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  1. i belive im running 2.0
  2. Ok i finally made my perfect os and everything is good and then i downloded microsoft virtual machine 07 but when it boots to the install screen on the virtual pc it says plase insert the disc labeld Windows XP professsional then press enter well i press enter nothing happenes its windows xp and it was selceted for settings on the machine anyone have an idea waht is wrong or another way to test or how to help me fix this? i am useing capture ISO and iso image i am testing to see fi i can burn it in the begingin i set it to Windows xp beucase its media center burning it did ntohing i am running the OS from Windows Xp Media Center Edition which is aprently different from windows xp how cna i use this on virtual pc?
  3. I have a question i have 2 cd's for my instalation i wnat to mod them and remove stuff when i get to the point where it says Integrate Service Pack i cant find an exe reguarding service pack 1 or 2 i know i have service pack 2 where can i find this exe or what else can i do?
  4. yeha i know i have windwos xp media center with OEM key what cna i do to locate the install files? also do i need an OEM version of windwos xp media center to use my oem key or can i use the reguular media center vertion or are they 2 different versions? hehe this would be alot easier if i had 2fast xp i belive it was made with nlite anyway try to answer this question
  5. well is there a way to burn windows from the files on my computer or locate the installtion files on my computer without having the disc?
  6. well then i dont think i mguna mod windows if i hav eto buy the copy becuase i have a computer withit but they didnt give me any discs just reovery
  7. well it doesnt give security updates i donwlaoded it via torrent anyone else hve another idea or somthing
  8. well i got theiso downlaoded might as well try it ill put the patch to the iso disc *might work* then if u guys say i dont need the cd key ill install or try it with a virtual computer.
  9. im donwloadig windwos xp pro can i use that to mod and can i install without a cd key please tell
  10. ok but it has to be windows xp media center or can i get like pro becuase i dont have a cd key its an oem that came with my comp so really do i have to get media center or can iget anything or wen i mid the xp do i just skip the key process?
  11. yeah but heres the thing my windows xp installation disc i dont have cuase i bought an hp so all i ahve are 4 recovery discs taht they make u make so what do u suggest i do? i do NOT have the installtion disc becaus i bought an hp
  12. alright might as well tell you what i use onthe forum i use PROGRAMS OF USE! UNDER THIS LINE ________- AIM xfire itunes yahooo anti spy zonealarm nbalive 07 guild wars *IF GAMES COUNT* ventrillo mirc nero 7 windwos media player quicktime player *for itunes* power iso mozzilla firefox OTHER COMPUTER GAMES LIKE CARDS AND THAT JUNK I HATE! Tell me if u can build an xp off this removing anything else these are all the programs i use
  13. im not really sure what to take out proably WMP stupid games and trial things. unnessacry junk

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