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  1. It was indeed a different WinXP Pro version (I've no idea where that cd came from), I found mine and got it to work perfectly! I stumbled upon another topic on this forum too, describing the different cd labels in regard of the different XP pro versions. Thanks a lot
  2. Greetings everybody, I own a Toshiba Satellite P200-16V, and for the past few days I've been trying to find a way to downgrade Vista to XP professional. It's the same old "disc not detected" story. Well, I've tried nlite and I thought I found THE solution. I followed the instructions and burnt a cd with the XP Professional SP2 OS, including the SATA driver, I started the typical procedure, and EVERYTHING went just fine, 'till the "Authentication Screen" popped up, requesting the product key. All of a sudden, the product key of my genuine XP pro copy, ISN'T VALID?! I've tried numerous keys (genuine or not) just to give 'em a check, but none seems to work. It doesn't make sense. I can only assume it has something to do with nlite. I've quick-searched the forum for any similar thread but haven't found any. What should I do?

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