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  1. Unattended Installation from WinXP CD is successful on my Compaq Deskpro; When I run the Unattended Installation from the HDD [source copied into HDD], PC halts with Blinks after First Copy... How to do "Regular Insallation" OR "Unattended Installation" from HDD Source on COMPAQ DESKPRO....
  2. Fine.....but how to make the installation possible at the Preferred Location......
  3. If I do install nLited WinXP SP3 EU Edition with SVCPACK Add-ons into Default Location [C:\], all the Applications were installed successfully without any problem... But if I Change the Location of "Document and Settings, Program Files & Windows" to D:\, Some of the Add-ons [like Yahoo Msgr, WLM, etc..] were not installed anywhere..... Help me to sort out the issue....... Last_Session.ini
  4. sure, pls find therm.. WINNT.SIF http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=at...st&id=16070 LAST SESSION.INI http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=at...st&id=16068
  5. sorry 4 late reply..... btw after leave here... yes i have deleted the old ISO and Created the new after the changes.... Awaiting for the solution to complete the installation successfully...
  6. There's no such line.... Any problem in Total Process ..if so can u point it out.... WINNT.SIF
  7. I have used options to change the paths, as follows: Windows to D:\Windows Program Files to F:\Program Files Temp to I:\ During initial process of Installation, Windows Setup stated that "Could not create folde \D:" in MS Virtual PC and even real time installation in a PC. Then Copied new WinXP Setup and used nLite on it with the above stated (same as old) preferences; then tried with in MS Virtual PC and recieved the Same Error. Then tried to find the line(s) wherever \D: is located, instead D:\ which is supposed to be; it's was available in TXTSETUP File as, [setupData] SetupSourcePath = "\" MajorVersion = 5 MinorVersion = 1 DefaultPath=\D:\WINDOWS I have changed the above to, [setupData] SetupSourcePath = "\" MajorVersion = 5 MinorVersion = 1 DefaultPath=D:\WINDOWS and Still the same error remains during installation on MS Virtual PC. I am a newbie, help me!!! LAST_SESSION.INI

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