrate do not correspond to the localized version of windows. Last guess would be that this cd was modified once already and you are trying to modify it again, meaning you need to start from a clean source, such as the original cd you purchased. All just guesses though.
  7. Also remember that the last session files only store what was done in the last session, so if you removed some components, and then modified the modified CD, those components would be already removed, and therefore the last session would not record that it removed them, so if you later needed to rebuild from scratch, you would have to go back and manually enter those items for removal.
  8. You can, and should not have any problems, as the hardware detection phase of the install will determine which drivers to use. If you are really paranoid you could always make a backup of the current install on one machine, make your cd with all of the drivers for all of the machines, format, install, and if it craps out, restore the backup.
  9. I agree. Personally, I set nlite to save the last session on the CD. Then when I need to make changes, I take my original XP CD, copy it to the hard drive, and then load up nlite, select the clean source for modifying, import the last session from the modified CD, and make all of the necessary modifications to that, and burn a new CD (after testing in a virtual machine).
  10. No. I think the point is that it is better to integrate SP2 to the original XP than on top of SP1. I hope you see what I mean. I'm not even sure there would be any difference. Simply put, if you have an XP CD with no service pack, integrate SP2, if you have an XP CD with SP1, integrate SP2, if you have an XP CD with SP2, then do nothing. If you have an XP CD with no service pack or with SP1 that you have slipstreamed SP2 onto, then proceed as if you had an XP CD with SP2. Slipstreaming is the process by which you take your original XP CD and make it so it is an XP SP2 CD. When you buy current copies of XP from a store, those CD's are just the original XP that microsoft did the slipstream process for you.
  11. not to mention that you have hijacked this thread. It is best if you start a new thread.
  12. Also, it should be mentioned that .NET v2.0 is 100% backward compatible with 1.1 and 1.0.. Meaning that even though 1.1 is listed as something you need in WU/MU, you don't actually need it. As a test of this I (a while back) looked around for any programs that said they required 1.0 or 1.1, but not 2.0, did a clean install from an original cd, installed 2.0, and then installed those programs. Some complained that 1.1 or 1.0 wasn't installed, but let me continue anyways. I then was able to run those programs with no problems. That isn't to say that there aren't some programs that will REQUIRE you to have 1.0 or 1.1 installed, but they are few and far between.
  13. Siginet's Integrator v1.5 is supposedly capable of direct integrating the RogueSpear switchless silent installers. I haven't checked into this because I prefer to use nlite, however, if this is the case, does nlite support the same, or will it in the future? RogueSpear dropped support of nlite addons because of this. I am trying to minimize the amount of time spent installing programs after windows is installed, and since all of his addons now are svcpack.inf or runonceex addons, it makes that a bit difficult. Edit: I just tested with RogueSpear's Adobe Reader installer and J2SE6.0u4 installer, it tries to install them to my live machine, so apparently nlite doesn't support this method. I'd like to request that it be added for nlite 1.5
  14. Well if that is the case, do you happen to know if that is stored in the default registry hives that get populated during Windows install?
  15. Just curious, where is the value of %PROGRAMFILES% stored? I think it is stored somewhere because nlite can change it, so that you can have your Program Files directory on a different drive. Basically, what I am trying to do is have windows install with program files set to the default location, and then after install, change the value of %PROGRAMFILES% so that any new installs go to a separate drive, so that if I need to wipe out the windows install, I can just format C: and not lose any other installed programs. Currently I achieve installing to a separate drive by changing C: to D: in every new install, but a lot of times I forget, and have to go back and uninstall and reinstall.
  16. driver.cab as in the driver.cab thats in i386? might want to see if putting it in i386\svcpack will fix it.. just a stab in the dark tho really. personally I have always just made a silent install with the nvidia installer (extract the big exe, then run setup.exe -r in a running windows, copy the setup.iss into the installer folder, and then copy that folder to CD, using setup.exe -s as the install command at runonce), as I ran into problems with the geforce 7xxx series not installing when integrated, but that is another issue, not related to nlite.
  17. Please add the following registry tweak: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\Shell\Makecab\Command] @="makecab.exe \"%1\"" It makes it so when you right click on a file, you can compress it with makecab.. Easier than having to open a command prompt and then switch to the directory and then run makecab
  18. Ok, I figured out a MUCH simpler method for getting NTLDR, and for getting one that doesn't point to \minint assuming you have the prereqs. NOTE: I havent finished my testing yet as I am remaking my installdir right now with the new patches, so if there is something that comes up later on in setup due to this then shoot me a PM so I know. Prereqs: - WinImage (http://www.winimage.com) (the shareware version works fine for this) - Bart's mkbt - A working copy of XP - The 6 boot floppy images from the Original XP Install CD 1) Open WinImage 2) Click the Disk menu, and select Edit Master Boot Record Properties 3) Check the checkbox Include non removable Hard Disks 4) Select the Hard Disk that XP is installed on (Usually Disk 1), and click Save 5) Give the bootsector a name and save somewhere you can find it (I save it to the mkbt directory with the name bootsect.bin) 6) Open a command prompt and switch to the directory mkbt is in 7) Run mkbt as follows: mkbt -x bootsect.bin j: NOTE: Make sure you insert the path to the bootsector file if it is not in the mkbt folder. Make sure you change bootsect.bin to the proper file name. Make sure you change j: to the proper drive letter for your USB drive, else you will overwrite the wrong bootsector and MAY not be able to boot back into XP 8) Within WinImage, hit File -> Open and select the first XP Setup Disk image. 9) Copy all of the files there to the root of your USB Drive 10) Open your USB Drive in explorer, and rename SETUPLDR.BIN to NTLDR, and move BIOSINFO.INF to a new folder named $WIN_NT$.~BT 11) Open each of the other Disk Images, and copy all of the files in them to the $WIN_NT$.~BT folder in the root of your USB Drive. The rest I have not finished testing, I will edit this post once I figure out where to put the rest of the CD files.
  19. Could you attach your "Last Session.ini" file, as well as your WINNT.SIF. You may have to compress to get them to attach.
  20. the site says Eraser 5.82? Read the first post. Eraser 5.8 and above have some major bugs, so the original poster requested specifically version 5.7
  21. If you download the entire driver from the promise website, and extract it to a folder on your desktop, nlite should be able to read the inf and the txtsetup.oem file, and will then give you the option to integrate it as a textmode driver or a pnp driver. Pick txtmode and then do the rest of the nlite process as you normally would.
  22. Also, please attach your txtsetup.sif from the original DVD. I found the problem and need to see how the original is done so I can show you how to fix it. The original file is 466kb, which is over the max allowed to upload to this site. Any other way I can upload it, or can I email it to you? Try compressing it with any zip program.
  23. I'm sure someone can manage something. Pretty much everything that is not red in color on the component removal page is ok to remove. It really is not hard to use nlite. Just dont remove services, or hardware support.
  24. Well its not so much the entries file I was worried about, but open up txtsetup.sif in notepad, it's in your i386 dir (on the cd that gave you the error). Do a find for cursorb.in If it comes back with an entry, look in the i386 dir for cursorb.in_. If it is not there then the multitheme pack is causing the problem, and you should contact siginet about it.
  25. There is a lot you can take out. The easiest way to figure out what to remove is to ask someone what is "safe" to remove and then list what all you use your computer for and some of the applications you use every day.

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