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  1. What are some good recommendations for making a generic XP CD that would work on ANY (newer) system? When I say newer I mean PCI Express motherboards, AMD/Intel cpu's, Drivers that would cover it all (including SATA, chipset, Lan, Video, Sound), IE7, WMP 11.
  2. Yeah I guess I can see that. If you made the first one that added 100 hotfixes and then did another one later (using that modified XP source) that say added 5 more hotfixes, it would essentially be overwriting those first 100 hotfixes all over again (if you used the saved profile). It would be cool if it was smart enough to know which ones had been done already and only added to that.
  3. Copy XP from CD to hard drive. Use Nlite to modify it, then make iso and burn a new cd. Got that. If then deciding later to make another custom XP cd using nlite again, either adding to or deleting some of the previous changes, can nlite use the same source (that had been previously modified) and then change it again or does a new (unmodified XP source) need to used?
  4. I see in the guide it recommends to use a souce XP without any service packs. Is this really necessary? I have my XP disk with SP2 and I'd rather use that as the source. The WUP program that gets all the hotfixes, has all of them including pre SP2. I wouldn't think I would need those (if using XP SP2 source) but I have no way of knowing which ones are before SP2 and which are after. Is it safe to put them all in nlite without any side affects during custom XP install?
  5. OK, I'm trying to figure this stuff out. Don't jump on me here about not searching cause I did and just got overwhelmed. Getting used to nlite and all the options of making my custom XP CD. I'm a bit confused on the net framework stuff. I added the dotnetfx.exe (2.0) and the hotfixes related to it. During the nlite process I got a couple of errors relating to the dotnet. Clicked ok a couple of times to get out of it and the process resumed (I assume without the netframework 2.0). Made the iso. Started thinking about it and got nervous that I may have made a bad iso and didn't want any hang ups if I ever had to use the disk to clean install XP again down the road. So, I made another one, this time leaving out the dotnetfx.exe and associated hotfixes. This time no errors came up and I made my iso. Is there actually any instructions anywhere on how to integrate Netframework into nlite cause obviously I did something wrong? Also, if I was going to integrate Netframework into the nlite (once I learn how), should 3.5 be used in place of 2.0 (still confused if 3.5 replaces 2.0 or if you need both)?
  6. Heh heh. I guess we were both typing around the same time. I'm all over the place here trying to figure this stuff out. Quite a forum here, a lot to digest! I got a friggin headache already trying to grasp! LOL
  7. Is there a way to know which Hotfixes to remove from that list if using Nlite with a source XP folder that already contains Service Pack 2? Seems there woud be a bunch in there that would not be needed. Is there any concerns about using all of them in nlite when some are already in the source folder to begin with (like any conflicts)?
  8. So I assume now that when using nlite, I don't have to put in anything related to WMP 11 (cause it's already been done by the WMP 11 Slipstreamer)?
  9. OK, when I first did it, I used some of the hotfixes from your site and a couple I got from the WUP program. I just did it again and used ALL of the hotfixes on your site (I guess I'm supposed to get all of them, 12 in total?) and got rid of the ones from the WUP program that did not match yours. Did it again and it worked. Dunno what happened the first time.
  10. I got an "Unhandled Exception" error with the WMP11 Slipstreamer. The error said to copy and post a bug report. Here it is
  11. I'm building the Windows XP CD with nlite. I set it up and during the process I'm getting this: The only option is to retry or cancel. What am I supposed to do now?
  12. I know. Did you see my "Edit"? I commented that's where I got my question answered.
  13. I went to the thread on the Windows Update Installer program. There is a link to download it but the link just goes to a website with info on it but no way of actually downloading it. So how do I get it? I want it to use with Nlite so I can get all of Microsoft's updates. EDIT: Ok, I found it by reading another thread asking the same question. Would be nice if the original download link actually took you somewhere where you could actually get the program. Nice program. I can make a quick comment on it. I see there is only one download that has everything up to date. It would be helpful if any future updates that were added were somehow noted, either in a separate download or designated in the one. I mean if one downloads it now, chooses everything and then checks back a few months later, one would have to download everything all over again instead of just getting what's been added.

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